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Heidi & Heidi: Clean Croatian Prostitutes

Prostitution in Croatia is illegal but common. Forcible prostitution, any kind of brothels, or procuring are treated as a felony, while voluntary prostitution is considered to be infraction against public order (for prostitutes only; clients are not in violation of law). Like in many other Southeast European countries, the problem of human trafficking for the purposes of sex is big in Croatia. Many women from Bosnia and Herzegovina(Like the brunette bitch there Heidi) and Eastern Europe, especially from Ukraine, work as prostitutes in Croatia. Some prostitutes commute to the island of Hvar, which is a popular tourist destination. At the turn of the 20th century, prostitution was legal. In Zagreb it was advertised as a tourist attraction and contributed to the city’s economy. Tkalčićeva Street was the main centre for brothels. At one stage every other building was a bordello. To open a brothel, the owner had to register at the town hall and received a licence. The licence required the brothel to be well run and provide a quality service. The women working in the brothels had to have a twice weekly medical examination. Brothels were not allowed to advertise their presence, but a discrete, uncommonly coloured lantern was allowed to be placed outside. The best known brothels in Zagreb were the Kod Zelene Lampe (Green Lantern’s), which was the most expensive, the Pick, and the Klub which had cabaret until 5 a.m. The Bijela Lađa (“White Vessel”) was known for its mandolin music and fine wine. The Zagreb brothels continued to operate until World War II. Following the creation of communist Yugoslavia after WWII, prostitution was made illegal. <SNIP> LINK

August 18th, 2021

Vinko Pintarić (3 April 1941 – 25 May 1991) was a Croatian serial killer and outlaw who murdered five people over the course of 17 years and escaped from prisons and police stakeouts on multiple occasions. His violent, vindictive nature and proficiency with firearms struck fear into inhabitants of Hrvatsko Zagorje, a region of northern Croatia where he spent years at large, hiding from the law enforcement and engaging in various crimes, until his 1991 death in a shootout with the police. Protracted media coverage of his exploits made Vinko Pintarić a household name in Croatia and Yugoslavia and even brought him a degree of sympathy from the general public, who saw him as a Robin Hood-like figure, and dubbed him “Čaruga of Zagorje”, after an infamous post-World War I outlaw Jovo Stanisavljević Čaruga.

July 27th, 2021

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (FAG) rights in Croatia have expanded in recent years, but ass pirates may still face some legal challenges not experienced by normal people who aren’t sick fucking freaks. The status of “Fudgepack Friends” was first formally recognized in 2003 under a law dealing with these sick fucking homos.

February 5th, 2021

10 Countries That Have Been The Hardest In Geoguessr

I have played every official map on Geoguessr (lots many times) (I still havent played American Samoa). The following 10 are the countries that I keep seeming to have the most amount of trouble with.

10) Serbia- 18,951

9) Lesotho- 18,496

8) Thailand- 18,313

7) Cambodia- 18,190

6) Bangladesh- 17,787

5) Greece- 17,488

4) Northern Mariana Islands- 16,659

3) Israel- 16, 588

2) Mongolia- 15,396

1) Ukraine-14,770

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