Ethiopia 2

Often, people will hold benefit concerts and other gay shit in the name of foreign AIDS for Ethiopia. However, the bleeding heart liberals (usually the same who think niggers are humans) don’t know this usually goes to the Jew bankers in New York instead of the niggers in Africa.

September 6th, 2021

May 16th, 2021

I seen niggers and thought it was Mali. Oops

Ethiopia is a simple land of simple pleasures. These pleasures consist of eating shit you find on the ground, AIDS, rape, and rape with AIDS. In Ethiopia, they will eat ANYTHING. See that monkey? It’s food. Oh look, a pile of cow shit! Food! If it tries to run away, the Africans will hurl spears and rocks at it until it stops moving. Some Ethiopian tribes evolved the habit of kicking things to death instead. Thus, Ethiopian soccer was born. Sadly they die every year of starvation. Whatever can not be eaten will be fucked, either before eaten, after eaten, or while the niggers are eating the thing. AIDS supposedly came from some bored Ethiopian stick nigger fucking a green monkey rotting carcass. Why anyone would fuck a creature that has obviously gone rotten is beyond the understanding of most civilized countries, but this is Ethiopia FUCK ALL OF AFRICA AND NIGGERS IN GENERAL ARE LIKE THIS – deal with it! And what is fucking when one party isn’t into it? RAEP! Ethiopians use rape for everything – Seriously! Rape is basically like currency. However, Ethiopians don’t know that it won’t work, ensuring much lulz to be spread around the continent.

I thought it was in Afghanistan. Caves and I couldn’t see how big of niggers they were.


Some nigger of jew will probably get on stage and tell them how the white man oppresses them and blame white people or some nigger babble.

September 18th, 2020

Are black people aware that they legit look like apes or do they think people call them monkeys just because they are racists?Bill Clinton US President 1995 on a trip to Ethiopia when he thought he was going to the San Diego Zoo.

August 2nd, 2019

Ethiopia… we all remember the fucking hilarious pictures from the 1980’s, they even made me feel bad and I almost bought an MC Hammer cassette. 30 years later, and while the famine may be over, the outlook for Ethiopia’s citizens has barely improved as they are starting to realize they are niggers. A shockingly low 12.5% of adult gorillas have received any form of high school education, while medical care is low to non-existent, with only one doctor for every 40,000 inhabitants. Even with that shockingly low number of doctors. REMEMBER THE DOCTOR IS A NIGGER. so really what good is he to you. You are fucked and stink if you live here. This is enough to make Ethiopia the 17th worst country to live in the world.

Ethiopia’s highlands are poor in a culture that goes back thousands of years, and a natural ugliness that goes back even further. The daunting gross highlands are also largely credited for helping the nation fail.

Africa home of the……….

I love how liberal celebrities think they are making a difference.

Update: 2020-01-05 1:43pm

The Internet is fucking racist. Just another way the evil white man is holding niggers back.

The white man wants to make it hard for black folks to get the intuhnetz. If niggers figure out how to use it they will become smart like those apes sent into space. Then they will over take the evil white man and his inventions.

After all the nigger will just say fuck the farm and let the crops wittle and rot away. To the nigger mind, the food doesn’t come from a farm it comes from a grocery store. If white people never came around niggers would still be picking UN corn curds out of their feces when they got hungry. After all its less work.
Zimbabwe unemployment rate at 95% while most Whites have left
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