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South Carolina 3

This hussy Rachel started working at Giti in Richburg, SC and immediately started flirting with my boyfriend of 5.5 years. She continued to do so even after being told that he was in a relationship. We were high school sweethearts and have my two children from my previous marriage(when I would fuck his brother when he was out working) and a child together(or so he thinks). They got a hotel room for FOUR days I found out when I thought he went out to get cigarettes for a few days like happens often. Rachel is the biggest slut in south carolina. Has no morals and all the guys that I fucked that have fuked her say she has a stinkier pussy than I do. Rachel you homewrecking yeast infection. I will show you I will FUCK your dad and mom at the same time in your trailer.

This Charleston Choo Choo Slut Train Is Jessica!!! She has 9 kids by 8 different guys before the age of 30. Constantly in and out of any man’s messenger. Her idea of a come up is finding a man to take care of her and her 9 kids so that she doesn’t have to work as a hooker for old dudes ball sack butter anymore. Most of her baby daddies are in jail or they gave her a fake name when they banged her. Lives off of government assistance. She does not care if a guy is in a relationship or not. Does not take no for an answer. Low self-esteem and very insecure. Will settle for being the side chick to your man and will settle for being an on-call slore. Her vagina is like that door at those nice stores the rotating one that fat people get stuck in. Her quiffs are so rotten that most times it is unkown if it is a release of pussy gas or she was pregnant and a kid died up there. Or some dude that was fucking her fell in there and never came back. She is a grade A skank.

Loves married mens load on her face

BEWARE!! Amanda loves married men and she roams around Sullivan’s Island in a Green Bikini sucking off dudes on patios having their beers. She ruins families and encourages men to fuck her as her girlfriends watch. She’s is known to be racist as she never gives it to the brothers calls us ugly stinky apes!! Amanda has NO problem spreading those legs to a camera either!! She’s ruins innocent children’s lives. These men only want her for her great blowjobs and hot body!! She doesn’t Photoshop her pics, because in person she’s looks like this. My friends husbands she’s screwing now. Has cheated on her with his wife. But she’s determined to ruin this family. HE DONT LOVE YOU HE LOVES ONLY YOUR LIPS ON HIS SHAFT. She intentionally ruin this family knowing he was married. She is even so pathetic, because she flaunts that she’s with him. OPENING HER MOUTH IN PUBLIC AND SWISHING HIS LOAD AROUND FOR ALL TO SEE That’s just so sad and DESPERATE. She has now cause this couple to go file divorce. Just like she did, with her boss she works for and has been screwing him to. She’s just an all around SLUT!!!

Cant say too much but this one Shannon the filter queen skank does not care if someone is taken or not, she will insist on keeping herself in constant contact. She will continue to message them and send kisses and pictures of herself. Then pretend to be upset when he is trying to work things out with is girlfriend and there are children involved. She likes to play the damsel in distress role as well. Tries to get him to come and see her, wants to be secret boyfriend / girlfriend she is 50 yrs old and playing childish games. She goes around home depot and shits in the model toilets with her teenager loser son. They wipe there ass with sand paper they are the worst trailer trash in South Carolina. Shannon goes to the feed store in Belton and blow the manager and gets him to stick a pitch fork in her ass. Just flat out third world like trash. She is a white person who acts and lives like a nigger. She stinks.

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South Carolina

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Coal burning evil race traitor trash. I hope they leave her in the chair long enough so she is crisp and black like that soulless nigger.
This kid should fry for this. Drop him off naked in some nigger neighbourhood. Why shoot them another nigger or mother nature usually does it for you.

A high school honor student was shot to death in South Carolina and another teen was arrested in connection to the slaying, according to police.

That boot lipped coon is a teen? Some liberal probably just said that so it doesn’t get the maximum sentence. I bet the nigger will get a slap on the wrist. The judgs will say there are too many blacks in prison.


CONWAY, SC – Jenkins, Daniels, and James Elbert Daniels Jr. were charged after the 2015 Sunhouse convenience store robberies. 
On January 2, 2015, Bala Paruchuri was shot to death inside the Sunhouse store on Highway 905. Trisha Stull was killed on January 25 at the Sunhouse store on Cultra Street in Conway.
James Daniels went to trial for his involvement in August.jury found him guilty of murder and two counts of armed robbery for driving the getaway car in the robbery that killed Trisha Stull.(White)

This is Tia. I caught her digging in one of the trash bins outside a trailer in Jamestown. We broke into this house and started drinking the dudes beer. She passed out and then I put peanut butter on my balls and got the owner of the houses dog to sevice my nut sack as Tia’s meth mouth stunk as bad as her cum bubbly farts and rotted gutter sewage pussy. I always wondered what happened to Tia. Until I read this about her.   Tia Coleman is a employee of a strip club in columbia off greystone blvd. She frequents a bar on Broad river and st andrews rd. She is a nasty slut hang hangs from any mans cock she gets her hands on (married or not. Women BEWARE!). She was a lousy lay and her crotch smells like anal sex. I thought i had it in the wrong hole from the foul smell coming from her snatch and had to check to see if i had it in her dookie chute. i should have realized after the horrible excuse of sex and a trip to the doctor i would need meds for the clap. Thank you Tia Coleman for everything now i puke when i see pics of her. ***Enter at your own Risk!!!** The dude that wrote this got the CLAP from me I gave it to that trailer trash slut lol I rule in South Carolina #Winning

Don’t forget to visit Kayla when you are in the Columbia, South Carolina region. Best thing about her is she is really fucking slutty.  this b*tch is a nasty slore. She has slept with everyone she could in Orangeburg South Carolina, Sumter, Gaffney, Charleston, Bamburg, Branchville, Columbia. Anyway her name is Kayla Bohn, married to a female transgendered solider stationed in Afghanistan(or how ever its spelled) she says she got gang-raped by the Cosby family but wouldn’t file a report, then because she wouldn’t file a report her husband thought she was lying(which she was). So because he told her that she decided to sleep with the man who owns a bar down the road from her and her husbands house in SC. I’m also sending you a pic she decided to post on facebook, she just recently had a child, don’t know if its her husbands or the guy she slept with(or mine or yours) a week before she met her husband, she posted this bikini pic 2 weeks after having a baby and being married and having mostly male friends on her facebook most of them she’s already slept with. Another good thing about Kayla is you can blow your load in her and the kid could be anyones. There is so much dried up crusty cum in her cooch it could just be a mixture. A koolaid kid.

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