Bulgaria 5

Georgi Rusev and his masterbating skills sure are sleek. But what else is to know about Darcey & Stacey’s new romantic lead homosexual? After dealing with major rectal warts because of a threeway double penetration train with Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks on 90 Day Fiancé, Darcey Silva wants to take it slow. But if the hot tub video calls and Bulgarian massages are anything to go by, the Darcey & Stacey star is slowly slipping in love. Here’s getting to know more about Darcey’s Bulgarian beau Georgi Rusev better! While 45-year-old Darcey is guarding her stupid sister Stacey against not getting married to the wrong person in this season of Darcey & Stacey, she too is dreaming destroying the future of a young ran sexual man with a new international love. Having been divorced once, followed by two supremely dramatic relationships that gave her reality TV fame, Darcey is such a pathetic slut. Both Jesse and Tom were foreign, homosexual, HIV positive, younger men who left the 90 Day Fiancé skank bag in tears on camera. But that’s not stopping Darcey from getting fucked, chucked, and laughed at by a whole nation of people on camera again. 

Bulgarians nod for no and shake their heads for yes. So be fucking careful out at night with some big neandarthal cavemen locals when you are drunk. Like niggers these imbred cavemen are all on the fucking down low too. Its a Bulgarian thing.

May 3rd, 2021

Martin Petrov is a fucking faggot??‍?‍?? he’s from Bulgaria. He’s a gaming nerd and has a Jew tube channel, and I am pretty sure he has a small wiener between his legs?? He is 25 and I still question his sexuality because he looks like the type of dude who likes men in his bed? Men in his bed slapping him in the face with their wieners and then he brings out the peanut butter and jam. ?????? What a faggot I itch my balls with a fork then put it back in the drawer at my grandmothers house ????? Fucking faggot plays Minecraft and Wargame I bet he is such a stud with the bitches hes cool??? Fag and fag fag and fag Fred Flinstone hates niggers and buys beer on sundays. Virgo Fag Martin the fag I bet he sucks dick like a champ- Boy George.

February 5th, 2021

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