That guy on the left there didn’t get that big from rice. I am pretty sure he eats gooks as he walks down the street. Now you now where Tran Tan went.
You need to shoot this gook in the photo. The one blinking. I know they all look the same even to you just round your eyes with your fingers before shooting to make sure you get the right one.

An armed street brawl broke out between two gangs (The Vietnemese Little Wiener Boyz and the Nintendo Kids) in Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday, causing chaos and frightening local residents. Five suspects have been held for investigation, without rice, into the violent confrontation that happened along the section of Truong Sa Street near Le Van Sy Bridge in District 3 at around 5:00 pm, local police confirmed later the same day. The armed fight involved more than 20 masked angry gooks, apparently members of two different gangs, who fought each other using knives and machetes. Some of the men were also seen joining in the brawl with what appeared to be a gun, according to eyewitnesses. Many commuters on the street had to change their direction after seeing the fight, whereas panicked locals in the neighborhood immediately locked their doors for their own safety. Some witnesses managed to take photos of the confrontation and posted them on social media. Eyewitnesses also said some of the gang members were injured after the fight. Police officers later arrived at the scene to resolve the situation, arresting five suspects and gathering statements from local residents. Initial information showed that the fight involved gang members from the northern city of Hai Phong. LINK

November 18th, 2020

September 24th, 2020

LINK Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new, state media reported.


Vì vậy, tất cả bắt đầu vào khoảng tháng Giêng khi 
cô ấy bắt đầu tán tỉnh tất cả các công nhân bạn trai 
của mình. Cũng là một cảnh sát vào năm 2019. Khi cô ấy bị 
bắt về những điều nhảm nhí của mình, cô ấy đã khóc và đóng
 vai một nạn nhân. Vì vậy, bây giờ là tháng 8 năm 2020 và cô 
ấy đã cố gắng phá vỡ một cuộc hôn nhân được gọi là "bạn bè" 
của cô ấy. Bây giờ tôi biết suy nghĩ của bạn ĐƯA RA SỰ THẤT BẠI. 
Nó trở nên tồi tệ hơn và đáng sợ hơn. Cô ấy quan sát mọi người 
và không chớp mắt sẽ thực sự gãy cổ khi làm điều đó. Cô ta sắp
 đặt "bạn bè" của mình để khiến người chồng nghĩ rằng người vợ 
đã lừa dối khi anh ta đang ngủ. Không chỉ vậy, cô ấy còn làm 
như thể họ đang lăn lộn với một trong những anh chàng công 
nhân phụ của cô ấy nhưng phát hiện ra cô ấy đã lấy chiếc 
áo sơ mi của vợ ra khỏi phòng tắm và đưa nó cho một anh
 chàng tên TJ để bà già của anh ta mặc nó. để làm cho nó
 giống như người vợ đã quan hệ tình dục với một người đàn ông khác. Vì thế. Bất kỳ ai trong hoặc
 xung quanh Hồ Chí Minh hãy coi chừng con chó cái lén lút ăn cắp vặt. Và cũng hãy coi chừng bởi 
vì âm đạo của cô ấy trông giống như Chewed up bubblegum và một viên thịt bò nướng và bologna với
 số lượng dương vật Tourist lộ ra bên trong âm đạo xinh đẹp của Việt Nam khi bộ ngực giả khổng 
lồ của cô ấy nảy lên. Đúng là một con đĩ.

Cambodia 3

January 28th, 2021

This horrid troll Rhianna should be ran off the face of the earth, the broad had a girlfriend and fiancé has 2 children she gave up only posting pictures she gets as updates claiming to be her own. She’s a woman beater & a liar a master manipulator. Nothing she says is the truth there’s nothing but pics & texts to prove it. She uses you til she can’t anymore…PROTECT YOURSELF OR YOUR FRIENDS from this gold digger… GREAT FUK That’s about it her chicken neck girlfriend claims to be a tough bitch but is only a Paul Blart dispatcher. Keep yourselves safe

December 29th, 2020

This women named Forcia who loves making people fool by falling in love with them and sleeping with multiple partners to earn money. She has already two kids and has no fucking idea which tourist busted the load in her that knocked her up those times. She has borrowed money for drugs from a lot of people and is then blackmailing by morphing pictures and making fake chat accounts. This women deserves public humility for being a floozy. She will often find local idiots and tourists alike in bars. She will hit on them and want to take the loser back to a hotel room so the guy thinks he is getting a piece of Asian ass. Then some steroid freaks from Germany who gang fuck her all the time jump out of the closet rob your ass, then spend all your money on crack and fuck Forcia in a dirty Phenom Penh Hotel room

Supper for Cambodians.
Chink chang chong muther fucker

December 8th, 2020

November 13th, 2020

The Oldest Hooker In Cambodia. She is 32.
I almost thought it was a nigger country when I seen Internet Explorer.

All you need to blind their eyes is fucking dental floss. What is with the big black bars? They all look the same anyway. A Cambodian gook noodle court has charged three men with gang-raping a French tourist in the coastal province of Kampot after offering her a ride in their car, police said Saturday. The three suspects were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday, days after the 43-year-old woman reported the sexual assault to police on October 12, Kampot provincial police chief Mao Chanmathurith told AFP. He said the men had offered the tourist a ride to her accommodation while she was walking alone at 3 am before forcing her into the vehicle, driving her to a quiet area and raping her. “They were charged with rape and placed in pre-trial detention on Friday evening,” he said. The men — a 36-year-old taxi driver and two construction workers aged 19 and 23 — face up to 15 years in jail if convicted, according to court documents seen by their legal rep Sydney. LINK

Cambodia 2

Eight out of 10 Cambodian Gook coach drivers high on meth, says police chief. Road-side drug testing by Cambodian police has uncovered that eight in 10 night time coach drivers in the country’s Battambang province were high as fucking kites on methamphetamine. And you thought those fucking gooks couldn’t drive well sober? Imagine them whacked out on meth. Great idea!!!Checkpoints were set up in the area in the north west of the country in response to a spike in deaths caused by road traffic accidents this summer. Since the beginning of August nearly 30 people died on the region’s roads, a sharp increase on the 32 that died in the first seven months of the year. After coaches and trucks were stopped and drivers told to take urine tests, officials found traces of drugs in 80 per cent of samples, with “yaba” or “yama” – a pill that contains both methamphetamine and caffeine – the main culprit, according to <SNIP> LINK

November 7th, 2020

September 23rd, 2020

April 12th, 2020

Chantou Cambodian Hooker

My ex fiance and I got together in 2008. Chantou was one of his friends that hes had forever so i never paid any mind to Chantou. Our relationship was great, he was a shitty father who squandered all our money on drugs and hookers, and he beat my ass with a lead pipe for fun. In July of 2019 we took a trip to Krong Poi Pet for our anniversary and to steal from fucking stupid whitey tourists. We left a normal couple and came home pregnant (Could of been the Australian could of been the Mexican? I go tossed around like a jizz rag). We found out a few weeks later we were expecting our 2nd child. I was beyond thrilled, he demanded I get an abortion. He even offered to pay for it that Friday. Of course I firmly stood my ground and kept the baby. After all, I really wanted to find a legit person to rip off and get to a better country.. He was very withdrawn and not very interested in the pregnancy or anything to do with me. He began going out more and more with this drunken bar skunt and some other friends. Every night he went out he wouldn’t come home and it was always difficult to get ahold of him. He’d close the bars with everyone then continue partying till very early the next day, Doing rails of cocaine and fucking Chantou all over the place. He now pimps Chantou out for tourists. I suck cock for a living too now we are poor here 4 bucks a load! Or a drink.

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May 20th, 2020

This local trash slore Songyon likes to fuk every nasty disgusting man in town. The nastier the better. This nasty whore also tries to work as an exotic model. I thought . Lmao. This guy shes with is being chased by the Chinese government for smuggling coke and heroin and screwed tons of people out of money. Maybe these two were made for each other. Lol. This chick must like it nasty .She says the more dick she preps herself for in Laos the better for when she meets a real man from a cool country to get her ass out. She will drain balls for life for a fucking green card. She is a petty theif around Laos in Penke but there is little to steal and she hates rice with a passion. Her favourite TV show is 90 day fiance. It is a dream of hers to get some moron to move her to America. She just wants out. Its that simple.  We remember your little hoe a55 and we all get to laugh at you now. And whoever winds up dating her just remember shes not yours its just your turn on the amusement ride.

Bartender Slut

Ok so this is my best friend Daraphon. She’s a bartender at [REDACTED] Pakse. She tends to take a lot of foreign guys home. Most drunk and with video cameras. She’s got this innocent dumb quality that she lives off of . Doesn’t matter if there is a wife or gf is there she slips them her number when they get up to go to the bathroom… and they always call or text to hook up. Mom of two but her vagina rules her. Sorry Dar but you’re going to catch something and need to stop. You aren’t the only slut in this town. You tourist money grabbing cock slut. nai khangtopai thi khonyhen chao khonycha ti chao duany suan thitempaiduany achom ma

Carla goes after married men in hopes they leave there wife’s, she LIES and says she’s pregnant to “try” to keep them. Then has a mysterious miscarriage that can’t be proved when asked. She knowingly sneaks around, when the husbands gives her instructions NOT to call while at home with family the good little dog obeys. She gets screwed in the most degrading places… like a dirty storage rooms, alley ways, and crack dens (her favorite is under a bridge). Once her side chick position is exposed she will admit part truths to the mans wife. Just enough to TRY and get the attention off her. With many pitty stories like her dad beats her ass in the village they live in and she sleeps with the cattle Bull shit she sleeps on her dad or brothers face and or dick every night.

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This dirty Cambodian rice hooker whore Sonya Chinkchangchong had an affair with my husband while working together to give the little Cambodians something more than rice to eat. When I found out, I kicked him out then tag fucked his 3 brothers at the same time. He had no place to go so he stayed in Cambodia living in a homeless shelter for HIV patients in Phenom Penh with Sonya and her 9 kids. When I confronted them and found out that he continued with the affair, they both accused me of giving them HIV. These two put me and my new boyfriends through hell facing social services and a case. This bitchh got no shame she even tried to get me fired from Walmart so I would lose custody of my pet hamster. Watch out for this woman. Quiet but creepy sneaky. She’s got no morals. She will have sex with anyone’s spouse. No boundaries.

I would so love to see those rice pickers go flying if the driver took a swerve or hit a tiger on the road.


No signs seen. I had a hell of a time going in circles. I guessed Indonesia lol.

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