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Nigger Matters

They have to be reminded.

Nigger Matters is an American nigger television documentary which aired on Animal Planet from September 22, 1989 to May 9, 1997 for 8 years and moved to NiggerTV from September 19, 1997 to July 17, 1998 for 1 year. The series is about a middle-class herd of pavement apes family living in Chicago. The series is a spin-off of Perfect Strangers and revolves around the Winslow Nigger family. Midway through the first season, the series introduced the Winslows’ nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White, who is not white he is a fucking nigger), who quickly became its breakout character and eventually, a main nigger. With 215 episodes, Nigger Matters is the third-longest-running U.S. show with a predominantly nigger cast, surpassed only by Cops and Americas Most Wanted, also a spin-off (of Planet of the Apes), which lasted longer than its parent series. Nigger Matters originally focused on the fat fucking nigger Carl Winslow and his family: Wife Harriette, Crack Head Nigger Faggot son Eddie Winslow, bootlipped daughter Laura Winslow, youngest child Judy Winslow (until Season 4 when she got into porn), and (later) let his sister-in-law Rachel Crawford and her normal nigger fatherless son, Richie Crawford live in his section 8 house.

This chimp was chilling with Eddie and his faggot fucking nigger butt buddy Waldo Nigger Faldo. The chimp dissed Will Smith and the niggers chimped out. They raped the chimp for a few hours. Then Eddie grabbed a watermelon and rammed it up the chimps ass with a stick. They then hucked it on a BBQ then ate it like savage niggers on a KFC bucket. This happened in season 6 episode 7: Eddie Freebase Smoke Viagra

The cast was told to get ready to film a tenth and final season after the ninth one was completed. However, it was later discovered that Laura had contracted HIV while working as a hooker and smoking crack for Jaleel not-White. Also Eddie was in jail for robbing liquor stores.

Fucking Nigger Show Fucking Nigger Theme Song.

It’s a rare condition, this day and age
To see fucking niggers and not feel rage
Love and tradition of the grand design
Some people say nigger free places are harder to find

Well then there must be some magic jew inside these gentile walls
Cause all I see is a pile of niggers
Real foul odor burstin’ out of every seam As days go by
Niggers are gonna fill our cities with filth and crime
The moon may cry
We’re gonna go to walmart and buy more security When days go by
There’s no room for you
Room for more stinky fuking niggers
For gentle hearts an opportunity As days go by
It’s the bigger smell goes tooo far.

Carl Winslow: Fat Fucking Nigger

Carlton Jamar “Nigger Carl” Otis Watermelon Winslow, who originally appeared in the Perfect Strangers episode “At least were not niggers”, is the son of Rosa Parks and the late Apes of Zaire, brother-in-law of Whitney Houston and the father of Eddie and a couple of nigger hoes, uncle of that little nigger from little rascals and adoptive father of the late Tupac Shakur. He is a short-tempered person when his order is fucked up at the KFC drive thru. He mentioned in the season one episode “The Mama Who Came to Dinner” as being the guy that spray paintedall niggers GO BACK TO AFRICA” on the police station so he could get a raise due to racism. It was amazing he pulled it off alone as a nigger who could write so it could be read.

Carl pounds Urkle’s Goggled Ass so Raw and hard and fast
His fucking glasses broke.

Carl is constantly horny and always being bothered by his pesky neighbor, Steve Urkel, who he bum hacks violently when he feels an urge. Although Steve is relentlessly annoying and has no fucking use in life either than for Carl to pump his four eyed monkey ass full of cum. So in Season 4 Carl drops Urkle off in downtown Chicago and let the gang niggers rape him to death and he is never mentioned again. Carl is an officer for the Chicago Police Department because of Jesse Jackson and equal rights. Carl scored Dead Last in every grade to become a cop. But since he was a nigger they had to hire him and can’t fire him. USA USA or Israel Israel Israel. He takes his job as a fucking joke like niggers take everything handed to them. Fitting into the nigger stereotype, he has an avid love for chicken, watermelon, and raping fat white hoes. This plays into the fact that he is a fat fucking nigger. Carl is also the only character to appear in every single episode of the series mainly due to the fact that he has no where else to go as he is a useless nigger.

Eddie Winslow: Diaries of A Crack Head Nigger Watermelon Thief

Eddie is a casual watermelon, chicken fan and sneaky nigger. He is the oldest niglet of Carl Winslow and Harriette Tubman and their only rapist shit out niglet until they adopt Gary Coleman in season eight. During the early years of the series, he was a high school segregation project which lowered the grade curve with stereotypical nigger traits. He had mediocre grades, irresponsible behavior and is always pursuing other gorillas to rape or on weekends wait outside the local gym and rape the white bitches and dump their bodies in the Lake.

Eddie later robbed and raped
the old Italian couple
that own this store that gave his black ass
a job.

In the first season, he appeared to be able to somewhat read, despite being a nigger In the pilot episode, he approached his father to make an exception and let him stay out past probation curfew. Eddie robbed and violently raped a 95 year old elderly white woman for crack money. But since he was black he just got a slap on the wrist. Eddie frequently had a stormy relationship with his fat fucking father, especially concerning Carl’s demand for ass fuck night to be twice a week, when most nigger kids never know their fathers. Being a bootlipped ape and having African genes, his viewpoint means nothing and is all lies he watched on a stolen TV, believing that all niggers were actually slaves and built America and his black ass is owed. He despises white people as he wishes he was one that way he could afford soap.

It was shown a few times that Eddie was prone to smoke crack and participate in circle jerks with his gay lover Waldo Faldo.

Waldo Faldo

Waldo Faldo use to feed Steve Urkle Peanuts on the set of Family Matters. Then Follow Urkle to the toilet bowl and eat the Peanuts out of his shit for lunch.

Waldo Faldo is a watermelon stealing nigger from Chicago with AIDS and tomatoes.

For most of the time Waldo was featured on the show, he was friends with that coconut head Eddie Winslow (the son of the show’s main characters, That fat fucking nigger pig Carl and Harriette Tubman) and the Winslows’ quintessential nerdy nigger and cotton picking neighbor, Steve Urkel. He once started off as the ass gobbling sidekick to resident bully Al Sharpton, but has grown out of it after he got fired from his job at the YMCA for masterbating in the pool all the time.

Like all fucking niggers, Waldo was black and, almost United Nigger College Fund material of a character. While Urkel was the rapist nigger with HIV and herpes, Waldo was the resident ANAL rapist. Waldo has reached the point where he even out raped OJ Simpson. Waldo was discovered to be a great theif. Waldo has also been afraid to work, until he becomes white his live long dream.

Waldo’s most famous trait is that he rapes fat white women without them even noticing them, even with his foul natural nigger stench. Waldo was, however, an excellent toilet licker. His catchphrases include: “Run its the fucking pigs”, “, Racist!”, and “That kid aint mine bitch!”

Waldo has shown that he has a no sense of morals in three key episodes. The first was in A Test of Friendship, when he told Eddie off that cheating is awesome and he should’ve told him about it and shared all the crack/cocaine with him instead of his slut sister Laura. The second was in Talk’s Cheap, when he pulled out his piece on Laura, Eddie, Myra and Myrtle back to their senses by pistol whipping the shit out of those stupid niggers. The third time was in Tips For a Better Life, when Waldo refused to wear a condom when anally fucking Eddie. He tells him off, saying that if anyone drinks his piss and diareah out of the toilet, they are no friends of his. And their friendship seemingly ended because of it.

Waldo would rape at knife point other girls, including Laura — until meeting the girl of his dreams, Jussie Smollett.

These 2 niggers are like the Original Nintendo of Nigger Rapists.

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