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Niggers Are Violent Creatures

December 23rd, 2021

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Supa Gates has died nearly seven weeks after he was shot in the passenger seat of a Mercedes in Brooklyn. Supa Gates, whose real name was Aaron Williams, was shot multiple times in the front passenger seat of the luxury Biden funded vehicle parked on St. John’s Place near Troy Ave. in Crown Heights April 11. He died Thursday at Kings County Hospital, where he had been treated since the shooting. “He had so much shitty babble music. His first real onstage was July 5th, that’s when we knew the entertainment business was going to shit” John Legend said. Williams was conscious and alert for part of his hospital stay but his condition wavered until his death Thursday, relatives said Williams’ cool voice drew comparisons to MC Hammer and in December The Source magazine called Supa Gates as “the star that needs to shower.” His track “Food Stamp Frenzy” was recently featured on Drake’s Gay Nigger Buck Radio show. Williams’ relatives thinks envy over his blossoming dildo collection led to his death. He stole his own hub caps, played a stolen church keyboard under white people lyrics and stole cds from the Dollar Tree. Williams started taking his rap career seriously last year, after he became sick from Flaming Herpes, his mother said. In his younger days, he’d write music about pop tarts and waffles but he made a name for himself as he started to write more about the White Man holding him back. “Aaron never got noticed until he started claiming fake stories about the streets and acting like he’s part of it, with the help with Jewish producers” his other family member said. “This kid is a Catholic School kid, he still plays in the bath tub with his home boys.” LINK

August 31st, 2021

July 15th, 2021

July 6th, 2021

Police say a 75-year-old woman was punched in the face on a Harlem sidewalk as she was walking to Easter Sunday dinner. LINK. Niggers are violent but walking in a nigger neighbor hood like Harlem is flat out fucking stupid. Your own fucking fault really. LINK

July 5th, 2021

Meanwhile in the Democrat hell hole filled with niggers of New York City… A 23-year-old female tourist visiting NYC from Michigan was slashed in the chest near Times Square Friday morning when she ignored a nigger’s mating/rape calls. The young woman had just left ‘Restaurant Row’ with a friend when a savage foul smelling nigger (probably high on crack/cocaine and HIV positive) started talking like a nigger to her. The woman’s friend plugged her nose and told the nigger to take a bath and go back to Africa where it belongs and that’s when the chimp pulled out a weapon and slashed the tourist from behind to represent his strong proud African culture. <SNIP> Link

July 2nd, 2021

Just a few days ago, videos of a New York City food vendor being viciously attacked by violent faggots went viral. For the entire month of June, cities around America have been forced by Jews and Liberals to allow faggots to act extra fucking queer in public. While most gatherings have been peaceful, with mainly just shit covered condoms left everywhere, the food vendor was shocked when he found himself being attacked by a bunch of sissy John Legend looking like type homo sexuals. And although some ass bandits claim the vendor said homophobic slurs, the vendor claims the faggot whine started when he wouldn’t replace an American flag on his cart with a faggot pride one. <SNIP> LINK

Faggot Whine 3: The Pride March For John Legend

July 2nd, 2021

Fucking Faggots

Its for attention. Nothing else. They wonder why people hate being around the freaks.

I knew back when these faggots said they just wanted to get married years ago, that it wouldn’t fucking stop there. Its getting sick and the jews are pushing pedo shit hard. I fell bad for the faggots that are just butt buddies and have the pedo tranny stigma attached to their name. Like niggers do with Crime and Aids.

June 23rd, 2021

The Colorado teen who targeted for death 18 students he called “transphobic” has been found guilty on 46 counts, including murder. You likely have not heard much about this school shooting because the killer is a transgender kid who targeted straight kids for death. The media only wants to talk about white people going on murder sprees. LINK

April 19th, 2021

January 24th, 2021

November 17th, 2020

October 24th, 2020

Rachael Levine: Sticks Her/His/Its Pulsing Veiny Boner Up Joe Biden’s Wrinkly Fucking Asshole For Fun (It’s Healthy!)

March 10th, 2021

Anderson Cooper Grabs His Fag Boner And Goes Fucks A Cow

Anderson Cooper grabs his faggot boner and goes on to farms and fucks cattle. Anderson Cooper paid an emotional tribute to the assholes of cattle everywhere on his show recently, by pulling out a Big Mac and jerking his fag stick goo on it. “On Monday I became a beef fucker. I’ve never actually said that before out loud,” began Anderson. “It still kind of astonishes me. I trespass on peoples property and fuck their cows. I am a sick fuck. And I have warts on my balls”. The news presenter continued to discuss how blessed he was to be given the opportunity to have his dick stuck up a cows asshole, despite during his childhood years thinking he’d never have the opportunity as farmers always fired weapons at him. Cooper has been openly gay for many years now and was given the opportunity to have sex with a cow with the help of Ronald McDonald.

Fucking Faggot Coopers Ex Boyfriend Andy Cohen is fuming mad. Cohen has taken to social media many times since finding out that his ex butt buddy is a cow fucker. Last night at around 3am, the television talk show host wrote: “I am going to fuck his pet cow, kill it, then eat, then cut Anderson’s cock off with a rusty hack saw”. The two dated for over 9 years, only to break up due to Cooper having a faggot love affair with Pete Buttplug.

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August 3rd, 2019

Despite being one of the stinkiest monkey countries in Africa, Gambia has some of the highest incidences of premature deaths on the continent; sadly, most of these deaths are caused by entirely preventable diseases like malaria and tuberculosis which instead of curing the niggers blame them on the white man. With only one doctor for every 10,000 groids, however, it’s easy to understand the reason for a life expectancy of just 61.4 years. Which makes Gambia the 16th worst country on the planet to live in.

Gambia no fags

Gambia is full of niggers. They didn’t want faggots too. They don’t want a double knock on their country.

Colton Cumbie: Biggest Anal Ass Faggot In Survivor History

**I know on this site there are a lot of things said or exaggerated a tad. This guy truly is a grade A piece of shit. I am pretty sure even Chet or That nigger Phillip in the pink underwear deep down are good people or at least not as annoying as Colton Cumbie. This guy is probably right up there with ??? He is in a league of Fag unknown or undiscoverable by any technology available today.

How gay are you? Are you like Elton John Gay, John Legend Gay or what? “I came out as gay when I was 12 years old, sixth grade in South Alabama. My parents definitely did not run out to join Parents of Lesbian and Gay (PFLAG) and it took a long time but they came around. It was weird at school but I didn’t play the victim and run home to cry. I stood up for myself and explained that being gay wasn’t who I was but part of who I am”. Colton said this after he got caught under the slide with a wiener in his ass and one in both hands. Pink Lipstick gave it away too fruit cup.
What besides Cock and Cum in your Face is Inspiration in Life? “My nanny/ grandmother who is technically my great-aunt but she and her husband took my mom in when she was 2 months old after her dad abandoned her. My grandmother is the most amazing person I know. She is literally my 73-year-old best friend! She has been there for me through everything, definitely the biggest impact on who I am today, it may sound gross but I miss smelling the shit of her depend diapers or sneaking in a lick of the poo when no one is looking.”
What are your hobbies? Are they typical faggot hobbies?: Watching gay porn, complaining about rights I don’t deserve, and on weekends I go masterbate to the mens gymnastic team while they practice.
What are your Pet Peeves: Ugly people who think they’re hot, straight people, working, people who say they are gay to pretend they are oppressed like me to get shit they don’t like niggers..
3 Words to Describe You: I can do it in 3 letters F-A-G.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: I would say Chet, Tommy Shehan, or Willard but we know each other personally and have fuck train parties all the time where we fart cum in each others faces. I would say probably Jeff Probst.
Reason for Being on Survivor: I felt like it. Plus I am gay. It is like being black if you don’t put me on the show you are fucking racist and the jews wont give you money as we are destroying the white race for them so we can become slaves to the Jews. Any idiot can see that shit…….. Oh crap thats me……………………………
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” Survivor: I can store 10 metric liters of cum in my stomach. My protein levels will out last all and I am staying at Chet’s house a month before the show. He will fill me up tank will be running on full grade A Chet Fuel.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I don’t believe, I know! I will team up with the niggers and voting us out will be racist ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

San Francisco 2

October 21st, 2020

September 4th, 2020

Emma works in hotel and flirts with every man that comes in. Ladies god save you if she checks your man in… she builds instant connections to use them for jobs and even sleeps with them later if she gets that job or promotion. She slept with her manager draining his balls dry to gain a promotion knowing he is married and he lied about divorcing his wife for her. She cheated with this guy Other friends say the same. Highly manipulative lady and pretends innocent but is dangerous. She fought with all her friends after she slept with the manager who is also a cheater. She does not care about anyone or anything other than herself, selfish, repugnant, cold-hearted person, liar, cheater, Home Wrecker of a women who takes advantage of good people and talks bad about everyone behind their back. Do not check into hotel around south San Francisco… if you see Emma around at check in table boycott that place. She claims to work as social worker but is working out in Gym and getting paid and talks bad about people she helps for social work like they are fucking stupid.

San Francisco is a city famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, its long history of supporting faggot culture, and for being the epicenter of California’s homosexual escapades. Its expensive, full of yuppies, tech geeks, fags, dykes, Zipperheads (mostly Chinese and Filipinos), goths, crackheads, street performers, and worst of all, “artists” who consider themselves to be a second Picasso due to their sup3r 3p1c spray paint skills. Also, Burning Man started here, as if that were anything to be proud of. San Francisco has also supplied the entire world with LSD since 1966. It has been scientifically proven that every single resident of San Francisco is an unreliable flake who will eventually end up as ugly as Nancy Pelosi. San Francisco is home to the Golden Gate Bridge, the world’s favorite place to become an hero. It is red; it’s not fucking gold. To cross it in a car you must pay a $5 toll. However, it has been shown repeatedly that two persons driving with a large dog sitting upright in the back seat can cross for free by saying “carpool” to the toll booth attendant. San Franciscans get pissed off when they hear anyone call it “Frisco”. Do with that what you will.

This is Krista. She had an affair in workplace at Safeway transportation dept with a married man one of her bosses. She sucked his cock dry and spit his load in the cards that were sent out by the company for christmas. People were wondering why the fuck the cards they got were hard to open or were completly stuck together. She thought no one knew about it and when found out moved across street to human resorces dept with daddy’s help he worked In Safeway also when daddy given heads up on what whore doing. She blows every cock that her hands come in contact with. She is like every single resident of San Francisco when it comes to loving cock with one exception. She is a female with tits. Fucking whore just disgusting. I hope her yeast infections burn her insides so bad she rots away. Bitch!

This homewrecker Rocio brags that she has been a mistress for eight years and the scars of the porcupines she has rammed up her fucking asshole prove her story right. She delights in the fact her asshole gaps to items she rams in it and she is not good enough to be a man’s priority other than to be a cum dumpster that is kicked to the curb after a load is expelled. She uses the sympathy card to keep dudes around with her in the middle of the circle jerk on her knees with her mouth open and her begging for goo. Because they feels sorry for her they huck pickles and beer cans at her after their cocks go limp. She srounges for scrapes her lover drops off the floor and licks his cum off the floor. She is a needy b1tch who can’t find a man who will leave his wife for her. Rocio is nothing but a load dump. Plain and simple.

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