Ohio 3

This is the Face Of The Person
Who Lays A Stinky Shit Log

This young single mom Lindsay went into Taco Bell last week in Akron. She went into the toilet with a book and took a massive shit log in the bowl. This thing was fucking MASSIVE. It has hair in it with corn chunks and it glowed like it was radioactive. It smelt worse almost than a room full of niggers!!! The smell fumes made paint peel from the walls. When it seeped outside the can under the door people eating their meals were puking and getting sick! When Lindsay left the can laughing she made THE EXACT FACE IN THE PICTURE AS SHE DID WHEN SHE CREATED THE SHIT LOG THAT FUCKING STUNK! She also bounces around to unavailable men. She is currently pregnant by a police officer, who gave her the ticket for making the shit stink. Probably turned him on. The faggot Cop is newly divorced (because of her home wrecking a$$) with 2 children. One child is only 5 months old. Lock up your husbands and boyfriends ladies, this little lad is addicted to chasing those off the market men. Hot mess express…With a massive stinky shit log brewery in her ass!

This here be BIG OHIO CARLA is . She takes the biggest, stinkiest, manliest, TRUCKER MAMMOTH SHIT LOGS I have ever fucking seen. She virtually clears out the church. Everyone thinks she is loving and caring because she brings nigger families to church. NOPE thats to blame the smell of her rotten ass. She is from Toledo and is always fucking around on her husband. Her husband is a convicted sex offender who isn’t allowed near playgrounds and looks like herbert from Family guy. Walker and all. Every time BIG CARLA she’s with somebody she uses them for whatever she can get out of them mostly food, sometimes food, no its virtually alwas for fucking food. No wonder this harpooned walrus is head of the so called food bank that is “struggling” for donations. and moves on to someone else. Men or women it doesn’t matter to her.

Kaitlynn Gives Ball Warts
Then burns them off
at the clinic she
works at.

Kaitlynn has a POF account under the name ashlee where she finds men to cheat on her husband with. After finding my husband and sending him multiple nude photos showing her pierced vagina getting penetrated by a popsicle right after meeting on the site. They fucked numerous times all over the city of Findlay. She claims she is a nurse but who knows what’s true. When finding out my husband was married she continued to message pictures. Ones of her charting at work which is against the law and nudes that she took at work. She is at alot of night clubs and bars in the city always high and or drunk. Drives too. She gets drunk and hits niggers for fun with her car. She claims they blend into the night and nightfall is gods way of taking them out. Great Christian!!! I talked to a friend who is fucking her and claims she is a nurse. He says he goes to the hospital to get the warts she gave him burnt off his balls. She gives him a tug and blow and apologizes for giving them to him and half the city of Findlay. Just disgusting she probably gets commission at the clinic she works at. Infects dudes then burns their ball warts off. Great business. Bitch must be part Jewish.

Kristin Robs Handicapped People For
Crack Money

So this is Kristin… I was friends with this cock hawk at one time and our friendship ended due to the amount of crack she smoked!!! She’s always tweeking and talking about robbing handicapped people for crack money! She acts perfect but she does do drugs and she also will try to steal your man… Or any man in Ohio as a matter of fact!!! Just remember once you have sex with her your dick will turn green and fall off… She’s 37 years old and is a bartender who moves jobs and men faster than most…she also sleeps with married men and sometimes their wives as a third wheel… Sad that such a pretty person is soooooooo evil! The last bar that she worked at she got fired for stealing from the till. Then when she was confronted by it she had a group of fat fucking dykes. She is sneaky.

Jessie: Not A Good Horse

Jessie came in and took advantage of the hay in my barn and made it a stressful situation. Jessie you see is a horse look at them big horse gums nayyyyy. Anyway she came over and also took advantage of my husband and the fact that is attracted to barn yard animals. She ruined our marriage and openly was inappropriate in front of staff with my husband. Demanding better oats and bitching about the saddle. She is not a good horse and has no morals. She is a horse shoe wrecker and should be watched with any married man. She is using him as a sugar daddy and he fell for it 

Ohio 2


Ohio 2

Jeni tore a family apart and also raped their dog. She fucked the husband then went outside with a strap on and fucked the dog by the pool. Then broke its neck and fried it up on the BBQ. Which is disturbing on multiple levels, being young and horny can only be an excuse for so long. Karma is real and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for you, our faggot brother, and your 2 pet cats even your fucking fish. The woman whose man you swalloweds dick is a crazy bitch. Jeni from what I heard is hiding out on the set of Days of Our lives with her faggot brother and her grandfather (who she blows both all the time for crack) don’t go looking for trouble, cause you’ll find it once a cheater always a cheater! There is definetly some things you don’t know… this I can promise you! Good luck with that beyond crazy narcissists!

Dirty homie hopper!! Abigail Creamz of Milan, Ohio is a nasty crusty jizz stained girl likes to be tag teamed by little dick spicks. She and her small penis spic man Carlos are both dirty people with anal warts that bleed constantly. There welfare crack house is a mess! Dog shit and piss everywhere Abigail and Carlos also refuse to use the toilet and shit on the floor everywhere …clean up…Abigail is a pig and lazy of work keeping her daughter from a loving dad …she spent her tax money on buying Carlos a car, meth, and rims. Carlos won’t work as he got fired from Burger King because he can’t read ..Carlos is a cheater cheats on her and she Dont care Cuz she Fuckin an sucking a dick bigger than Carlos’s 1 incher on the side. Abigail now hopes Trump gets in office again and deports Mexicans like Carlos as she fears for her life now. Oh well she dug her own grave Cinco de Dio. Like seriously she Really fears for her life. No joke here.

That be her luxury mansion in the back. Where she squats down to make your TOASTED DIARRHEA SANDWICHES

Jessica Muffyeast of Wooster, Ohio will grab you and rape you and force fee you to eat her Toasted Diarrhea Sandwiches. Jessica Stapleton-Pauley-Smith-Noe, should really go out for the mother of the year for her sandwiches OHIO FAMOUS TOASTED DIARRHEA SANDWICHES, this b class hooker takes her disabled son’s ssi check to get a boob job, got caught running a welfare scam by collect food stamps(where she made TOASTED DIARRHEA SANDWICHES) ,medical ,and cash in Wooster and Cleveland! She marries for bread to make TOASTED DIARRHEA SANDWICHES then divorces after she causes the guys to overdose on TOASTED DIARRHEA SANDWICHES .her house in Wooster Ohio catches fire and she leaves the disabled child and black child inside telling everyone she had to save the normal children first. Because they make better TOASTED DIARRHEA SANDWICHES wtf really? All she does is fuck random strangers, neglect her children, collect welfare, smoke crack, and make the world’s best TOASTED DIARRHEA SANDWICHES.

If you know USA Special Olympian Cody Littlepenisgeekgoof then you Know Findlay Faggots and you know he’s a soap dropper in the shower. He’s sick in the head and plays star trek games. He thinks he’s the shit because he’s a ginger retard and sells fake drugs to 12 year old girls so he has a little money but he really is just sh1tty and his d1ck is sooooooooooooooooooooooo little. He got caught up passing around his poo stained underwear to at least 5 different middle school girls and I heard one of them was pregnant. Now he is always with this gay guy so all the Special Olympics must have gotten to him and he’s fruity now. I am still nice to Cody I give him some change the odd time when I see him picking through the trash outside his low income nigger apartment that the government pays for.

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