Geoffrey: “I Have Done My Time. Big Ed Your Fucking Next!”

Geoffrey has made some stupid mistakes in his faggot life. But one mistake he vows not to make is beating the shit out of that fucking faggot no neck Ed Brown. ” I am basically going to drill the no neck faggot on first sight” explains an eager Geoffrey. I am going to punch him numerous times in the fucking head, pull his faggot long hair, twist him up in a butterball pretzel, and throw him off a fucking bridge and do the world a favor”. He goes on gleaming. That is just one of the hard core antics of this super thug prison sex shower cum dumpster who goes by Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Paschel, the woman beating meth abusing star of the currently-airing season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, has responded after thousands of fat liberal white trailer trash single mother of niglet fans signed an online petition demanding his removal from show due to his thug life as well as the current allegations and criminal charges he’s facing. 

The petition — which is also asking that Geoffrey be banned from appearing on any Porn Hub shows in the future — launched Saturday with a goal of 1,500 signatures and has since increased its goal to 5,000. As of Friday afternoon, the petition had received nearly 3,000 signatures. Geoffrey said when he found out about it. “That is 5,000 more people I am going to kick the fucking shit out of!” as he sharpened a rusty butcher knife.

One of Geoffrey;s many hobbies since he got out of jail has been dressing in a trench coat and chasing women at night in the park. He likes to watch them jog and then just jog beside them when it is dark. Sometimes he carries that butcher knife with him and other times a baseball bat. But what people don’t get is Geoffrey likes to run. There is no crime in running. Geoffrey also likes to wear the fucking trench coat to hide all the fucking stupid tattoos his faggot lover boyfriend gave him in prison. Geoffrey says he is still uncertain if he prefers sex with men or women better. But he says its all the same when he closes his eyes.

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