Chris Dat Monkey Married at First Sight: Diaries of A Crackheaded Lying Pavement Ape

Married at First Sight nigger Chris Williams’ ongoing monkeyshines with his new Aunt Jemima Paige Banks and his pregnant ex-fiancee Mooeshala Foodstampa are being called-out by Season 12’s other wives. As previously shown on Married at First Sight‘s twelfth season, Chris appeared to discover at the start of his honeymoon with Paige that his ex-ho Mooeshala — whom he had been smoking crack with three months prior to the experiment but continued hooking up with — was about to hatch nigger eggs. After wavering in his decision on how to proceed in his marriage for a couple of weeks, Chris determined he wanted to divorce Paige and attempt to reconcile with Mooeshala, whom he would receive larger government benefits with if she had a batch of niglets.. However, footage showed Chris continuing to frequent short fat male horse shoe balding hookers in trench coats down alleyways while smoking crack.

During the March 10 episode of Married at First Sight: Watermelons Secrets Season 12 a bunch of the other slutty wives watched back a clip of Chris sitting down with both crack ho Mooeshala and Paige for a typical nigger Springer moment. “I dont want nothing but crack muddafuckas, why i on dis whitey ass show. Its trumps fault I have body odor ook ook kfc watermelon,” Mooeshala grunts at Paige. As Chris stared with his head down, Paige tells the cameras, “I still getting paid for this shit aight?”

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