Finland 6

Ive known this Slore Emma for better than 6 years. She’s a working girl by trade. She is too stupid and burned out from heroin, meth, coke and hallucinogens to be able to do anything else. She will convince you that she loves you and your the only man she is currently having sex with. Until you catch her with her pu55y out wrapped around some dope dealers dope sack. Huge fan of xanax. Better luck with those. She will fuk your best freinds. ALL OF THEM. Lives in her dead step dads mansion at 26 with her neurotic mom who is also unemployable. All she does daily is get high, attempt to sell her a55 and pu55y sleep and eat and thats it. She also a nine year old son in another. I hope and pray that he never has to encounter this filthy pig of a woman. She is absolute REPROBATE+

Watch out for this one. Large Tit Lacey will steal anything not bolted down. Don’t let the innocent looks fool you she is the wicked witch of the west. Meth loving skin-poppin bi-polar nymphomaniac. Has abortions every few months. This one should learn about LATEX!. Wonder what her mans going to think about her when he hears all the fun she was having when he was locked up. She got booted out of Helsinki years ago and has been whore it up in Rauma lately this year after getting her box destroyed fucking dudes in Vaasa. Just nasty and your dick will fall the fuck off. Stay far away.

January 31st, 2021

January 16th, 2021

Not only is this girl the biggest drunk skank known to FInland she inflates her fucking stupid looking tits with the air hose down at the gas station…she goes home with almost anyone who will take her… Shes also a rat. Be careful guys she will switch on you and threaten the cops if she knows any of ur personal business. Shes obsessed with my boyfriend and she really needs to stop threatening him before something bad happens. She is a big too there is as much food going into her fucking ass that is coming out of it. This over sized tit bitch has an over size appetite also which takes over sizes shits. which destroy toilets. ! Its Raucnch. You can use her huge panties as parachutes.

January 10th, 2021

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