Guatemala 3

Elida is well know in the Flores, Guatemala area. I don’t like to shame women for the amount of men they bring into their beds, so I won’t put emphasis on her promiscuity or the things she is well known for… I am here to give caution. Despite having a beautiful child (thank goodness her child was not damaged due to her drugs use while pregnant) and despite having so much potential, Elida continues to sell drugs, continues to bring the lifestyle home to we’re her child is, and thrives off or reeling in recovered addicts and getting them hooked again. There are very little morals with lifestyles cemented around drugs and drug dealing, but when you bring it around your children, and you focus on the weaknesses of those who have worked so hard to turn their life around… it takes is to a whole new level of slutbag hoe. Oh MY!!!!

This is Sabrina.  I know of 12 guys in the last 6 years shes dated, that doesnt count the ones she screwed and dumped. She is brutal! when her kids father went for visitational rights she tried labelling him as a did ler. After he got his custody she was dropping them off 4 days a week! Thats messed up since you said he is a didd ler?? Only cares about money and herself and her m o l l y or E. shes so spaced out she talks like shes got down syndrome like wtf is wrong with you? you messed your kids up from using throughout BOTH pregnancies?? she didnt learn the first time. Her kids are now falling behind like crazy! A 9 year old boy has a hard time with 10 + 15 and her daughter cant understand why her mother is a whore and is 6. YOU ARE THE WORST PARENT!! Stay away from her evil lies and selfishness.

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