Bill and His Old Wrinkly Balls Scored Himself a Beaner Border Jumper He Ass Hacked in a Port-o-Potty

Marrying Millions Greasy Creep Bill and Border Jumping Brianna on Why Their Relationship is a Success Despite the 40-Year Age Gap and Bill’s really old saggy wrinkly balls. If you love the stories about the fucked up pathetic couples on 90 Day Fiancé, you will want to laugh at the new relationship show — Marrying Millions — from the creators of that shit series, premiering tonight at a KKK party. Marrying Millions follows the lives of several couples – one rich pathetic shit bag who can’t even buy a lover, the other willing to suck the shit out of their ass with a straw – as they work on their relationships and are faced with the question: How bad can I rob this rich fucker? spoke to Bill, who describes himself as 61 year old faggot, and is the founder of homosexual male escort company, as well as his beaner girlfriend Brianna, 21, who was working as a lettuce picker near where Bill picked up crack head hookers, which is where they met. The couple have been together for 2-1/2 years. “I’m a stalker, i was weird horny methed out, I was like I am going to grab a spic and bend her over in the port o potty. I just never thought it would be this young girl,” the twice-gay-divorced male porn empire tycoon tells in this exclusive interview. “I really wanted to meet a young spic I could use as a cum dumpster. I was impressed with her being able to ignore all the sores and warts on my cock and balls. She was also so jonesing for heroin, and I thought, ‘This bitch will do anything to get her fix, and I mean anything.’ I did get to plow her in that stinky port-o-potty, we started by only doing anal, we’d talk about her yeast infection and my rectal warts, we went out and score crack and meth, and, eventually, that led to more dates and then it led to where we are today, Robbing old ladies for drug money, so it’s a beautiful story.”

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