Family Matters 1/5 United Nigger College Fraud Straight A’s-Guest Star Theo Huxtable’s Asshole

Niggers Getting Grades Dog” is the fifth episode of the first season in this television sitcom on Nigger Matters, which was aired from KKK on October 20, 1989. It was directed by Joey Gladstone and written by that homo Andy Cohen.


On Martin Luther King day, Eddie is expecting a blow job from his sister Laura but she is upstairs serving her father Carl’s wiener and might be expecting too much from Eddie when Carl sees another niggers cum stain on Eddie’s FUBU shirt. What Carl doesn’t know is Eddie’s new lover is non other than Theo Huxtable and he is coming over later to fuck Carl up and win Eddie’s heart.


Laura and Judy are cutting up crack rocks in the kitchen, while Rachel is sucking off some stranger in the basement. When she shows off her cock sucking skills, the Judy and Laura aren’t impressed. Laura points out that she is a fucking whore and better split some of her drugs with them. Carl comes inside the kitchen and is angry with Eddie for eating all the chicken.

He reports to the family that he caught Eddie having sex with Theo Huxtable on the front porch. He tells Harriette that they need to punish Eddie by ramming fruits and vegetables up his black ass. Harriette grabs a frying pan and clubs Carl over his ape like nigger skull with it. Eddie blew his load in Theos ass in the living room then went into the kitchen to club his faggot father Carl. When Eddie couldn’t find anything he felt suitable to hit Carl over the fucking head with he pissed on his face and then kicked him in the head. After he walks upstairs into his room hand in hand with Theo, Eddie realizes his fat fucking nigger father had some money. So as Carl was rolling his fat ass on the ground in the living room crying of pain. Eddie went into his pants took out his wallet and grabbed the $20 bill out of it. Then Theo followed down the stairs grabbed his gat and blew Carl’s nigger head off in the living room. Eddie and Theo fudgepacked in the living room besides Carl’s corpse. The end.

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Family Matters 1/1 The Old Nigger Bitch Who Came To Dinner

“The Old Nigger Bitch Who Came to Dinner” is the premiere episode of the first season in this television sitcom of Nigger Matters, which aired for the first time from KKK on September 22, 1989. It was directed by John Rocker and written by Dog The Bounty Hunter.


Chicago NAACAP elevator operator Harriette Winslow’s Aunt Jemima looking fucking sister Rachel Crawford and Rachel’s niglet son Richie (Who could be fucking Carl’s from her days as a hooker) moved into the Winslow home sometime before the start of the series. The family is now preparing Estelle Winslow, the mother of Harriette’s fat nigger pig husband Carl, into their home. She is an old Rosa Parks looking wench. As soon as Mother Winslow moves in, she does exactly what Carl had been dreading — she tries to mange the crack and chicken in the household, even allowing Carl and Harriette’s son Eddie to go sell crack to the MS-13 something that Carl forbade him from going to do.


Carl is dreading having his mother come live with his family. Harriette Winslow tries to get him to think positive like his HIV status, but he knows better. The woman that she thinks laid the nigger egg he was hatched from is an Ilhan Omar nigger lover, envious of white people openly. However, the mother that Carl actually knows is one who is going to shut the fuck up before she gets the belt. He wants to call Jim From Progressive to convince them to let Estelle live with them, or chuck her off a cliff. What ever gets the old bitch out of his nigger head. Harriette will have none of it, still thinking Carl should think of the extra welfare they could get from the Liberal Government. In the kitchen, Judy is jealous that Laura gets first dibs on Carl’s wiener on ass fuck night and not her. Rachel tries to convince her that it’s because Laura can fart out cum better than anyone else and her asshole smells like watermelons. Laura continues picking on Judy by pointing out once she gets in porn for real there is a lot cooler things she can do. Making Rachel angry at her choice of words, Harriette then comes and tells both Laura and Judy to go suck their crack head brother Eddie off in the backyard before supper. Mother Winslow arrives and, and takes a big steamy shit on the living room floor in front of the Winslow’s stolen TV set. She bonds well with Eddie, letting Eddie sniff and lick her soiled depends granny diapers. Estelle gets along well with Rachel when she smokes crack with her, even helps Rachel hide her ex boyfriends body. Soon, she proves Carl is a fat fucking Nigger. In the meantime, Eddie wishes to go watch a Reading Rainbow marathon with his faggot nigger friend Waldo Faldo, but Carl imposes a 9:00 curfew on him so Carl can shoot a load down Eddies throat before he goes to bed. When Mother Winslow gives him the permission to go learn to read with his boyfriend Waldo, Carl is upset and confronts her. She tells him to fuck off and that he is a stupid fucking nigger with AIDS. Estelle advises him to watch his fucking back as she has a crew. He does and lets Eddie go to his friend’s house, and has anal sex with his sister in law Rachel instead of Eddie. The episode ends with the family singing “Fuck The Police” while Laura and Judy cut up crack rocks on the living room coffee table.


This is the series pilot. It was previously shot with Young John Legend as Judy because Jaimee Foxworth, the producers’ first choice for the role, was unavailable, due to an anal gang bang on the set of Full House. The pilot with Legend is included on The Complete First Season DVD sets, which most niggers can steal from Walmart.


Carl often uses Urkle to blow up houses or blow his wiener. Mostly the wiener though.
  • For the first five episodes of the series, the theme song was the classic “Fuck The Police” performed by NWA with a longer opening. After the original airing of those episodes, the theme song was changed to “Black Betty” theme song.
  • Judy was originally portrayed by John Legend who only appeared in the pilot. Jaimee Foxworth would assume the role in Two-Dildo Family and continue until Season 4.
  • This is the only episode where Laura and Judy share their brothers dick cheese.
  • This marks the only time Laura and Judy’s room can be seen without jizz stains on their bed spreads.
  • This show was actually a spin-off of “Curious George” (which featured A guy and his pet monkey and their adventures in the Chicago Chronicle). Harriette was featured on that show as a female chimpanzee. This show focused more on her family life outside of animal planet porno.
  • The first episode of Nigger Matters aired on September 22, 1989 as the same date after Full House in 1987.

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