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Croatia 3

Leez had 2 affairs behind her husbands back once before she was married the second when she was married she taken up modeling/escorting and changed her look to someone how thinks there a supermodel more like a supertramp she hides all her social media sites she blocked her husband off facebook and instagram lied about making up a dating profile which he has proof after he found it online.she sits on her phone all day in the bedroom her phone is with her 24/7 never out of her site she goes out to see her mothers grave and turns up 5 hours later in the area were she used to live she was well known as the local bike,if you ever see this dirty lying cheating slore either in Zagreb or Rijeka stay well away from she will lie on her back with any man married or not. How her husband does not smell the other dudes jizz she is drenched in everynight is fucking beyond anyone.

October 17th, 2020

Croats are absolutely incapable of governing themselves and will jump at the first opportunity they get to be some other country’s bitch. However, once they are being pleasantly buttfucked by said country, they will immediately start plotting and subverting their “oppressors”, no matter how beneficial their rule was.-ED

Croatia won the 2020 World Sheep raping competition in Dublin Ireland. African countries are fighting it. Especially South Sudan who ass hacks way more sheep per person per year. But were disqualified due to HIV.

It is custom in Croatia to ass
hack sheep to death and
give their pelts to friends as gifts.

Zoran Milanovic (born 30 October 1966) is a Croatian war lord serving as President of Croatia since 2020. Prior to assuming the presidency, he was Prime Minister of Canada with his boyfriend Justin from 2011 to 2016, and President of the Gay Jewish Farm Lover Party from 2007 to 2016. After college, Milanović started exploring other mens assholes with telescopes for fun while high on computer duster cleaner. In 1994, he married his hemaphrodite lover Shambo. They had two offspring together. Milanović’s foreign policy was initially concentrated on the trying to make niggers people act. Once they realized niggers were fucking stinky and useless Zoran and his people went back to what they know best. Ass hacking sheep. Ass hacking sheep is the pride and joy of Croatia. Beating out New Zealand to claim the world championships this year in Dublin, Ireland.

October 1st, 2020

Jayda started to build a relationship with a man she knew (and didn’t care) was married. She was upset the wife found out, but said she deserved it. Laughed about it. Went into details about it. Called this woman all sorts of vile names. Because his wife told her she was a wh**e. I have no self respect for someone who clearly has no self-respect for her own self. She is a classic case of white trash. She called herself a “real woman”, Jade. Real women? Don’t take joy in hurting other women by f*king their husbands. Real women don’t do that. Real women have self respect, self worth, morals, and values. Real women are not pleased with sneaking around or being a 2nd place sidebitch. Also, be aware, she has herpes and picks and chooses when/if to disclose that information. Her current on/off boyfriend is STILL married. Jayda takes joy in messaging his wife, telling her the “better” woman won, etc.

July 30th, 2020

♪♪♪♪♪Croatian Christy will spread her crotch for a hot dog, she will even put the mustard on herself and play with her loose vagina on a a park bench while seagulls peck at her crotchless vagina pants♪♪♪ She’s a bartender at a dive titty bar in Kutina. She tends to take a lot of guys home and fucks them in the barn while her dad and brother watch through a hole in the wall. Most married with fat overweight wives at home. She’s got this innocent dumb quality that she lives off of . Doesn’t matter if the wife or gf is there she slips them her number when they get up to go to the bathroom to snort coke and fuck… and they always call or text to hook up. Mom of two but her vagina rules her. Sorry Croatian Crotch Christy but you’re going to catch something and need to stop

Croatia 2


Initially Gabby with come across as sweet and friendly but will secretly try to steal your man. She is fucking several married men in Dubrovnik. She tries to take men from their wives and farms. She will be “dating” your guy and smiling in your face usually because your man just busted a nut in her. Beware of this secret hoe. No man is off limits. Wear protection guys! You’ll leave with a permanent gift from this happy go lucky fake slore. She still gets called “The Cow Girl” and that was from years ago back when she was in high school. She grabbed a bee hive (with all the honey) spread it on her snatch and had the oxen lick the honey of her box as the bees were buzzing around it. Old man Frank a few fields away caught her doing it as her 2 step brothers were up in the hay loft whacking off. So if you are ever roaming around getting pissed up in the Dubrovnik area ask the locals about “The Cow Girl”. They an tell you stories. Some for the right price may direct you her way. If you are man enough to takle the cow girls muff.

This SLORE Zeena is a fucking wench LIAR!! She befriended me on Facebook to spy on my marriage, told fibs about me, used petty (I am so poor) to gain sympathy, released private information from her company to the client, then into the executive’s pats. This sloot is married and has two bastards that her mom takes care of her because her husband is 30 years older than her and impotent now and shits his pants. While engaged on her demonic destruction she is out for the demands: fancy clothes, large amounts of money, drugs and other dudes to fuck at will. However, she is nothing but a SCAM! The super fucking old wrinkly husband knows she is sleeping around spreading her legs for multiple dicks, although been the typical creepy old man, he is satisfied that others think he is just a stupid old man and not gay. BE AWARE!! She tried to poison him with Clorox in his oatmeal. 

This woman Marija taking advantage of fact my husband and I are currently living in two separate home because we lost our home to evil jew. And my parents will not allow him to live with me at their house as he has sex with cow in barn too much. She know that we are working out our marriage and she decide to start telling me they have been making sex??? and that he says he wants to be with her. Well guess what. You’ve been exposed cow. His tractor not his tractor. It my father tractor bitch. You plow fields soon you bitch. I come get my pot and make pot on our poo head.

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Croatia is a country which was a former part of Yugoslavia. Coratians have ass sex with Serbians for cattle a lot. It is a Croatian version of a farmers market with no money but sex for animals. Unlike niggers and muslims Croatians don’t fuck the animals as they have a country of white women. The guys in the other countries have ugly women like black and Arabs so the goats are a grade up. (male or female)




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