Write A Prisoner

A bunch of shit from the old site. Screen shots and links. If you are single get on these people. They are just misunderstood. Especially the blacks in jail. Everyone knows all black people in jail are just there because of the racist white man and not for crime.




National Felons League

That fine young nigger noticed that white man lost his helmet and was trying to return it to him. The racist camera just makes it look different. If you look at it it sort of does look like he is placing it on his head. Johny Cochrane said so.

And they were expected to be called???????? https://www.bet.com/news/sports/2017/09/12/lions-fans.html?sf113471615=1
Fucking niggers always about them. Why don’t they focus on the monkeys sitting down. Or monkeyshines blood is thicker than common respect and sense.

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O.J. Simpson

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