Cousin Beau Was Drunk Mistook Natalie For a Goat. Fucked Her and Got Her Pregnant.

The turbulent relationship between 90 Day Fiancé couple Mike Youngquist and ex-Ukrainian street hooker Natalie Mordovtseva took a turn for the worst on episode 10. As Mike told Natalie he was in love with Jeff Probst and claimed he wasn’t “100 percent” ready to marry her slimy vagina, he also described his “closet homo life.” Not surprisingly, Mike’s ideal world in which he pictured waking up to a forest full of pulsing veiny erections every morning over his open mouth. But the internet is currently rife with rumors of 90 Day Fiancé star Natalie being or having been pregnant with Mike’s cousins Beau’s baby. Bo got drunk a few nights and thought she was a goat. Natalie on the other hand knew it was Beau.

In spite of believing in speaking his mind to his lesbian hairstylist instead of a counselor, 90 Day Fiancé star Mike reluctantly accompanied Natalie to a therapy session. As he claimed that “fucking chicken looking bitch with a gizzard” Natalie should “start fucking listening before he beats her skank ass”. He also complained to his dyke dresser how he is having problems with keeping up with other men at ass sex at the male bath house. However, while fans wondered if Mike has ever had sex with Colt Johnson. Perhaps things do look better for the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 couple in future episodes.

Beau has several criminal cases on his record, dating back to 1994, which are all fucking bullshit. That year, when he was 24 years old, he was charged in Clallam county, Washington, with illegal fishing and sentenced to one month and 15 days behind bars. HOLLY FUCK LOCK THIS REBEL UP. In February 2004, Lawrence was charged in Washington state with domestic violence assault in the fourth degree, interfering with reporting domestic violence and assault in the fourth degree. The charges were later dismissed and the case was closed in July 2006. He also got a bunch of DUIs but that is a bull shit charge. Really if a nigger is allowed to operate a motor vehicle in any way or form. A normal human should be able to do it drunk or on drugs to even the playing field. Beau now lives in Manhattan with his new bitch Hanna Ann who fully supports his drinking and fucking goats. And Yes he is NOT paying for that baby.

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