Darcy Shits Out Her Fucking Yeast Infection In Tom’s Fucking Limey Mouth

“I feel when I say to you ‘I’m fucking my fat ugly four eyed sister, I’ll call you later,’ and I get 1500 text messages of big shit logs you laid in the toilet, that’s not you respecting me,” Tom says in the clip from his show. “If you ring me bitch at 4 o’clock in the morning and then send me 50 messages, saying ‘what are you doing?’ … are you that girl? You can’t ring people at 5 a.m! If you do it again my pig sister will slap you across your plastic face with her real big dick.,” he continues while Darcey protests with her finger in her crusty asshole. “There’s so much going off in terms of fat rolls to get to my sisters stinky snatch with my tiny dick, I feel like I can’t give this love and time you want.” Tom stated.

Darcey took the news better than expected and shot heroin with some Mexicans, but it was clear she was hurt and heartbroken by the phone call. The two then reunited shortly before the Season 3 “Couples Tell All: Where all the female members of the show put on strap on dildos and fuck Big Ed and Usman up the ass” special and decided to give their relationship another shot. However, in the clip , Darcey admits that their relationship has been strained throughout the last year, and she wonders why she wastes her time with the little dick bisexual homeless loser who pretends to have a job for the show.

Darcey Silva Queen Plastic Sausage Slut

90 Day Fiancé star Darcey Silva has had a challenging slutty history on the John Legend franchise. The reality star has been featured on the show in two separate relationships, first with Jesse Meester, then with Tom Brooks. Both of her reality television relationships have failed pathetically just like the melting plastic on her face. Now, Silva is back on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4, seemingly to document the dissolution of her relationship with Tom Brooks. Meanwhile, Silva has had to deal with the fact fact her fake tits are flopping and that Tom Brooks and Jesse Meester have become gay lovers — something she is not too happy about. 

Surely it can’t be easy to see two of your exes form a gay friendship over you, getting larger erections from each others hairy assholes than they ever did from her. Darcey Silva has been experiencing this firsthand with Tom Brooks and Jesse Meester. Her 90 Day Fiancé exes seem to have become dick slappingly close since Tom Brooks appeared on the show. When the two first started talking, Jesse Meester claimed that Darcey Silva had manipulated the two into disliking each other so they wouldn’t have bum sex immediately. Meester wrote on Instagram, “Tom did rub my balls in New York in the green room. We had a good yet stroking conversation and found out we were both jizz in our cheerios in the mornings.” “Not surprising, but more tasty than sugar when you are trying to get a mans cock in your mouth or asshole”.

When asked about the whole thing Darcey said

“It was like a slap in the plastic face, but that’s their style and they’re going to do what they want to do for their gay fantasies”

Jesse, Darcey, Tom

She added, “A lot of people saw that and they were like, ‘What the heck are they doing with me when they could be happier being gay? That’s cool.’ But it is what it is. I don’t like to give it attention because it just fuels their Pete Butt Plug Democratic Gay Agenda and it’s not worth it for me.” “They are stealing cocks away from my pussy. I have two children who I don’t know the father of. I am fucking lazy and I want a gooey load in my mouth like everybody else in the end. I regret not cutting Jesse’s balls off with garden sheers. Anything. I can’t regret ever being with Jesse and learning from that made me switch tampon brands as I went on a relationship with Tom. So you guys will see different slut positions of me. … I learned how to fit a grapefruit up my poop shoot and make love to myself with a pencil crayon” she concluded.

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