Iowa 9

August 21st, 2021

The three then used a rock, a candy dish and an ashtray to beat him until he was dead.

Murder conviction upheld for Marengo woman who beat her boyfriend to death Two others also convicted in Curtis Bailey’s July 2009 death By Trish Mehaffey – March 8, 2013 The first-degree murder conviction of a Marengo woman who beat to death her boyfriend in 2009 was upheld Friday by the Iowa Supreme Court. Denise Frei, 47, was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for the first-degree murder of her boyfriend Curtis Bailey on July 19, 2009. She was convicted Aug. 25, 2011 after a weeklong jury trial in Davenport. Frei on appeal argues the trial court should have granted her motion for mistrial and by giving improper jury instructions on justification, insanity and reasonable doubt. Frei claimed insanity as her defense. Frei beat Bailey, 33, of Marengo, to death with a rock and other objects in his home. She claimed she’d been verbally, physically and sexually abused by Bailey for six years and that she had to kill him to save the life of her son, Jacob Hilgendorf, and other family members. Hilgendorf, 23 and his friend Jessica Dayton, 22, aided her by helping her plan to get Bailey drunk and then suffocating him with plastic wrap. The plan went awry when Bailey unexpectedly awoke and a struggle ensued. The three then used a rock, a candy dish and an ashtray to beat him until he was dead. Hilgendorf and Dayton also were convicted of first-degree murder and are serving life sentences. According to the court ruling, the trial court gave the proper instructions for a justification defense and reasonable doubt, which included legal elements and didn’t violate her due process rights. Frei also argues the insanity instruction she submitted, which put the burden of proof on the state, shouldn’t have been denied by the court but her argument on appeal is different from what she raised in her motion for a new trial so the court couldn’t review that argument.<SNIP> LINK

June 18th, 2021

May 9th, 2021

Iowa 8

April 20th, 2021

Kaitlynne is a home wrecking sk@nk that likes to mess around with married men who have children. She likes to sleep around on her boyfriend with his best friend and than make it look like he did it to her instead. She is nothing but a dump a$$ sl0re who does not care about anyone else but herself. She doesn’t care if she is out there wrecking families. She works at Home Depot (probably blowing carpenters when they go there) on the north side of Dubuque and lives on the south. She uses guys just to get her around and make her feel better about her crappy personality.

April 19th, 2021

Cedar Rapids police say they arrested an 18-year-old accused in an armed robbery on the city’s northwest side. Muzuri Yenge faces first degree robbery and first degree burglary charges. Police say he got into a man’s vehicle, took his wallet and pulled out a handgun before running away. It all happened in the 1600 block of C Avenue just before 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. That’s where police say they found the victim. Officers later found the suspect behind Christ Church Presbyterian in the 2000 block of 1st Avenue Northwest. Police say he ran in front of the building and tried to hide behind an air conditioning unit. Officers eventually arrested him. LINK

That is not all this little oppressed shit skin has done either. When the monkey was 16 it jacked a girl for her cellphone LINK How that fucking thing looks like a transgendered shit from an Aliens bleeding ass. Google the niggers name wow. And this is just the start of these shit skins coming. Biden wants more than Obama ever did. Welcome to a thrid world nation.

April 11th, 2021

April 5th, 2021

This so called “woman” right here is a Manipulating , lieing , controlling , Narstatistic, two faced cheating sloottt who thinks it’s okay to have random men at her place , use people then toss them away and on to the next. This so called woman lies to get what she wants. Shelby does not take care of her kids she pounds them off to everyone else. Shelby doesn’t let the father Clint Brady see his 3 kids she holds them above his head. He loves his kids, support his kids would do anything for his kids! Yes Jayy is a little faggot who sucks off old men for money to obtain crack, but DNA don’t make a parent love does. Shelby bashes niggers, jews, and faggots and lives as filthy as a nigger herself. Shelby is just like her sister Demi, nasty and no good for anyone! Don’t trust a word from this “woman” mouth! also becareful she don’t shower , she smells down stairs and does not get checked out. no one wants DRDs! Beware

February 27th, 2021

Women be careful with your man around this low life human being Tammy.. Will do anything to be center of attention or will lie to make everyone feel sorry her her.. loves and always is a victim. Lives off man her hole life then cheats when she doesn’t seem to get what she wants. Will lie to make men look bad when they don’t want anything to do with her. She ruined a kids life when she was very young. She was caught lying on the stand. Horrible mother who buys his affection because she doesn’t know how to be a mother. She works at Arby’s and has been reported for using drugs on site. Coke head who will do anything for a line. Lives with a dealer, and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Low life no nobody who will accuse your man and say many lies to ruined your relationship because she loves being a victim. Said my man was hitting on her and sending texts.. well she made it all up. Loves attention. AND be carful!! She has the drd…

January 25th, 2021

I go into the bathroom and lay a huge mammoth sized stinky shit in the toilet while I read the farmers almanac and don’t flush. #Blacklivesmatter!

Iowa 4

Famous People From Iowa

My husband went to a strip club with a few friends to have a drink and was approached by BAMBI to go in back for a lap dance. He said no and continued to drink his drink. So she stole his checkbook out of his back pocket and went to the back room. After she hadn’t come out for a while he went looking for her to get it. Well he got more than a lap dance. He continued to go meet her when she was dancing, having sex with her while paying for her room and all of her other bills. Can you say FLOOOZY! She’ll screw your man for money and or meth. She knew he was married with three kids but didn’t seem to stop her. Funny thing is he still talks to her after 8 months and is dumb enough to think he’s the only one she’s screwing and getting money from! She lives in Des Moines, Iowa and works as a Dog Groomer at Pet Land. So WARNING! Don’t send your husband to the groomer if it’s her. He’ll get more than he pays for! Her real name is Sabrina rumor has it also she puts on a strap on dildo and fucks dogs for film for all to see. And she still has a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She may seem sweet and innocent . But if she if she’s got her eye on your man, even if he is twice her age. She will go after him as she pretends to be concerned with you. She’s not a trustworthy little girl. That playing adult games that needs to be to taught what happens when little slores mess around with grown married man. Sioux City becomes Sioux Slutty with 21 year old Brittany waiting for guys to open their wallets. Which in turns lead to drinks and drugs for her, which leads to the mans pants between his ankles and his cock in her mouth. Often times she will take a selfie of herself with the married man to bribe him for more money, get his wife to go insane, show his work, or people at church. Brittany also does babysitting on the side. She fucks the guys that hire there too. Good Job Brittany and yes she still lives in the red house basement suite 3 on 11th street. Buzzers fixed. Not that I know or anything I heard it around Sioux City.

July 6th, 2020

Beaner Burns Pride Flag.

Picked Up A Large Rock On A Gravel Road After
Fucking My Boyfriend and Licking His Jizz Off The Dirt.
Then crushed his penis with it and laughed about it

Basically, this bitch Willow pops pills and fucks and sucks anything with a pulse in Iowa City. She is known to take shits in the pool. The logs are big and brown. She also likes to take numerous loads of jizz on her face at once and save it for makeup. As she spends her money on pills and crack. Known to carry herpes from her endeavours. This girl will talk you into breaking up wit your man, so y’all can be hoes together, then fuck him on a gravel road while smearing her face on his jizz in the gravel and then crushing his dick with a large rock for shits and giggles. She’ll fuck everyone’s baby daddy and even the lowest tweaker in the crew. She has went as low as to fuck a nigger WILLINGLY so you know she will do ANYTHING thats free game for all animals and plant life. She thinks she’s the biggest toughest bad bitch out there at 98 pounds of meth and crusted jizz flaked makeup she crushed into powder on her face. She’s disgusting. 

This girl Kaycee is the easiest girl at seaboard foods. She’s messing around with married men and men that are in relationships. She does such things as stick her tongue in their assholes while the masterbate to gay porn in the lunch room. She wrecks families and she doesn’t even care, she goes as far as to laugh about it and spray paint dicks on the wives cars. If you want easy this girl opens her legs for everyone. She doesn’t think about who she hurts because she doesn’t care… as long as she gets the d. She gets around so much that she gets banged every night by the people she works with and random guys… Sometimes both. Best times is Thursday on cheap beer night. Her pussy and asshole look beat up more than puked up oatmeal.

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Iowa 2

Summer:Rectal Beard Sylist w/herpes

If your man is getting their hair done by this chick Summer in Des Moines they may be getting more than just a hair cut. This lovely lady is attracted to men in a relationship, engaged, or married if you have kids even better. She opened up the first ever Iowan get your hair cut and your cock sucked. She probably rams the scissors up her asshole or cuts guys wieners off to store for later. Her type of men…anyone that is taken with a wiener and $20. But it doesn’t stop there…An anal hair shampoo and gel with a friend, it won’t stop her from trying to get with your man. Don’t waste your breath calling her out on it though, her mouth and ears are too full of jizz to hear you. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it and again it won’t stop her. Beware of this one, she likes a challenge! 

Meggan Wants A Load Of Jizz To Use Like Scope To Rinse The Meth Taste Out Of Her Mouth

Meggan from Charles City takes it in the bum on the farm with the cows, and she smiles and squeals like a pig. I get her drunk and high on meth and take her out to my Uncle Jim Bob’s farm near Floyd. I have gave Meggan Ghonoreah so many fucking times I lost count. She’s known for begging on her knees while she is in the mud for a gooey load. She also fucked around with a married man while my grandfather and I videotaped it to black mail the mob, KNOWING he was married and she could end up in the bottom of the river if it got leaked out to anyone. She’s an alcoholic and abused and SELLS xanax she buys from the Chinks she blows at the restaurant at the mall. I am personally getting sick of fucking her my dick is ready to fall off from the brownish throbbing veiney hairy fungus it has acquired.

Kelsey Fucked My Elderly Grandfather and Broke My Grandparents Golden Anniversary up.

My Bernie Sanders like old grandfather came out to some crack house bragging about sleeping with this girl Kelsey , I couldn’t keep his secret anymore and so I told my elderly dying grandmother! This happened a little over a month ago, apparently it was okay as once he started smoking meth my Gramps started getting mad erections like it was the 70’s all over again. This girl was supposed to be a friend of the grand daughter, NOT ANYMORE! My cousin was so mad she went and fucked Kelsey’s Grandfather and Grandmother with a strap on. Then went and dug up one of Kelsey’s Grandpas who she ever even knew, who died before Kelsey was even born. Dug him up taped a popsicle stick on his dead dick and fucked his corpse to just for spite filmed it and plays it all over town at the TVs at Future Shop where she works. My cousin is still pissed at Kelsey for throwing my grandmothers bed pan in her face and telling her to eat her old poo liquid. Kelsey hasn’t been around lately last I heard she moved to Minnesota and got into prostitution with some Lumberjack working for that Somalian bitch that loves Trump Omar is her name.

This girl is fucking Kaitlyn she is a major meth head from Iowa. She doesnt believe in Tampons because they are made by men. She doesn’t wipe her asshole. After she takes big liquid shits outside her trailer. Her boyfriend rapes her pet dogs every night. Except for Tuesdays and Thursday because thats bowling night. don’t know how to keep her legs closed because she needs more kids for more welfare money to buy crack. She has had 3 DRDs in one year how sad and she dont even know who the father of her child is. She dated a person whose brother is a pedo she never has her kid. She is a poor excuse for a mom. Now she is dating a meth addict and a drunk. Real smart but she is a walking drd better get checked people. Plus she flings the dog shit in her yard at cars when she gets high on bath salts. Plus she eats her poo with mustard on it on sundays when she watches Americas funniest home videos with her vibrator and no shirt on.

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Iowa 1

Jodi Huisentruit

Champagne Gate


Iowa Simpsons Non International Airport

A large family of eight Somalian niggers had waited nine years in a white paid for and ran refugee camp- three of those years they had undergone intense bitching for free shit from whitey. The family had been scheduled to travel to the U.S. during President Trump’s travel ban. But Trump told the Shitskins to say home. Then some Jew or brainwashed whiney white person who will live nowhere near a nigger dumped them in the US.

The Executive Order pausing the resettlement program brought hope to white Americans that their country wouldn’t become third world hell hole, but thanks to a Jew- these refugees are able to come to America breed like there is no tomorrow and never work until the country goes bankrupt like their homeland.

Musa Yakub, a useless nigger of five niglets, stood by the baggage carousel and said, over and over, that America meant three thing to the people in the refugee camp: Free money, no work, and little to no punishment for raping women and children.

Whitey we are your new neighbors. What you don’t give us we just take. Are your citizens really stupid enough to think we could ever adapt to your ways? Fucking idiots.

“I hope for the future,” he said. “To get my welfare check, to have a free house and never adapt to American values or culture — and to act like a fucking prick to the American People who paid my way here, my family and I will kill and rape many of you we hate your ways and culture.”

“Every application is a useless nigger. It’s one more white valuable life ruined,” said Lisham Hooknosestein , director of the Israeli Committee for Destroying white peoples history and making up fake shit in Des Moines, which helped resettle Yakub’s nigger fambly. “They are like vermin, they will multiply and slowly destroy everything they touch. White people will all be dead and we will laugh when the niggers die off. Then the Jews own the world. Because all thats left is niggers and lets face it they have never built a country before, why start now? Oh Vey!!.”

I pissed all over the bathroom sink and mirror when I was here. Funny shit. I also stole a bag of salt and vinegar chips.
Herpes auto and upholstery sounds itchy.
This is a fun town to litter in. I go by garbage cans to get extra garbage to throw on the streets. Since they don’t have much diversity here I make it look like minorities live here by throwing garbage everywhere. It simulates the third world.
Lots of supplies can be purchased at places like these to produce crystal meth. It is a great source of income and helps build communities. It brings families together.

Dollar Trees are an easy source of stealing for Iowans who would rather spend their income on typical Iowan things like Meth and Meth.

Nobody ever pays at this restaurant. Ultimate place to do a dine and dash.

One of the few negros that invests in Iowan Business is former boxer and rapist Mike Tyson. When interviewed he commented “Where be da white womminz at”.

Iowa has almost no niggers. This is mainly due to they never had slaves. While other states were wasting their time and slowly destroying their futures by letting niggers do the work. Iowa developed machines. Which don’t complain and actually do good work. Plus even with so few niggers in Iowa. More niggers have criminal records than tractors. That fact there is stunning. Like tractors can get their shit together what the hell is taking niggers so long?

This is a church. Looks like a bar. Welcome to Iowa.
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