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Czechia 2

July 18th, 2020

Hanja is a home wrecking sloot. She pursued my husband, who by the way is 16 years older then her 40 year old ass!!!!!, for months. They had an affair for several months and she knew he was married with three children. She loves old man balls slapping against her ass. Old, wrinkly, saggy nuts just dangling in her face.. Fucking Loves it . She is money hungry and continued to try to call and email after he told her he wanted to work on his marriage. Hanja or Hanja Ho Přitáhne si šálek a nalije ho do sklenice. Uloží sklenici prdů tekutými výkaly, aby hodila na všechny muslimy, kteří vstupují do Česka. Dobrá práce Hanja. pro skvělé odkazy na všechny její a další velké děvky, jako je její kurva, jsou obrázky na odkaz v náhodném f6 klikněte na tajný obrázek tam ..

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Don’t call it Czechoslovakia, don’t put ice in your pilsner and certainly don’t refer to the region it’s in as Eastern Europe. It’s Central Europe, and you’ll get yelled at for arguing otherwise.

The Czechs love beer, have beautiful women, morals, hygiene, and national pride. How can Islam and Africa ever be compatible in a society like this?

Also their national hero is a 70 year old pro hockey player named Jaromir Jagr who still fucks 18 year old super models. Plus rocked a mullet.

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