Czech Republic 8

January 1st, 2022

A porn star on meth was arrested after leading police on a high speed car chase through the Czech capital Prague. Czech Sona Muellerova, 25, who goes by the stage name of Laura Crystal had been asked to show up at her local police station after she had earlier been caught on camera driving whilst banned. But after turning up to hand in her licence, officers noticed her getting into a car after leaving the station and driving off. Jumping into their squad cars, the cops then gave chase as the blonde sped off. A police spokesman said: “At one point she was going at 136 mph and officers called in other cars for support. “When they eventually stopped her she gave a fake name, which is something she has often done, and said she had forgotten her driving licence. “When the officers explained that she had given them her driving licence just half an hour before, she cursed and when she was arrested she didn’t seem at all surprised.” Muellerova was taken back to the police station where she was given a standard drug test. The police spokesman said: “She was heavily under the influence of crystal meth and admitted she had taken the drug. “She has been charged with dangerous driving, driving under the influence of a narcotic, taking narcotics, obstructing the police and endangering the lives of others.” If found guilty the porn star, who once appeared in an adult film called ‘A little Jailing Nailing’, is facing three years in jail. <SNIP> LINK She has also starred in such great films as DP The Nanny With Me 4, Amazing Tits 5, Spin, Suck, & Fuck 2, Drunk Sex Orgy, Eurobabes Jizz Explosion, Ass Cream Sandwich, Tits Ahoy, Ass Break Hotel, Four Eyed Fuck Fest, and Lesbian Fuck Fest 5 😀😀😁😁😎🧨💥

Czech Republic 7

September 3rd, 2021

A Brno woman has been arrested for stealing wine from a Brno mini mart store — the same woman who had been wanted for stealing expensive items on at least two other dates. Police were called June 14 to the store,  when store employees reported a woman with a known history of stealing expensive wine and sucking dick at area stores was in the wine aisle and carrying a large hand bag. Officers arrested Anaya 32, on an outstanding warrant out of Prague for prostitution. Anaya was also arraigned June 15 in 48th District Court on one count each of retail fraud and removing a theft detection device. A not-guilty plea was entered for anaya, with bond set at more than she can afford. She remained jailed June 22.

According to Czech police, a woman enraged with her ex took a bat to both his new girlfriend’s car and his father’s car on Wednesday. Czech Police say a 28-year-old local bimbo was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon, and two counts of mischief. At 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, police say the new girlfriend drove to a mid-town residence to meet the man. When she parked in front of the address, an unknown vehicle pulled up and the ex-girlfriend came out of the car high as fuck on crystal meth and carrying a fucking baseball bat. Police say the ex swung the bat at the new girlfriend’s driver side window, smashing through it and striking the slut in the elbow. The ex then left yelling rude slurs, flashing her huge tits, and threatening random strangers and police were called. Police say they learned that the accused had also allegedly smashed windows in a truck belonging to her ex’s father earlier in the day because he failed to pay her for the blow job she gave him earlier that week. A half hour later, a patrol officer found the ex giving a blow job to a stranger in a parked car in a McDonald’s parking lot. Although police say she was belligerent, she was arrested without incident.

August 30th, 2021

Customs officers suspected something odd about the 30-year-old Czech Slut the moment they spotted her back at Prague Ruzyně Airport. The cum dumpster, who had just arrived on a direct commercial flight from Istanbul, acted edgy and coked the fuck out, and she was constantly scratching her pubic region. Even through the airport’s security camera monitor, customs officers could sense that her trendy clothes and carry-on bag belied her provincial demeanor. After pulling her aside and X-raying her bag, the officers confirmed their suspicions: The soft material bag contained a double bottom, in which 2.74 kg of heroin lay wrapped in two layers of black plastic. For airport customs officers, this Jan.15 seizure was the second major heroin haul in as many months. On Dec. 5, a Romanian man in his 20s was nabbed, also arriving from a direct commercial flight from Istanbul with 2.5 kg of heroin concealed in the reinforced back of his knapsack. With a street value of about 800 to 1,000 Kč ($38-48) per gram, officials estimated the value of heroin each man was carrying to be in the millions of crowns. “We were surprised they would do it in such an obvious way,” said Pavel Drobek, spokesman for the General Directorate of Customs. “We’re surprised by their audacity.” Czech customs officials are accustomed to seizing small quantities of marijuana, Ecstasy and the popular methamphetamine pervitin, usually smuggled through the post, Drobek explained. But heroin has never ranked high on the list of trafficked drugs in the Czech Republic.

April 28th, 2021

Czech Republic 6

Olga Hepnarová (June 30, 1951 – March 12, 1975) was a Czech mass murderer, who in 1973 killed eight people with a truck. She was convicted and executed in 1975, the last woman executed in Czechoslovakia and one of the last by the use of short-drop hanging. Life- Olga Hepnarová was born on June 30, 1951 in Prague. She was the daughter of a bank clerk and her mother was a dentist. She was an average child, but she later developed psychiatric problems; in 1964 she attempted suicide by swallowing medication, and spent a year in a psychiatric ward in Opařany. Later, she worked in various places but was fired shortly after being hired. She ended up as a truck driver. Mass murder- On July 10, 1973 she drove a truck into a group of about 25 people waiting for a tram in Prague 7, on a street today named after Milada Horáková (then it was named “Defenders of Peace”). Three people died immediately, three more died later the same day and two in a few days (all aged between 60 to 79). Six were badly injured, six lightly. Before the murder, she sent a letter to two newspapers (Svobodné slovo and Mladý svět) explaining her action as revenge for all the hatred against her by her family and the world. Due to the slowness of the postal system the letter was received two days after the murder. She had planned the revenge against society in her head for a long time and included ideas of derailing a train or an explosion. .. I am a loner. A destroyed man. A man destroyed by people… I have a choice – to kill myself or to kill others. I choose – TO REVENGE MY HATERS. It would be too easy to leave this world as an unknown suicide. The society is too indifferent, rightly so. My verdict is: I, Olga Hepnarová, the victim of your bestiality, sentence you to death penalty. During the investigation, Hepnarová confirmed her intention was to kill as many people as possible and she expressed no regret. Psychology experts found her fully aware of her actions. She planned her actions, as she considered a slope leading to the stop. That allowed her to gain speed for the maximum death toll. The collision was her second attempt, as she felt there were not enough people on her first run. <SNIP> LINK

May 26th, 2021

According to legend, Hitler planned to preserve Prague’s Jewish quarter in his retirement plan. Strange it may be, but the former Nazi leader wanted to settle in the city and make the area a museum to preserve the memory of ‘the extinguished race’
 Unsurprisingly to many, the locals drink more beer per capita than any other nation in the world – they live in the home of Pilsner, after all. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, each Pragueite consumes roughly 155 litres of beer a year!

Eliska comes off as a sweet girl but don’t be fooled. She is a liar who lacks all morals and values when it comes to both friendships and relationships. She is a flirty waitress who is just waiting around to meet a rich man to settle down with. She was sleeping with a guy who had a girlfriend and convinced him to break up with her. She saw he had money and didn’t care who she hurt along the way. She is now dating this guy from America super stud muffin Clint. They love smoking crack together at bars and pick fights with niggers and gypsies. Women of the Prague area, be on the lookout if your men are hanging around this chick, she will get what she wants. And like I said, rich men are her favourite.

May 11th, 2021

A Little Harsh but really? Why go somewhere they aren’t wanted or needed? Having Muslims and Niggers live among you does nothing to better your surroundings only hurt and harm them. They come from the third world and bring the third world with them.

Anti-Islam activism on the rise in the Czech Republic – a country with virtually no Muslims. Just as the governments of Hungary and Slovakia, the Czech government refuses to accept the EU refugee quotas policy. Police have been investigating the crime since Friday afternoon, spokesperson Bohumil Malášek told the Czech News Agency (ČTK). The mosque on Vídeňská Street has been the target of attack several times before. The chair of the Headquarters of Muslim Communities in the Czech Republic, Muneeb Hassan Alrawi, told ČTK: “We are taking it seriously as a direct threat, this is not an anonymous outcry on the Internet. It is necessary to see this in the light of attacks on mosques worldwide and what I would say is, overall, a difficult atmosphere and mood in the Czech Republic,” Alrawi said.

And now it even gets sadder for the scum.

May 8th, 2021

Czech Republic 5

Ženy jako Jackie a Jill jsou dobře známé tím, že používají lidi. Vždy se chovají, jako by byli v práci 24 hodin 7 dní v týdnu, využívají každého chlapa a dívku k penězům a projeví o vás zájem, pokud jim něco koupíte nebo je někam vezmete. Mohou a budou používat každého muže a ženu, kteří na ně utratí peníze. Rádi používají lidi, dokud z vás nedostanou to, co chtějí, a předstírají, že jste nikdy neexistovali způsobem, který projevuje sebestřednost, duševní slabost, narcisismus a toxicitu. Mindy Murray je ta pravá, protože ona je tím prototypem podle čisté definice. Mindy a Anna jsou extrémní, hrdí zlatokopi, kteří se chovají jako modelky, ale ve skutečném životě se jim daří projíždět slory.

This is Sonja biggest fucking whore in all of Prague. Long story short..she’s a bar h0e that likes to pick up her men at the bar. Even if they work there. She has no problem asking if the guy is married which I don’t see why she bothers to ask, when they say yes, she just tries harder. Which I get, she’s easily fucked half the country. Her bars of choice are [REDACTED] at the O2. Her lesbian adult hooker sister is also a bartender so she gets all the inside scoop from within the bar. She has the balls to try and steal the husband but if you try to confront her she cowards down like the yssup she is. They say the bigger the hoop the bigger the h0e. 

April 30th, 2021

Czech Republic 4

A Czech woman wanted in the Czech Republic for fraud and embezzlement was arrested in Pilsen, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) reported Wednesday. BI Commissioner Adolph J said 28-year old Eva, who has a nice set of tits was added to the Interpol’s (International Police) tittie alert list of wanted fugitives for her crimes, was arrested on October 15 at her luxurious house in Pilsen by members of the bureau’s fugitive search unit (FSU). “She will be deported to France for being undesirable and undocumented as her embassy confirmed that she does not hold a valid passport or travel document,” Adolph J said. Eva then proceeded to blow all the members of the committee and took it anally from all of them in hopes to stay. They all blew their goo on her and kicked the bitch out of Czechia. She fears now she could get raped by a nigger or muslim because at least in Czech it is safe with only pure white people. Not so in France. The Czech Committee told her to fuck off again.

April 26th, 2021

2021 Czech Extraliga Standings

Ironically the Top placed team is right above this and the bottom placed team is right below it.

Czechia 3

February 21st, 2021

Danika is a stupid, old a55 b1tch, that will stop at nothing to sleep with any married man! She is a ruthless homewrecking piece of trash that has spent years going after my husband. She has absolutely no problem sleeping with a married man. She has no concern for the families she is destroying. She is someone with NO morals or decency and brags about how she will ONLY sleep with married men. This “woman” is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

According to her Twitter Account, she says “No Drama”. After reading the following you intuition might suggest you “RUN!” and RUN FAST!!! Beware!!! This interloper is at it again. She amusingly calls her current wealthy boyfriend her “cash card”. She won’t date men who aren’t extremely wealthy. She is involved with another local wealthy family man from Prague and is bragging that she will do whatever it takes to land him as her husband. Brags about the ways they trick his wife with their rendezvous. Brags about trips where he meets her secretly. He spent her birthday with her and her twin sister in Brno. I suppose her sister is proud of covering for her. WTH? It’s only a matter of time before this man’s wife discovers his stupidity. How devastating for this family! 

If You Have Spanked It To Eastern European Porn. You Have Wanked To Victoria probably

Victoria doesn’t care if a man is married or not. If she wants him then she goes after him. Especially if he has some money she can take. Even after finding out & knowing his wife left him when she found out about the affair. He only went to her because he can’t be alone so he jumps from one woman to the next and constantly cheats on whomever he is with. I guess she thought letting him fuk her with 20 oz coke bottles, bounding her to a sex bench and fuking her in the a55 with a big fake fist/arm, putting a55 plugs in and pumping them up until she was so messed up she had to go to the doctor to get checked out. That isn’t to mention how she found out she had DRDs from having a terrible outbreak and blamed him on giving it to her slore a55. She cheated on him during the summer with a guy and thinks nobody knew that would tell it. She loved having multiple dildos in both her a55 and pu55y at the same time. Make sure you have her a vibrator for the movies too because she can’t go long without being pleased. Spending his money and thinking she had it made when he knew all along he was going to cost her everything she had cost him. How does it feel now that he left your sloppy fat a55 Victoria? He said he treated you like a slore because that is all he thought of you. He just needed to make sure he wouldn’t get in trouble with his charges before he left you. Victoria made up stories and said she was with him when he was somewhere else beating his wife then was shocked when he “acted” like he was going to hit her. She is a slore that loves married men but at least she takes the sh1tty ones off of your hands! 

Czechia 2

I found out my husband of 11 years was cheating on me with a new client of his from landscaping named Mila. little did he know his phone was connected to mine. so i found her on my whatsapp contacts. asked him he denied it. a couple days later i checked his phone, turns out he’s been talking to her on snapchat. i confronted him he lied obviously so i showed him the messages. i went bat crazy on him. i confronted her she sent him a msg on snap saying he got himself caught. i also found he sent her a 50 dollar giftcard to starbucks. to shorten the story i was trying to contact her via msgs calls she was too scared to answer me. then finally said she was fucking him. She then laughed at me and flooded my phone of pictures of her slurpping on my husbands nut sack. She is evil watch out for Mila. She is a whore! She knows it! And she is FUCKING PROUD!

My friends wife caught him having sex with Kiana in her own apartment. Apparently they had been talking for a couple months and they worked together at the local tavern. Kiana knew my dude was married because his wife had texted her number to stop contacting him and she still did. He wasn’t in his right mind due to other circumstances prior(like a lot of crystal meth). He would never have entertained her if he was in his right mind he loves his wife. But Kiana wouldn’t stop and then had the balls to laugh in my friends wife’s face when she caught them. I wouldn’t have been so brave if I was her I woulda ran out of that apartment naked she’s lucky nothing happened and his wife had self control. She’s a 31yo and lives with her drug dealer brothers who also pimp her out and bang her when they are bored or the cows are out at pasteur.

January 2nd, 2021

This girl Lana is as about as low as it gets. She’s always been a hoe. Grade school, high school (which she didn’t even graduate) and now. She has cheated on every guy she has ever been with. Her first baby daddy was cheated on almost daily, and if you ask me, his daughter isn’t even HIS. Her next baby daddy, same situation. Except for that one, she up and skipped town and left both kids with second baby daddy to care for. Wasn’t long until she lost BOTH of her kids, and is basically a never ending POS. She jumps around from city to city, state to state, sleeping with anyone that will put a roof over her head and drugs in her body. Watch out for this one. She specializes in being a home wrecker, she’s so good, she wreaked HER OWN.

October 29th, 2020

September 16th, 2020

July 18th, 2020

Hanja is a home wrecking sloot. She pursued my husband, who by the way is 16 years older then her 40 year old ass!!!!!, for months. They had an affair for several months and she knew he was married with three children. She loves old man balls slapping against her ass. Old, wrinkly, saggy nuts just dangling in her face.. Fucking Loves it . She is money hungry and continued to try to call and email after he told her he wanted to work on his marriage. Hanja or Hanja Ho Přitáhne si šálek a nalije ho do sklenice. Uloží sklenici prdů tekutými výkaly, aby hodila na všechny muslimy, kteří vstupují do Česka. Dobrá práce Hanja. pro skvělé odkazy na všechny její a další velké děvky, jako je její kurva, jsou obrázky na odkaz v náhodném f6 klikněte na tajný obrázek tam ..

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Don’t call it Czechoslovakia, don’t put ice in your pilsner and certainly don’t refer to the region it’s in as Eastern Europe. It’s Central Europe, and you’ll get yelled at for arguing otherwise.

The Czechs love beer, have beautiful women, morals, hygiene, and national pride. How can Islam and Africa ever be compatible in a society like this?

Also their national hero is a 70 year old pro hockey player named Jaromir Jagr who still fucks 18 year old super models. Plus rocked a mullet.

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