Fat Cow Gets Her HIV Buck Nigger a Green Card

Usman and Lisa would finally meet in person, and hopefully marry, in his home country of Nigeria soon. But Lisa’s friends were skeptical about the relationship.Lisa’s fat ugly hippo of a friend Nikki worried that she was jumping in too fast with a nigger. “Think about all the stuff that you guys haven’t done yet,” she warned her during the premiere episode. “You haven’t physically touched him. You haven’t used his name in welfare fraud or drove your own car as the get away car when he jacked a 7-11. You haven’t slept with him. What if you get there and the natural nigger stench makes him unbearable to be around?”

Like Really? Who gets a Bonner To That?

But Lisa wasn’t worried about that. She told Nikki she had a plan to blow her boyfriend’s mind in the bedroom. “I have a secret weapon,” she announced.“From day one, he’s had nothing but safe sex when he rapes animals and humans” Lisa claimed. “Plus like all niggers he raped newborns to cure his AIDS all the time” “When I get there, there will be no condom use.” She added, “It’s like I’m taking a virgin.”“You’ve lost your mind,” Nikki declared.But Lisa told 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days producers she wasn’t concerned about safety. “Usman and I will have unprotected sex, and it will be off the hook,” she insisted. “We both love one another and we both trust each other, and it’s something he’s never experienced in a lifetime.”Lisa assured her friend that Usman had been tested for STDs. “I feel safe with this man, and my personal opinion?” she said. “I don’t need a condom.” Yes I bet he did get tested. Considering the nigger wouldn’t be able to read the results anyway. I hope this walrus bitch goes there and the niggers eat her. She is a cheaper donation to the niggers than the rice they get.

She may be an ugly pig says Usman but at least she is white. Any fat ugly old white woman is better looking and smelling than ANY black chick to a nigger.

On Season 4 of HIVAfrica’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, fans will watch the laughing stock relationship between Lisa Hamme, a 52-year-old ugly fat pig from Pennsylvania, and 30-year-old Nigerian entertainer Usman Umar (who goes by the stage name “SojaBoy”) unfold. While Lisa is head over hells for Usman, she admits she doesn’t know if she can trust him around watermelons. Season 4 of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff will officially premiere on Feb. 23, but the early premiere episode, “Love Can’t Wait,” was already released to TLC subscribers. Lisa told producers she was passionate about her flirtatious Nigerian boyfriend, but as she prepped for their first overseas visit, she still wasn’t sure he was being honest with her.

Lisa was divorced four years ago and now sucks off old nigger men by the welfare office to provide for herself and her 15-year-old daughter. I know someone actually did fuck the pig once it is amazing and not a typo.“I married a man who I thought was a living person, but I eventually found out I was married to a Kmart Mannequin for years,” the single lard ass whale of a mom claimed on the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premiere. “When I finally left, I was fucking shocked they stopped making the McRib.”

Her odd look and odor left her feeling lonely and useless much like the nigger she is attracted to. Lisa turned to fat white women porn to connect, with horny Arab and Nigger men who used computers and libraries and internet cafes to jerk off in. “Usman and I have been talking for two years,” she told TLC producers. “He’s a fucking nigger but the only man I can get as even the niggers here wont touch me unless I smell like KFC.”

Although Considered Mentally Retarded herself. Lisa Worries that if having sex with a nigger would be considered sex with a child or animal under legal law.

Eventually, despite being on parole for rape, Usman won Lisa over. “Nigerians are known for scamming, rape, and AIDS like the niggers in America,” the 90 Day Fiancé star admitted. “But Usman looked very mentally retarded just like KOKO the gorilla, and I thought, ‘I’ll give him a chance to rape me and pick cotton for my X Large whale clothing I need.’”

As their video chats turned “more sensual,” Lisa was worried their species and IQ difference would pose a problem with the law as technically blacks fall under children and animals. And sex with children and animals is illegal. or that Usman wasn’t truly attracted to her gross walrus blubber figure. But Usman’s reaction to her with a piece of chicken in between her blubber chest reassured her. “Usman has seen me completely naked, and did he get turned on? Absolutely, I mean I am a complete ugly fucking pig but the best that shit skin can ever imagine getting, I am white and not black.” Lisa revealed.

After two years of chatting, Lisa was finally ready to meet her soulmate in person in Nigeria. “He is half of my mind, my heart, my soul,” she gushed.Still, the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star wasn’t completely convinced she could trust Usman to be faithful.While Lisa knew Usman was a useless nigger, she had no idea the rapper and his pawn shop bought boom box had a dedicated following at first. “I checked on his Myspace, and I saw he had 4 followers,” Lisa shared, confessing his fans caused her some concern. “As Usman and I got closer, I had a little bit of difficulty accepting that the most successful Nigerian ever lived had feelings for me,” she said.

And SojaBoy’s 4 fans didn’t make Lisa feel any better. She said he had “thirsty women including his 6 year old niece dying for his attention” all over social media, praising his looks and sending heart emojis his way. Although Lisa was still planning to visit Usman in Nigeria, she wasn’t convinced he was genuine in every way. “Is this man actually who he says he is? Is he faithful to me?” she wondered. “I’m hoping he is.” The rest of the world knows he isn’t and hopes Lisa cries on TV so we can all laugh. Just another dumb fat chick who thinks a nigger actually cares about her feelings or thinks she is actually attractive. Link to More

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