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New and Improved JG Wentworth Jingle wrote by Barry Manilow and Tupac

The Diabetus Guy

I can’t believe this Quaker Oats Looking fat fuck is still alive. I thought Diubetus Killed him along time back. This is Wilford Brimley and he ate his Diubetus in his quaker Oatmeal. Its going to be messy in his depend diapers after that bowl. He has had sex with a female at least 4 times because he has 4 kids it doesn’t say if they are his or the milk mans. Or if they are Diabitius Positive. Wilford was a successful gay male porn actor spreading his ass cheeks for many manly movies over the past few decades. His most famous movie being “Dive your face in my diabetic Balls”. He was known for twirling his moustache while filming scenes with numerous naked young men.But his constantly battle with diabetius prevented him from winning the Golden Boner.

Look how happy that old fuck looks eating that bowl of shit. You can feel the joys radiate out of his diabetic pours.

If you have get raped or have sex with a diabetic you can get Diabetus and will die.

Jim From Progressive

Jim From Progressive is in an elite class of all stars that men look up to with the likes of Adolph Hitler and Chuck Norris. His name in real life is Jim Cashman and he has a wife in real life who is a real person too. Her name is Michelle who is actually hot and a way more successful person in real life than he will ever be. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is well known that Jim like everyone else takes a round out of Flo every now and then. But Jim gets all the bitches in real life all the time too. Its not just in the commercials. That is why his wife Michelle has to wonder what kind of pimple, warts, or rashes she will receive on her muff from Jims millimeter pecker. Jim has also been known to get it on with other male members in the business too. It is well known of a flaming hot gay love affair Jim had with the Werthers Original guy.

Jim served 15 months in prison back in 93 for fondling a dogs testicles at a pet store he worked at as a kid.

Below is Jims Faggot Family

Having a nigger on your team is not very progressive Jim.

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