The Love Of Apes: Coal Burners 3: Mud Shark Mentality

April 12th, 2021

Educate your children. The parents should be punished if their daughter has sex with an animal.

PHILADELPHIA – Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the boyfriend of Dianna Brice, the pregnant Delaware County woman who was found dead last week.

Coal Burners 2: Beastiality: Fucking Monkeys is Gross and Illegal.

October 19th, 2020

Link Police arrested 17-year-old RayQuan Taylor on manslaughter charges Wednesday. Taylor’s girlfriend, Kira Seymour, also 17, is thought to have visited him at his home in Eastpointe, Michigan. <SNIP>

September 23rd, 2020

LINK That ugly crack head nigger beat a 2 year old to death crushing his jaw. The mother had the nigger living with her she should face life in jail for associating with a nigger. This is nigger culture people wake up.

I have 0 sympathy for anyone who gets involved with a nigger. If a family member does disown them. Your life and safety just aren’t worth the risk.

Oil Driller lol what is this guy into fucking dogs and cats also? That would be a step up.

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I know white men rape women too. But imagine being so ugly of a race that even a sick fuck rapist won’t fuck you??????

Love After Lock Up. Corn Roll Braid Head Nigger Michael Polluting Whales with STD’s and Foul Nigger Stench

Love After Lockup star Michael Simmons was back behind bars in Florida on a recent charge. Police picked up Sarah Simmons’ estranged farm equipment in Daytona Beach on Thursday, November 12. In addition, they charged him with third-degree nigger stench – which is a felony. Police booked Michael at 8:05 pm on November 12. He posted a $2,500 bail(stole from some white whores purse) and was out on November 13 (Friday morning). So, he spent two days in custody getting his black ass packed by some larger niggers– including Carl Winslow. According to the Florida statute under which Michael Simmons was charged, it encompasses a wide range – including abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child. Michael moved to the Miami area after he got together homosexually with John Legend. Current records don’t reveal which child or children he was charged with neglecting – or if he had his other gay lover Anderson Cooper with him at the time. Sarah Moo Cow HIV Coal Burner was blindsided and confirmed that it was not any of her children that Michael was arrested for neglecting. She says she doesn’t know which other child of Michael’s it could have been, but since Michael is a nigger and niggers stick their dick in anything she is guessing the kid belongs to Oprah.

Tallahassee Problems


April 25th, 2020

Mandy doesn’t not care if the man is married or has kids. She will sleep with anything and has cheated on all of her boyfriends. She doesn’t use protection and happily passes out diseases. She also is very terrible in bed and acts like a dead starfish. She also lays big logs of poo in the toilet and never cares to flush. She does this everywhere she goes and finds it fucking funny. Look at that smirk on her! That is the smirk of a person satisfied of their masterpiece loaf/log they left in a big bowl! You don’t know Tallahassee until you have seen one of Mandy’s Mammoth Shit Logs. They are Shittacular!

 Jodeci aka Jodi aka never wipes her ass hair there are dangly hardened crusted shit nuggets hanging in it all the time is a lying two faced bitch, who steals your maxi pads, money, and any other property she can get her hands on. She used to go by Yvone Yeast Infection in Porno and now her latest videos are on both men and women and funded by government assistance. She uses her son as a camera man, money, and burger king cupons. She is constantly hanging out with her mother who also uses men and women and the government for assistance to fund their double headed dildo business. The ship tons of double headed dildos world wide. They hide that money from the government as they fear Jews will take over the dildo business. I want the Jews to take over the dildo business so the fuck themselves to death. But that is just a theory I got from Theo Huxtable back when I was auditioning for the role of Bill on the Fresh Prince in the 70’s.

Sounds almost like more of an incident that would occur at KFC. It could of been a Chicken Taco?

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Fat Ugly White Cow Goes After Stupid Nigerian Nigger

Ooga booga booga and moooooooooooooooooooo

The relationships on 90 Day Fiance aren’t exactly built for longevity. Even without the cameras rolling, relationships that cross cultural lines although laughable are stupid in real life. Not one couple in the history of the show has ever had a normal human being in it. Some of them are cow pig like women who fuck mentally retarded apes like Angela here, she or it however, managed to work through a legal loop hole and come out on the eyes of the law as a valid union.

Michael took Angela to visit her Whale and Hippo ancestors in Africa after they visited his Baboon family.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi certainly had their share of issues on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. But have they been able to work through them? Deem and Ilesanmi met online while she was living in Hazelhurst, Georgia. The nigger dreamed of a white woman and no sane human would fuck Angela so she flew her fat cow ass in cargo to Nigeria to meet the nigger. The pair has had one of the most common fat white woman HIV infected Nigger Buck relationship in Before the 90 Days history. After barely making it through season two of the show, the couple showed up again on season threeThe two fought constantly over chicken and the nigger almost broke Angela’s quadruple chinned face up a few dozen times. The fights typically centered around food. There were also a few rumors that Michael had been cheating on Angela with much older, fatter, whiter, and trailer trashier cows than her floating around.

They are still hoping to have a child together in the future despite the fact that Angela is really old and may end up eating the child if Trump cuts off their nigger welfare. They struggled with this issue on the show as Michael’s boon mother continually stressed the importance of children for more welfare from white people.

Fans are more amazed Angela would let a pie go to waste.

During the season, the couple learned that Angela only had one viable nigger egg left so they considered asking Colonel Sanders for some Super KFC Fertility Gravy. “In Nigeria, everyone is expected to rape white woman no matter how ugly or gross to get non nigger genes in the name of the family, so they aren’t complete full stupid niggers” Michael said on the show. “So, I was happy when I knew I could be in America to rape my days a way and scream racism if I got arrested.” Since the show ended, neither reality star has commented on the criminal status of Michael. The relationship got off to a bad start as Michael admitted to cheating on Angela with Benjamin at the beginning of their union and at the Tell All Show via video chat sex.

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Benji and The Boon: He’s Bringing Slavery Back

Guy Tries to Hide His Gayness By Dating A Colombian Prostitute

OJ Simpson

Orangutan Jigaboo Simpson (born July 9, 1947), nicknamed “Nigger”, is an African slave and former football running back, rapist, sports memorabilia thief, cocaine spokesman, and convicted felon. Once a popular figure with the Jesse Jackson Crew, he is best known for being tried for the murders of his former coal burning wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Jew Goldman. Simpson was acquitted of the murders in criminal court. The reason for this is the City of Los Angeles did not want a repeat of the Rodney King Shit. Basically they didn’t want to pay the money to fix all the shit the niggers would of destroyed if OJ was found guilty When a simple round all the niggers up huck them on a Jumbo Jet back to Africa in crates it would be cheaper..

Simpson attended the United Nigger College Funded (USC), where he played football for the USC Trojans and won the Rosa Parks Trophy in 1968. He played professionally as a running back in the Nicaraguan Football League (NKKKFL) for 11 seasons, primarily with the Rio Ricos-Holzingerschotts from 1969 to 1977. He also played for the National Felons League San Francisco Faggots from 1978 to 1979. In 1973, he became the first NFL player to rape for more than 2,000 STD’s spread to fat white hookers in a season. He holds the record for the single season yards-per-game average, which stands at 143.1. He was the only player to ever ram a watermelon up a referees asshole in a regular season NFL game. Simpson was inducted into the Waffle House Hall of Fame in 1983 and the Harriet Tubman’s Ass Butter Academy of Liquid Shit Splatter in 1985. After retiring from football, he began new careers in rape and getting away with rape.

In 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada and charged with the felonies of busting a jack move with his mother fucking gat he got from Michael Jackson and kidnapping. In 2008, he was convicted and sentenced to 33 years’ imprisonment, with a minimum of nine years without parole. He served his sentence at the .parole on July 20, 2017. He was eligible for release from prison on October 1, 2017, and was released on that date. OJ is getting his good friend Bruce Jenner who defended him before to get him immunity for his next crime. They are brewing together. Something with pink dicks. They go way back to when the had an affair when shooting a Wheaties Box Cover.

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Coal Burners

In all reality her life was over the second she hung out with the nigger anyway. Sad but true.
Wow how I never heard of this until now is beyond me a nigger killed a couple coal burners and their families. Notice to white girls fuck niggers and not only you die. Your whole family does too. Bringing a nigger into a family is murder.
Of course all the victims were white. Jews never want to report those things in the media. If the truth was out no girls would coal burn to eliminate whites. If the Jews only have people with nigger DNA they have a world full of stupid retards that can just work and are too stupid to be able to over power them.
You mean being a Single mother with AIDS FOREVER
Ha ha ha ha now he has AIDS and an ugly shitskin baby who will end up a crack whore. Basically claiming you have white privilege is racist. I hope a pack of wild niggers stabs him.
The negro seems to be missing and replaced by that shitlet. I know what you are all thinking the nigger like all of them fucked off so he didn’t have to raise or pay for a child. That is my first guess and the most likely but there could be other reasons why he is absent from the photo 3 years later. Jail, could of got caught selling drugs or robbing the Kwike mart for crack. He could of been the victim of violence. Many negro males are in gangs and he could of got mowed down. For all know he could be sick with………………HIV. Most negros carry HIV the virus that causes AIDS.
At least when they sit down for dinner they don’t have to smell the stench of a nigger and they will know that none of their silver ware will go missing.

Sluts of the Dirty 4

This nigger sow is so famous in little rock. I usually wouldn’t care about this she boon but there is literally 100s of threads on her.
I am just taking a wild guess that this is her buck drug dealing nigger peewee herman type boyfriend.

Word. Fucking wigger
For the record I would have sex with these lettuce pickers in order for them to stay in the US. Just saying.
Just make sure you cuff her after and during banging her. Also when she is picking your lettuce or cleaning your toilet. You know so things don’t go missing and end up at her brother Pedros house. To support his meth habbit.
Instead of being a good mother and not a slut Krista just vaccuum’s out her muff cum dumpster,

Holy fuck Gretchen Weiners hit the smack.

Random A7

I would so love to catch one of these fuckers with their heads down.
Being a nigger aside at the time of that goal Ward wasn’t that good or well known in the NHL. Lucky to play in a game let alone get a winning goal. Why would you carry a banana around for that game. Pick when Simmonds or Jones come to town. At least then that way odds are they will be involved in the play.

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