White Chick Date Rape Pill Inventors

Two Waterloo Pakis successfully pitched their company Whitebitchwontremember on the season premiere of the Dragon’s Den webisode series Next Gen Den Sons of Osama.

The Master of 7-11 and Taxi Cab Economics Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) alumni Dr. Apu and Vejey Sandnigger left the Den with a fat joint and investment of $27 from two dragons who one day dream of also getting a real life white pussy.

PopRx or Whitebitchwontremember is an on-demand sex app in which a user can order, refill, and transfer date rape drugs from their smartphone with same-day delivery. It was developed in Waterloo’s hindu and curry program, where the two co-founders met and started a gay romance also.

PopRx or Whitbitchwontremember already has significant traction, gaining around 100 immigrant users a week in Manitoba, the only province in which they are currently offering the active service. They have partnered with mosques and afro centres in British Columbia and Manitoba to offer full coverage in these provinces, and are on track to do the same in Ontario by the end of November. Lots of white passed out bitches to fuck. And remember Indian and Pakistani penis’s will not show up on rape kits.

The dragons were impressed with PopRx and the previous success the two shit skins have had in beating rape charges so well in court. PopRx is the pair’s second venture. During their MBET studies, the stinky pakis also launched “Scream And I’ll Slit Your Throat Bitch”. Their product, “Don’t You Dare Go To The Fucking Police or I’ll kill Your Family”, is a secure mobile collaboration platform that allows brown medical professionals to rape more easily and share information across immigrant medical teams and not with white patients.

Scream and Ill slit your throat bitch currently has more than 600 users in seven countries at 26 different hourly hotels and dark alleyways. The Scream and Ill slit your throat bitch platform was inspired and informed by the inventors background as a normal paki who could never get a real white woman. He took one year off of his residency in jail to serve time for fucking farm animals.

Now, the team will be growing PopRx with the backing and guidance of two prominent Canadian investors Justin Trudeau and The Canadian United Nigger College Foundation.. 

Fat Greasy Moldy Hookers Unlimited

Talk about a wild dildo swapping experience!

Launching a business is a small task unless you are a woman. No matter how big of an ass you think you have, it still takes a lot of  cocksucking and tons of loads. As the Top Toronto hooker of the owner and creator of Booty Building Box, I knew the meaning behind sucking the least amount of cock to get a crack rock or big mac. It’s not just a needle exchange program, it’s about tampons, dildos, washing dishes and lesbianism.

While creating what was supposed to be just a $5 gummer behind the Tim Hortons, because my clients were having amazing results reshaping and building their wieners, turned into so much more than just creamer refills for the Timmy’s Drive thru in the morning.

I was blowin away on some old homeless dude by the water fountain and the amount of people that were loving it, not only the sight, but the mission behind it.

What most people don’t know is the amount of jaw strength it takes to bring a stinky homeless wiener to orgasm. It doesn’t matter how good your vaseline is or how uniquely different you use it as a hot dog it can be, the reality is if you don’t have the crack/cocaine to use after spending all the effort it takes to create it, then it’s a very bumpy road to the STD clinic.

Grosser Grocer

The pair mainly talked about yeast infections and Maxi Pads for 10 minutes.

So called Faggot Friends, family and local loser business members gathered at Gayview Yards on Thursday evening to watch one of Ottawa’s biggest joke of a duo take on the Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragons’ Den in a gay manner.

Repping the real niggers of Ottawa in the Den was The Growcer, a company focused on providing shit to communities. Co-founders Corkey and Aloda pitched their welfare shipping containers to the fucking stupid Dragons – a panel of six well-known Canadian Faggots – back in May. The pair’s episode of the unpopular KKK program aired Thursday as part of a student 2 for 1 blowjob special.

After asking for a sex change operation and or breast implants in exchange for a blow job, and receiving boner offers from four of the six Dragons, Corkey and Aloda walked away with a STD of Herpes for 30 per cent from Yeast Infection Queen Arlene and Lumpy Loser Lane – a wiener rub that brought the audience at Erection Ottawa’s watch party to their jizz rags made from Mr T Napkins.

Corkey’s Life Goes on just fine since he got ass rammed on the show Dragons Den. The dragons made fun of Corkeys forehead and he cried. Fucking mean dragons. Also in that Picture above when Corkey was a kid he use to fondle that dogs balls.

“This really shows us that it takes a fucking faggot fudgepack train,” said Corkey. “Being able to bring together everyone that has helped us from the start was really special, and has really energized us for 2020 bitches time to suck some faggot cock in Trudeaus office with pakis mofos.”

Those losers in attendance got a firsthand look at how The Growcer evolved from an idea between gay classmates to a business with forty-six cents in sales, a feat which also impressed KKK Grand Dragon Michele (who is an ex prostitute), who remarked that the co-founders’ success had been seen before on the show from entrepreneurs still in pre school.

C Spray and the Chinks

Elliot (total pound me in the ass flamer), is a HomoBA ’20 candidate, will appear on the Anti-Trans-Gendered television show Dragons’ Den on November 14 at 9 p.m. (Eastern Time). He’ll be pitching his product, Chinkmakegay-Spray, a slanteyed-eliminating multi-use spray for swimmers and public masterbators. He pitched before the Dragons in May in Toronto and has just learned the segment was selected for the show because he gave Layne a good blowjob in the closet.  

“I used to watch Dragons’ Den religiously as my dad played with my balls and never dreamed I would one day stick my penis in my dads rectum hole,” he said. “The experience has been extremely encouraging for me as an cocksucking male escort, and has helped to inspire me to start another no condoms allowed bareback hardcore raw fuck fest gay bath house in my parent’s basement.”

Since his pitch, Elliot said Chinkaway-Spray sales are increasing like his boner at a Justin Bieber concert and he has been building gay relationships with men and transgendered freaks that can’t decide which bathroom to use. He is currently working on filing the warts off on his balls that he got from Manjit on his show apperance.

Cheese Toast Imbred Faggots

A local ass cheese manufacturer will be on CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, as they look to grow their stupid faggot business. Oh yeah those 2 pieces of toast above there are brother and sister and they have anal sex over the cheese that you purchase.

Although they are not legally allowed to live in Canada or to give any spoilers as to what the end result of their stupid fucking pitch was, gay co-owners Andreina and Oscar Cheesetoastass spoke to some drunk and lysol high natives about their business and their experience on the show.

FresK-O Cheese is a trans-sexual-owned business. The Spics are originally from Venezuela and first moved to Leduc, Alberta, later opening their production facility just south of Lethbridge. Probably on some fucking Native reservation.

Andreina explains that they make their Latin-American style cheese by their hands after wiping their dirty assholes and elaborated on why this kind of cheese is different from many offered in Canadian grocery stores. Oscar personally dumps a load of jizz in every 4th package of cheese. Buy it now and find out if your a lucky winner. Viva La Mexico.

The Sports Head Diaper

The young white girl there is a kidnapped girl the pakis got addicted to drugs and child sex trafficked her I would assume. That is their culture and Justin Trudeau says we must accept and adapt to it.

Thawrih (Revoluntionary in Arabic) is an Ottawa start-up(Funded by Trudeau in some way or form) that makes hand-made activewear for Muslims (including hijabs) and Sikhs (including turbans). They are also working on a suicide bombing vest.

Thawrih’s co-founders, University of Ottawa Alumni and Trudeau lover Sarah and Sami , will be spewing anti Jew hate in front of the Dragons on CBC’s Dragon’s Den on Thursday October 17th, 2019 at 9:00pm EST. Tune in to learn more about this innovative start-up and why these towel heads think the holocaust never happened.

If you are in Ottawa, the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Science in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Hub will be hosting a casual viewing party for the episode, don’t bother registering as no one goes to that shit anyway. The schools that were meant for whites are now zoos.

Thawrih employs newcomers to Canada because real Canadians and Canadian companies know foreigners are useless pieces of shit. According to Thawrih’s website, “We want to do our part by being anti transgender and faggot: all of our headgear is hand-made in Ottawa, Canada by Syrian newcomers who collect large money cheques from Trudeau. Every purchase kicks a white Canadian family out of their home and will give a newcomer shit they didn’t deserve and will ruin in a matter of weeks. This initiative enables newcomers to fuck up the labor force, destroy their families, and also aids with the integration process of their families into mosques”

Dragons Den

Dragons Den is a show with a Paki bitch who inherited all her wealth on a silver platter and did nothing to achieve it and an old Jew and a wrinkly blonde hooker named Michelle who whine and pretend that they know what they are talking about. Some other fags are on there too. Some old fat bitch talks alot on there her name is Arlene Dick IN Son. You know the show is fake as women pretend to know stuff about business.

Each typical episode features approximately eight bitches, along with a brief synopsis of a further three bitches which usually were rejected by the Dragons. While this is going on Michelle is usually itching her vagina from all the crusty cum in there from the night before. But the Paki chick Manjit usually goes down on her to clean it up eventually as its better than the curry she is use to.

Each pitch begins with the entrepreneur specifying the amount they are seeking as an investment and the percentage of their business which they are offering in exchange. The entrepreneurs generally describe their shitty business and provide fake financial details in respect of their costs, sales, and profit margins. Pitches range from those at the conceptual stage to full-fledged fudgepacking long-term orgies. The Dragons ask the entrepreneur questions in order to determine which person is the biggest homo on the show. Each Dragon ultimately will either suck cock or will declare that they are “gay”, meaning they are not interested in women. Once all five Dragons dicks are “in”,their assholes the pitch ends.

Manjit also eats crushed up Ketchup Potato chips out of her cats litter box after she is out all night on the streets snorting coke. If a chip crumb is big enough she dips it in fresh cat liquid poop. While her arranged marriage turban wearing husband sits behind her jerking off to midget porn.

Mr Sunshine’s wife’s stinky vagina has mad flow. So he invested in Tampax for his multi Billion Maxi Pad Empire.

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