Worthless Stinky Racist Nigger Pavement Ape LeBron James 2

Why is it that I am not surprised? Furthermore, it is not even close. A study was done by state and James is the most hated in 20 states. Two other NBA players are the most hated in three states. They are Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. James Harden is the most hated in four states. That makes James a landslide winner. He didn’t help his cause by his behavior in the playoffs where quite frankly, he stunk up the place, getting blown out by The Suns. LINK
This Nigger is not only the most hated sports guy! He is probably in the top 10 most hated people/niggers who has ever lived. EVER. Everything about this boon is fucking disgusting right down to his pug looking ugly nigger shit skin face.

May 25th, 2021

May 7th, 2021


May 1st, 2021

April 26th, 2021

Nigger Lives Matter Whine 2

The white people doing it look worse than the ape niggers. Drop a nuke on their protest and save this earth of stupid.
Tranny Faggot Niggers Too Scary. Almost like a Sci Fi Movie


Who cares about criminals? These creatures who defend these scum are sick.

Words can not describe how disgusting any person is who marches for that nigger piece of shit coon (who DESERVED to die) George Nigger Floyd and not a fucking word about an innocent kid. SICK.


Nigger Lives Matter Whine

Candace Owens probably confuses Jews so much. It would be like free pork. It is something they want to see but against them at the same time.

Most niglets grow up in single family homes with a grandmother or a crack addicted hooker mother. The father is always unknown, in jail, or dead from a drive by. Even if the father was in a young niggers home it is not like they would be a great role model anyway.

Niggers will never be able to live among normal people and contribute positively to society. It will never happen. Why bother any more. No matter what they will bitch. LINK

No matter how many times you watch it you can see the nigger deserved to be killed. And niggers are still mad at the cop.??

This Steroid Jig is 100% right

Mikhia lunged at another young woman with a knife. When she wouldn’t stop she was shot dead.

Not so peaceful. Not so loving.


Could of let the nigger stab the other nigger then they would of bitched that the racist cops don’t protect them.

Cop saved that other niggers life and should get a award.



Nice to see at least some see the truth and aren’t brainwashed by Jews that bad.

Then the niggers

Al Sharpton Scrapes The Dried Out Cum From Jesse Jackson’s Ass And Feeds It To Nigger Lives Matter Protesters For Lunch

These Two Niggers Have Fought For Their Gay Rights
Being a Gay Nigger is Tough Dog.

Also known as the black Hal Turner, the Rev. Al Sharpton is a first- class nigger, lolcow, racist, attention whore, FBI/Mafia stoolie, and the arch-enemy of Don Imus. Hiding behind the seemingly moral title “Reverend”, he is a moral crusader solely for the benefit of niggers. Al has made a career of trolling White America to its knees, including an attempt at running for President of the USA as a Democrat -despite being a total Jew hater. He currently hosts a show on MSNBC, where he constantly takes any significant event involving a black person and spins it into just another case of “dem crackahass whities hatin’ on us niggas”. However, Sharpton’s ability to victimize the black race has been severely reduced ever since a totally retarded American public elected our Kenyan OG nigga Barack Obama as President. His show could be considered, and by all standards is an hour-long propaganda loop for Obama’s presidency. Sharpton, like most Civil Rights Movement figures, is illiterate even by Ebonics standards, and deciphering his tribe-speak mish-mash negro babblings requires a very intelligent individual.

So Much Dry Faggot Jizz Crumb Flakes In
Those Niggers Meals!

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is a filthy coon. ALL HAIL TORCHIC, MUDKIP SUCKS (or, if you want to be really respectful, His Ineffable Ultra-High Holiness St. Jesse) is an advocate of nigger Civil Rights. In this case, Civil Rights means being chosen over everyone else and getting butthurt over anything that could be construed as even slightly offensive. He does, however, hate Jews, so he can’t be too terrible. Jackson was born last Thursday in a New Orleans crackhouse to his single mother Shawanda Jackson (see, cuz black people have only one parent, therefore it’s a clever social commentary). From an early age, Jackson was aware of the terrible injustices niggers faced on a daily basis. More importantly, he saw that it was possible to profit from said injustices. He also noted that under suitable amounts of pressure, white people succumb to guilt and willing hand out money.

*From Encyclopedia Dramatica

Nigger Floyd Riots

I think Americans should ignore niggers. They will die off soon once they need food and get shot from stealing.

Fed Ex Doesn’t Put Up With Shit Caused By Liberal Whine. Your Shit Gets Delivered. Good Fucking Riddance you Won’t Be Fucking Missed.

I hope these low life scum are deported and forced to life in Somalia with the losers they defend!!!

Funny Pictures 5

Mexicans are drug dealers I do not see the problem with that. Sure not all are I mean some mow lawns and pick lettuce. But for the most part they sell drugs.
All valid questions that most people ask.
It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with the picture above. I had to think hard and I figured it out. Blacks don’t graduate. I knew something was wrong with that photo. The only other mistake although minor is on bike it does need to say thief above it.
Funny because it is true. If the police ignored negro areas it would be total chaos. I partially think they need to patrol them a bit. Because after they destroyed their areas beyond repair (which most have) They will flock more to white areas. Negors are just like a flesh eating virus on land. They spread, multiply, and destroy. One negro sow can lay up to 20 niglet eggs in its life time.
I don’t find below awful it was already on the picture. It isn’t really that funny as it is fucking true.
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