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Coal burning evil race traitor trash. I hope they leave her in the chair long enough so she is crisp and black like that soulless nigger.
This kid should fry for this. Drop him off naked in some nigger neighbourhood. Why shoot them another nigger or mother nature usually does it for you.

A high school honor student was shot to death in South Carolina and another teen was arrested in connection to the slaying, according to police.

That boot lipped coon is a teen? Some liberal probably just said that so it doesn’t get the maximum sentence. I bet the nigger will get a slap on the wrist. The judgs will say there are too many blacks in prison.


CONWAY, SC – Jenkins, Daniels, and James Elbert Daniels Jr. were charged after the 2015 Sunhouse convenience store robberies. 
On January 2, 2015, Bala Paruchuri was shot to death inside the Sunhouse store on Highway 905. Trisha Stull was killed on January 25 at the Sunhouse store on Cultra Street in Conway.
James Daniels went to trial for his involvement in August.jury found him guilty of murder and two counts of armed robbery for driving the getaway car in the robbery that killed Trisha Stull.(White)

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