Colt And David Butt Fuck Each Other Then Run Around Vegas Raping Cats

Many 90 Day Fiancé crack head fans have wondered what David Murphey does for a living. Bear in mind he has spent around $300,000 on visiting Ukraine and talking to Ukrainian women on a dating website. That’s a lot of money, even if it was spread out over around seven years. While his net worth is unknown just like his sexuality, his job and his loser social media and male on male porn hub profiles do give a clue. As said by Jim From Progressive, visiting David Murphey’s SweatyManBalls page gives quite a bit of information about his employment. According to his profile, he works for An Animal Lube Company in Nevada as an “Anal Sex Tech” According to John Legend, someone in that kind of position has an average salary of $98,784. You have to factor in that David also has close ties to the Sinaloa Cartel where he seized head of transport years ago after orchestrating a jack movie in the 90’s that framed Tookie and paved David’s path to success.

Colt who is a master stud was born into money. His mother Debbie use to work for David. David use to produce Main Stream Porno. Debbie was in his feature film. Colt was the result of one of the many cock pellets that Debbie took shrapnel from in making hard core porn films. She to this day still thinks that Colt is the Wad she would of rather swallowed. Colt got into Computers and other nerd shit as a kid as he had no real friends and no drugs were around back then to get girls fucked up enough to have sex with him. Since Debbie and Colt have winner radiating off of them they got into advertising.

So Colt and David became close home boys chilling with the same fags from the same gay hardcore anal sex no condoms allowed bath houses. They both got to talking about how bad they wanted to hump other cats than the ones they already had at home. Since they both resemble fucking child molesters they thought nothing of wearing trench coats and running around parks and alleyways finding cats to rape. Often in broad day light. High on crack and strung like a horny bull on viagra. These 2 are so beyond help in the cat raping game. If they see a Tom and Jerry Cartoon they jerk off and hump the tv its on. They got Big Ed involved in the cat raping game at one point filming it and often times running after cats like the midget he is with a club and smacking the cats over the heads. In turn knocking them out so David can stick his throbbing stiff cock in the knocked out cat’s dry asshole.

I Am A 60 Year Old Faggot Who Rides A Unicycle

Meet this pathetic bag of camel shit David Murphey: 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star David didn’t get the meeting and engagement he was hoping for on Sunday’s episode of the Retarded reality series. David, a 60-year-old loser faggot who isn’t allowed around playground zones. He is from Las Vegas and has been trying to meet his “supposed” Ukrainian girlfriend, 27-year-old Lana, after speaking online for seven years. Which the dipshit paid for on a dating site and never on the phone. He always paid to talk!!!! Lana has already been a no-show three previous times, David for some reason thinks it could be a mistake. So David has traveled to Ukraine — with excuses like she had to undergo a medical operation or her mother keeps dying again — but David persists, traveling to Ukraine for the FOURTH time and says he is sure that this will be the time he finally meets the blonde bitch. He even brought an engagement ring with him and says he plans to propose.”I can’t believe that in 24 hours, I’m going to meet Lana in person,” he says. This is real he is really this fucking stupid.

  • David has spent “over $100,000” on Lana and is heading to Ukraine to meet her, despite the fact that they have arranged to meet on three previous occasions and she stood him up every time.
I along with everyone I know encourage him to go.

Then when the Unicycle faggot David arrived in Lana’s town he waited for her at a restaurant with flowers. Of course she didn’t show up. But he found an address on an old ticket he bought for her when he was suppose to meet her another time. Then the episode on Sunday ended with him going to this door and him knocking.

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