Will Smith Tries To Fuck Jesse Jackson’s Trans-Sexual Nigger Offspring at KFC

“Clubba Hubba Niggers Boot Lips Bubba” is the third episode of Season 1 of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


By George Floyd, he’s got it! To impress a bitch ass hoWill takes lessons on how to slip women roofies in their drinks from Carlton.


Will and Carlton catches sight of a bitch ass trans-sexual hooker named Mimi at the gay bar. She is the daughter of Jesse Jackson , who also known as Israel’s #1 Nigger in causing fake racist incidents, since he never earns anything working honestly, to people he’s a jew puppet. Determined to make his chick with a dick Mimi his date to the Compton KFC Grand Opening, Will follows Carlton’s advice and starts buying lots of drugs and testing them out on his cousins and homeless people, with Philip and Geoffrey participating in the gross behavior. After mastering the skills on his neighbors cat and dogs, Will walks into the country club with a roofie in his hand, putting on a persona as John Legend. At first, Jesse Jackson is not interested in meeting him until he shares some crack with him, which Jesse Jackson find very flattering. He then offers Will a seat, and the two begin talking about jacking liquor stores because of the white men holding them down. When Mimi walks in, she pulls out a purple dildo wrapped in a bow and presents it to Will. Jesse leaves the two to get better acquainted with a credit card given to him from Joe Biden.

After Jesse Jackson is out of sight, Will drops the roofie in the drink of Mimi, but before getting a sip, Mimi reveals to Will that it just took a shit on Uncle Phil’s chest after fucking his fat black ass blacker. Will then starts masterbating uncontrollably at the table, and that he’s exactly what she’s looking for. However, Mimi fails to see this and then goes of with Carlton to get a motel room. Back at the house, Vivian and Geoffrey the nigger butler offer Will a double blow job,  which sounded fine at the time. Despite this, Will decides to get revenge on Carlton so he pistol whips his Aunt Viv in the face and then Blows Geoffrey’s nigger fucking head off so their is coon blood all over the walls.

Back at the house, Will waits for his fat Uncle Phil to get home to drive him to fuck up Carlton and rape Mimi. And to hire a new fucking nigger butler. Will waited and waited and waited. But much like a nigger waiting for his father to come home, his Uncle Phil didn’t either (He was sucking off old men at bus stations later than expected). Will raped Geoffrey’s headless corpse in the living room for a few hours then fell asleep on the floor with his pants around his ankles and the TV remote control rammed firmly up his nigger ass. The end.

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Will Pawns Ashley’s Violin For Crack Money

“Will The Lowest Crack Head Nigger Alive” is the second episode of Season 1 of The UN- Fresh Nigger of Smell-Air.


The household hits a sour note when Will pawns Ashley’s violin to get some crack.


The Inner Chimp Always comes out. Word!

The Niggers start their day off drinking malt liquor and eating cold chicken for breakfast. Fat Nigger Philip experiences throbbing vieny pulsing erections from watching Geoffrey bend over to pick stuff up. Meanwhile, Will is upstairs raping the corpse of a dead cat left by the garbage. Ashley then appears and asks why will is fucking supper? After Hilary wipes Carltons jizz off her chin, Philip unzips his fly and gives Geoffrey the Butler the Butt thrashing of his life. While Will and Carlton jerk off to it on the sofa. After sitting through hours of Geoffrey getting ass hacked with a gag ball, Will is jealous and tries to join in. When Phil throws Will away Carlton pulls out a 9mil and busts a cap in Geoffrey’s fucking head. Phil then looks all frustrated at loosing his boner and yells “Who the Fuck is going to clean this shit up? After another annoying day at work, Philip comes home to Geoffrey’s dead body in the foray surrounded by crusted blood, so he picks it up and drags it up to his room to rape it some more. Upon entering, he finds Will smoking crack while getting a blow job from his own Aunt Vivian. Will tells Phil to fuck off as he points a gun at him and then points it at his aunts head as she is crying humming the Aunt Jemima theme song.

Will’s new gay lover Marcelino from Love After Lock Up, who he claims is going to be Ashley’s new boyfriend. After Philip and Vivian leave, Will and Marcelino ass hack up a storm outside the mansion. Sometime later, the family is in the living room trying to enjoy their fried chicken, but not so much, Marcelino keeps yelling at Will to fuck him harder. Philip calls Will down to enjoy chicken with the family. Ashley comes downstairs, along with Marcelino and the family plays some MC Hammer Cassettes on the Boom Box. Philip tries to get Ashley to get a boyfriend her own age or one who isn’t a nigger or fucking gay like everyone else in the family. Later that night, Philip catches Marcelino trying to steal his car stereo. He gives the burnt tampon a choice. Suck his dick or die. Marcelino blew his balls try and the 2 are now lovers and living in Africa where they belong. Happy endings are the best.

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Will The Greedy Nigger Tries To Murder his Nigger Faggot Cousin Carlton

Prom is nearing and Will begins to feel the effects of being a nigger pretending to do white people things. With much between prioritizing his crack habit, jacking liquor stores, making gay love to men in parks, and raping elderly white women. Carlton, however, panics upon getting AIDS from old love flame Colt Johnson and is desperate for vitamins to get rid of it. At school, Will’s co-worker and classmate notices his slacking and gives him speed to help him steal TV’s better, but Will keeps them in his locker. At prom, and high as fuck on crack Will knowingly tells Carlton to check his locker for vitamins when he begins to freak out about his HIV status. Laughing while his nigger cousin leaves. Carlton finds the speed which will told him were vitamins, since Carlton is a nigger and can not read, he started overdosing on them where he passes out on the dance floor. At the hospital, Carlton vows to slice his faggot cousin Will‘s throat and tells Phillip and Vivian to get his fucking gun.

Phillip the fat stinky nigger he is begins to praise Will for his actions, calling him his favorite nephew and giving him a ball rub in front of the family. Will begins to feel horny and admits to Phillip and the family that he wants to ram a shovel up Carlton’s ass and light him on fire.

Project Nigger. Is a Jewish test to make people think niggers are human. That way the masses dumb down to nigger levels.

Carlton: Will, how long have you been on drugs? And where is the Chicken mother fucker?

Will: I smoke crack rocks the size of Uncle Phil’s fat ass homie! I just roll like that.

Carlton: Will, you’re not the only person who’s thought about taking drugs and raping Aunt Jemima.

Will: You’re kidding. I thought it was weird I also jerk off to the Cheerio Bee on the cereal box.

Carlton: Hey, I’ve got a wild side I shit in the aisles at wal mart and tell the pigs to fuck off because of Obama dog..

Will: I can’t believe we as a race of niggers stink worse than feces from an elephants ass. Live is racist word dog.

Carlton: Yeah, but after last night I get to stick it in your ass first. Black Lives Matter..

Conversation the two had while Will was fucking Carlton from behind while they watched the Cosby Show.

White people tried to act like role models to niggers in the 1980’s. Society figured if they added normal nigger problems like drugs. in to commercials with white people the niggers might relate. By relating others thought they would contribute to society. It was a failed experiment.

The Unfresh Nigger of Smell Air

Will Smiff Abusing his White Privilege

In West Philadelphia, born and raised, Will Smif is a “Nigger” singer, actor, and former Prince of Bel-Air. He began his career as one of the most hardcore and explicit rappers of all time, until he landed a gig on a hit TV show, and quickly cashed in his street cred for white wiminz and blow. As more and more reruns of Fresh Prince were reposted on American family television networks, he became increasingly marketed towards white audiences, to the point where Al Jolson Eminem could be considered more black. He now spends his time pretending to be a serious actor, despite the fact that you can’t even look at him without thinking what a stupid nigger and of the fresh prince.

One day, while sitting atop a huge fucking pile of jew gold, Will and his bastard offspring decided that it wasn’t enough to be responsible for some of the world’s worst films, no, they wanted something more devious to prove to everyone that they are better than you. After initially experimenting with raping old white ladies in seniors homes, something they soon realised would cause horrible side effects with the rotting flesh from some victims, they settled for a remake of the Karate Kid. Using his acting background, Will was able to pull some strings and just like that, an abomination was spawned. After replacing the karate kid with a nigger, and karate with Jessie Jackson whine, Smith was able to rest happy in the knowledge that he had kidnapped, fist-fucked and shat all over the childhoods of the people that made him what he is today.


Everyone knows a nigger probably did that to stir shit up.

Officials in Philadelphia are investigating after a racial slur was spray-painted onto the mural of one of the best known civil rights activists in Philadelphia, Cecil B. Moore.


Kayla Has A Big Fucking Head

Kayla’s head is the size of a fucking buffalos and her puss is the reason it is a Philly Cheese Steak Her fucking Vag is like stringy stinky old cheesy melt yeast crust. This guy Hulkster been with his wife for 8 years, married for 4, they have a child together. He Has had drug issues the entire time. But she stayed and wanted to help him. He cheated on her last year with a girl that is 10 years younger then him and his wife so of course she was a better lay and sucked better cock. She knew the whole time he was married! These two together hurt his wife so bad that she ended up in hospital for trying to kill herself. I f*cking hate these 2 for everything they have done to her! These 2 are the definition of home wreckers! Kayla recently has had her head studied by NASA scientists the astronomical size of her head needs to be explored by a space rover when it returns from her gaping canyon sized cum sewage filled asshole.


The forecast in Philly last weekend was Niggers being Niggers. With a big Jungle shit storm of African Diversity hitting the streets. Celebrating the only history niggers have destruction, stench, and making headaches for white people.


A Philadelphia man whakced out worse than Amy Winehouse on meth is facing a very long list of charges. Police say 26-year-old fucking jib head Zachary Righter broke into at least 71 cars in Montgomery County. Beat that record you Crack Headed niggers!!!!!!!

Pigs say they tracked him down using items and DNA he left at the scenes of the break-ins. Also he stopped by a window while be chased to jack off to some dude in a speedo who was also on meth.

Investigators also tracked down surveillance video of him allegedly using stolen credit cards to buy the hit porno movie Cum Swapping Sluts 18:The Dildo Experimentation Years.

Righter is being held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility after spending his bail money on meth.

In all fairness to the probably Korean store owners it is hard to distinguish the age of niggers.

This 24 year old fat fucking pathetic monster in the making is named Logan. He poops his sweat pants alot. He has a bad habit of making vulnerable overly obese female minors believe he is in love with them to make out with them and gropes them because he can’t get a woman his own age. He sucks them in and then drops them off in his moms station wagon because he has to get it home before bingo is over. The family is left to pick up the pieces while he gets to live his life not so calorie free. Don’t let him. He doesn’t need any more fucking food. If you live in the Philly Metro area and have a young daughter, stay away from him. Without toilet paper for his actions he will only have a big brown skid mark in his spiderman underwear again. He also is known to frequent comic book stores and toys r us shops to masterbate in them.

Most niggers don’t take care of their offspring so I would believe this is very fake or the nigger has a sick niglet but needs this money for crack.

magic philly niggers

I feel so bad for the un credited and un pictured white person who is going have to do all 4 of their jobs.

Bhavana lal is such a paki whore. Her family is very inter-turbaned inbred she has threesomes with her dad and brothers and her mom watches goes around telling normal people to go kill them selves who are normal and don’t fuck their relatives her family hates the world around her this dirty sloot tried tried to destroy me but I beat her stupid. Bhavanas hindu diaper stinking whore of a shitskin mother and father support rape and tell little kids to accept curry flavoured fentanol laced candy from strangers and tell elephant rape victims they deserved it stay away from this shitty outdated jewish hating family. Her mom herself by now is probably a opioid addict from so many surgeries and being on such high oh jenkem Stay Away

You just know who ever got this flunkie into that position is going to regret it when the she boon can’t handle it. This equal opportunity shit is unbelievable. That is a position that takes someone capable. This isnt a circus job. Fucking pathetic all to not look racist or sexist.

Isn’t this shit hole where Bill Cosby is from. Figures then.


PHILADELPHIA (STORYFUL)- A group of approximately 60 men and women robbed a Walgreens store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 4, according to police.

Police released surveillance footage that shows a group entering the store, knocking products off the shelves, and running out without paying.

Police said some members of the group threw items at staff members, resulting in injuries. They appealed to anyone with information to contact them.https://komonews.com/news/videos/sixty-people-storm-philadelphia-walgreens-in-large-robbery

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Pennslvania 2

Pennsylvania 1

Carlton Jamal Banks

Carlton was born on August 4, 1974, to Some nigger charcoal wench and that fat nigger tub of whale shit Uncle Phil. He has an older sister, Nappy Headed Hoe, a younger sister, Nigger Hooker, and a younger brother, niglet adopted from Ethiopia. Carlton attends Los Angeles Country Nigger Jail (for two years) until he transfers to San Quentin in 1996.

Carlton is a highly rational, rapist, and crackheaded individual; however, he can be annoying, stinky, and gay. He cross dresses preppy and is a Jew Lover who loves Michael Jackson and Tupac because they were both nigger faggots like himself. Carlton tends to have difficulty thinking about others and is often at odds with his useless nigger cousin, Will Smith, although he is Will’s best friend and brother figure and like the whole world wonders why the nigger Will Smith is famous.

Carlton has a tight asshole until his father comes home from work, almost always siding with Philip in dick swords. Will claims that he is sucking him off with too much teeth, but Carlton always points out that his Father is often right in the long run. On almost every occasion that presents itself, Carlton chooses to take the side or approach the outcome which will solely benefit homosexual niggers or improve his image, importance or ego. He behaves like a faggot sycophant because, in the best of times, he only cares about himself.

The Brew of Nigger Faggot Blend Too Nigger for An African Ghetto Slum HIV Clinic Washroom.

After Carltons days on the KKK Network hit show the Unfresh Nigger of Smel-Air. He got heavy into gay porn and meth. Often trashing hotel rooms with needles, blood, and faggot jizz from his farts. He was farting out mist of cum like a febreeze air freshener. Just fucking gross. Then Carlton got back with Will Smith and put aside the fact Will is a fuck head and went into the Coffee Business together. Hence the birth of Nigger Faggot Premium Blend Coffee. Will and Carlton seal their coffee in pouches. Freshly sealed and they diareah in the packages. Not too much just the right amount of quality nigger blend shit. A small shit squirt of love. Its the number one choice for niggers at rap shows and black live matters protests.

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