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When you have no family on your side you should be nice to those who try to help you. This b1tch Ella uses people for their money, rides, and cars and then uses all the money she asked for for her “groceries” on blow and booze. Then wil go out and start fights as she claims “thats the way she rolls” Your 25 get your shit together. She’s so desperate for attention she will fuk anything with a d1ck, and apparently tits now and tinder is her favourite friend because she gets a different d1ck on the daily. If you ever come across this skinny b1tch keep your distance. The drd’s have to be contagious by now and just floating all around her. But don’t be rude to her because she’s “sensitive” and will get violent when the dick and drugs run out.

December 27th, 2021

August 27th, 2021

I am going to have to figure out a better scam. By side bitch Darja. It was good while it lasted. Be careful while out if she tries to pull it I want my cut stupid skank. How it works: Situation: this is a standard bar scam commonly found in Eastern European countries. The good news for you (not so much me and Darja’s crack habit) is that the authorities do take this seriously and have shut down suspect bars over the years, though one still has to be wary. Opening: you may encounter pretty females who chat you up and then suggest going for a drink together at a nearby bar. Set-up: Should you take the bait, you will end up at a club where the girls’ expensive drinks are put on your tab. Other ways of exploiting you could including spiking your drink or skimming your card. Anyhow, you should be prepared to pay 5-10x what you thought you is fair. Should you refuse to, there will be burly men around who will force you to do so.

Estonia 6

The owner of Happy Wood, a massage spa in Tallinn, has been arrested after a months-long investigation. Variya, 25, was charged with one misdemeanor count each of aiding and abetting prostitution, soliciting prostitution and practicing massage therapy without a license. She was also charged with a felony count of promoting prostitution by providing an establishment and intent to distribute cocaine. Happy Wood, located at a drug house that Variya owns, is marketed online as a “Weiner Explosion To The MAX!!!!” According to their now off line myspace website, the spa offers “various kinds of Asian massages, reflexology, hot stone therapy much more.” Vairya and her fucking tits were arrested after the Tallinn Police Department received tips and complaints that the business was involved with prostitution.

Estonians are descended of caveman neanderthals who started to infest the region after the end of the Ice Age. Even though the continent of fail known today as Europe was practically uninhabitable at the time, these cavemen were apparently stupid even by their day’s standards. Leaving the warmth of their remote mountain caves, they settled in the flat, snowy, open ground which was practically useless. These dumfucks somehow found a way to survive (our loss), and kept on breeding and surviving.

A STUDY IN ESTONIA SHOWS THAT FINNISH MEN ARE THE LARGEST SINGLE GROUP OF CLIENTS OF PROSTITUTES IN THE CAPITAL TALLINN Of the 210 women interviewed, 172 had sold sexual services to Finnish men. For the study, Estonia’s National Institute for Health Development interviewed 210 prostitutes in Tallinn, most of whom reported that they have had Finnish clients. The next largest groups using their services are men from Estonia itself and from Sweden. The main purpose of the study was to investigate the health of prostitutes in the city. None of the women interviewed in 2011 reported that they had contracted any sexually transmitted disease during the previous 12 months. Because they refuse to sleep with stinky niggers. The most common diseases that niggers have are AIDS and chlamydia, which is a piece of African Heritage and culture not welcome in Estonia. Those taking part in the study were tested for HIV. 0 percent were found to be carriers. Almost all said that they never used condoms when with clients. The study was reported in Estonia. LINK

August 23rd, 2021

An Estonian woman has been charged with stealing more than 400,000 Percocet tablets from the pharmacy where she worked. The tablets have an estimated street value of $2 million, Tallinn police said Tuesday in a news release. Police said they will not release the woman’s name to protect the identities of two children who were living in her home. But us at the blog here have no issues as naming her she is Aemilie P. “The investigation was actually initiated by the Jews,” said Andre the Moldovan spokesperson for the Tallinn Police Service. “They noticed a discrepancy in the amount to Percocet being ordered, versus the amount being distributed, and when they tried t bribe her with sexual favors to get off she told the cops to fuck themselves. Big Mistake!” The police investigation found that a total of 401,500 Percocet tablets were stolen from a pharmacy that Aemile P. worked at in the neighbourhood between January 2017 and April 2018. That amounts to an average of more than 26,000 stolen pills each month. Percocet is a combined opioid/non-opioid pain reliever.

Police at Tallinn International Airport have arrested two women after surveillance video showed them helping themselves to travelers’ luggage on the carousels. Ashlee was arrested Tuesday night. Eermi was picked up the day before. Both sluts are charged with three counts of theft between $1,000 and $10,000. The Commercial Appeal cited a police report that said victims identified their bags from watching surveillance video of the 2 with their tits hanging out grabbing bags. The report said Ashlee took a bag from one carousel in mid-February, put it in a truck and then drove to another carousel where Eermi had taken one. Both remained in jail Tuesday night in lieu of $75,000. Police estimate the loss at more than $70,000.

British troops soldiers sent to Estonia to bolster local forces against the threat from fake Russias attacks Jews and the US have made up, have been involved in a mass punch-up knife and brass knuckle brawl with locals in a row about a woman. Some faggot news website reported that eight and 10 soldiers had gone to a fast-food restaurant in the Estonian city of Tapa when trouble flared after a group of local men objected to the soldiers chatting to a woman. The brawl then spilled out onto the street. Military police were called, but by the time they arrived local police were on the scene and the the fight was over, with both sides refusing to press charges. Witnesses said that one local man was in handcuffs. That is what the Brits told cops. Truth is 2 of the Brits were niggers and the woman was scared she would get raped or air born AIDS from them. Brits protect their pet niggers their boss Harry loves his boys guarded.

Estonia 5

February 6th, 2021

I know she had long affair with a married guy, and then she slept with my boyfriend and tried to lie to me about it after pretending to be my good friend. Don’t trust her. She gets off on stealing other women’s men because she feels so shitty about herself it makes her feel better to get them to cheat on their partners. And she should feel shitty about herself. She’s got nothing going on you can often see her flaunting around drunk and or high at truck stops at night time. Usually looking for cock or drugs. Or fucking both. Usually both. A few weeks ago she was walking around Tallinn all wasted and her tits were hanging out of her shirt flopping around and her tongue was hanging out and she couldn’t fucking walk straight. Just a flat out fucking mess.

December 28th, 2020

Nicola is the Tallinn slore! You want a quickie hit her up! She always goes for guys that’s in a relationship and she don’t care! She likes to sleep with guys so she has a place to stay because she is homeless and usually crashes with who ever has beer, drugs, or can still achieve an erection. She goes for guys with money and usually married man so if your man has talked about her she has talked or slept with him. Just be careful of her. She will try to fuck up your family if she can and sad part is that she doesn’t even have her kids! Bitch had 2 kids before her 20th birthday. Nicola is a slut.

Estonia 4

September 16th, 2020

This is the whore crumpet of Tallinn Evonne . Ladies grab your husbands and beware. She works at a school providing small children with an education in English while using recreational drugs like meth and cocaine. She has a thing for married older fatter balder unemployed drug addicted men with children. Evonne was preying on a married fat fuck while him and his wife were separated going through a rough patch. As soon as he told her he was separated she should’ve turned and went the other way. Last I checked in the eyes of the law and the Lord separated is still married. To be a teacher she seems to lack not only morales and self respect, but also common sense. Evonne was confronted, but of course she denied everything even though the husband already confessed once they reconciled. Why engage in something inappropriate if you’re not going to put on your big girl panties and admit to your mistakes. His wife had a one way adult conversation with her about self respect values and making better life decisions as a woman. Clearly she didn’t let any of that sink in. She disappeared for a while, but now she is back in the picture only this time she’s obsessive.

This little angel Joanna targets married men. She is a Nurse. She likes to sleep around with doctors in general and she spreads her bum fungus. She should know better as a health professional. Be real careful if your man talks to her. She is after one thing and has no problem causing a divorce. She has milked free trips from Estonian Doctors to go to Paris and Helsinki to get drunk, do drugs, and fuck like a wild pig. Her latest scam to get money for drugs and shoes is online cat fishing. She has duped such American faggots as David Murphey, Caeser Nigger Mack, And John Legend. It is rumored that she has got 100’s of thousands of dollars from them. John Legend mails her his shit stained boxers and shit covered cum filled condoms that he used with Michael Moore’s fat blubbery fucking ass. Yeah she gets mailed some sick fucking shit. Perverts.

Estonia 3

This girl Nicola is a prize for sure! She loves to play dumb, and the ‘good’ girl. But really, she just plain and simple like to mess with guys who she knows are involved. She’s also a junkie, and has two kids by two different fathers, but likes to tell people otherwise and she is only 21!!!!!. I told her she can have my sloppy seconds off the floor. =) Also, she looks and walks like an oompaloompa, instagram filters really work wonders for her! She sucks off Finnish soldiers all the time at the bar so they will buy her drinks and get her pills to pop. She loves to smach heroin in the park and leaves her used fucking needles all over the place. Its sick. She laughs about it too. When she hears of little kids or dogs touching her gross needles she smiles. Good mother and role model. All the other junkies like her. She is going nowhere fast.

I find it very pathetic when another woman pursues a married man. These woman, if you want to call them that are just as vile and disgusting as the men who cheat. It takes a sorry a** to first to take that married man, but then to steal my bank account, along with other accounts to live it up because you lost your job due to what else….. Theft. The part that’s really low, is even though she is beyond the teenage years of playing the game of flaunting your new “catch”. There was no need in sending me texts, pictures, messages with you calling me the b1tch. My daughter uses my phone, for someone who has as many kids as she does she has no respect for anyone. Who is still so immature that you smash the tail lights out of someones car that you don’t even know? If you already have him, leave well enough alone. Fuck you Anna.!!!

This girl Varya was 22 years old when she cheated on her husband with a 32 year old man who had been happily married for 10 years and had a 6 year old and an 18 month old baby. She began by befriending him at their workplace, and confiding in him in order to get him to confide in her. She had realized that she made a mistake in her marriage, but was too cowardly to just leave and start over, so she was looking for another man to jump on who could support her and made better money than her husband. This slore even befriended his wife, went clothes shopping with her, and held her baby, all the while she was seducing her husband at work! She is nowhere near as pretty as the wife, but used her “poor pitiful me” story to make the husband think he loved her. Even after he broke things off, she kept pursuing him and pulled him back into the affair again! Whore bag!

Kayla likes to rekindle past relationships with ex’s. She likes to lie to her boyfriend about going to dinner with another man, have secret conversations with another man and takes no responsibility for the problems she caused by being selfish. She uses social media like snapchat so conversations disappear and Facebook messenger. She whores herself out in Tallinn often so she can get new clothes all the while while doing coke and sucking cock to get more shoes and drugs. Kayla took 3 dicks in her ass at the same time once just for a new gucci handbag. She is snobby too she is racist, rude, and swears and all she does is talk about herself and how she loves getting slapped in her face with tons of cocks all a the same time. Openly in fucking public to!!!!!! Just flat out dispicable stay away from her at all costs.

Gabriela is A Typical Estonian
Druggie Hooker

Immediately after having revision surgery on my spinal fusion, this gutter junkie Gabriela came waltzing into my husband’s life. They smoked crack and fucked for a week or so in high school, so almost 15 years ago. She saw him with me and our children at a local white pride rally where we all go to keep Jews and Shitskins out of our beautiful pure country. She decided to find him on Facebook, and that’s how it all started. She obviously knew he was married with two children and that I was recovering from a second back surgery, and she still tried to manipulate and use him for monetary gain to obtain drugs while getting dick drilled by him in the process. Aside from all the inappropriate, sexual conversations, she also sent him nude pictures and videos of her masterbating to disney movies… and then asked him for money immediately after, because she’s literally broke from using drugs. Thankfully, my husband was smart enough to pimp her slutty ass out while fucking her too. I hate them both. So much.

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Estonia 2

Raul is a small dicked faggot from Tallinn Estonia, cheats on his wife and their 2 kids, and bangs other dudes from his work place. He is predator with no shame of letting his asshole get violently violated by numerous cocks and objects at the same time on film for drugs. He watches his videos over and over again when he goes to play with his grandmothers dogs balls!. He presents himself as a decent loving caring husband and he is trying to make career in politic failing miserably so far… His latest venture of starting a gay male Jewish shower bath house in Tallinn is a bust. Jews love being fags as they are naturally born homosexuals but they are also cheap and the men in the bath house tend to be of legal age so the Jews are mad and want Raul banished and branded as Hitler. One day Raul may make it he is going on the talk show “the view” to slap that bitch Whoopie across her nigger face with a belt and pinch a big shit loaf in front of her and force her to eat it.

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Estonia 1


A Rally of great Estonian people telling the government they don’t want any niggers or Muslims moving there. They have seen other nations they know if a nigger or Muslim moves there they are fucked and they will all be third world niggers too.



I bet those guys above are faggots. FUCK THEM! They make faggot love in the bum in that there bum love machine besides them. Faggots.

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Aleksandr Rubel

  Estonia must be a serial killers paradise. Although this man was a minor when he got caught his time wouldn’t even hurt as bad as a slap on the wrist. To the left there is Aleksandr Rubel(Born December 25th, 1980). He killed 7 people in less than a year in 1997-1998,
  During all of his murders he was fucking wasted from gas fumes. I thought huffing gas was only a native or aboriginal thing. Drugs are fucked as is but huffing gas that is even lower. Especially with the prices lately. He was only convicted of 6 of the 7 murders in Estonia’s capital city Tallinn. Tallinn is a city that doesn’t even have half a million people.

  His first murder was fucking weak. He went and murdered his neighbour Tonu Pold(Born-1952). Pold was handicapped. He said he wanted to kill anyone at that time and decided to pick a victim that wouldn’t fight back.
  His second victim was Aleksei Pavlov.(Born-1963) he was a guest. Rubel’s dad actually stabbed him first as he thought he was fucking his wife. They killed him and threw him out a third floor window. Rubel’s dad, Andrei was convicted as a participant in this murder and only got 7 years.

  Rubel then stabbed Jevgeni Shelest(Born 1947) for no fucking reason on a beach.

  He ain’t done yet a few weeks later he killed Vladimir Ivanov (Born-1954). A random passerby who Rubel asked for a smoke and some change for gas to huff. Rubel cut his head off with an axe.
  Exactly a week after killing Ivanov he killed a second neighbour. Olga Voronkova(Born-1944). Then he went and killed Vladimir Kinzerski(Born-1944) at his house. Then a couple months later he killed 15 year old Alice Siivas(Born 1983). He cut her throat.

Sentencing- Rubel was tried as a juvenile and received the maximum under Estonian law 8 years in prison. He was released from Tartu Prison in June of 2006.

  This story is fucked. I do not know what is more fucked. What is going on in Aleksandr Rubel’s head or what the justice system in Estonia is thinking.


Although from Estonia Rubel was born in the Ukraine.

Below is a cell at Tartu Prison

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