Diggy The Four Eyed Nigger

According to The Nebraska Farmers Almanac, Diggy was a senior cotton picker for Colonel and Bernie Sanders and has worked at companies such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s. His Myspace he recently started up a How To Rape White Women blog offering up advice and guidance on playing the race card, aptly titled Your White Ass Owes Me For Slavery. Fun nigger fact: he actually got his nickname Diggy because his classmates caught him digging up dead bodies in cemeteries to rape.”

In a 2017 chat with Nigerian Gay Nigger Nightly Nigger News, Diggy was proud to call himself an HIV and Hemroid Explosion survivor. He told the mag: “Bix Nood Muda fukin whitey gibs me foo”

Diggy, whose real name is actually Field Model Nigger T-1987634-09.4b, initially appeared on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, vying with other savage niggers to rape the Queen Gorilla Rachel. He was eliminated in week 4 for not understanding how to use the restroom facilities properly (he shit and pissed all over the fucking floor all the time). Even with a nigger-ish exit, Diggy quickly became a felon among the FBI and Americas Most Wanted who were happy to see him return to jail. It was there where he first connected with Lacey Mark a Jewish Pig and then went on to strike up a relationship with Chris Harrison. The couple seemed solid until one of his own species another nigger boon entered the picture, capturing his attention enough for him to accept her plate of watermelon. Diggy and the sheboon hit it off, but their situation went into friend-zone territory when they ran out of watermelon and crack. Diggy didn’t find everlasting free shit on reality TV yet, so why not go rob a fucking liquor store?

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