Nig Brother 23 Issues: Claire’s a Yeast Infection, Mike Tysons Gay Son Derek, and The Nasty Fugly Boons

Claire has the brains of a Yeast Infection

With a show failing in ratings so bad it will be amazing if the jews can muster up enough money to have another nigger filled shitty season. Not all is lost. It seems that the show not only has helped niggers appear to be human this season but has helped the mentally retarded, like Claire. Claire is a yeast infection who thinks she is down with oppressed negros and she is a team with them. Little does she know like all white people they are just using her. Which is why when you watch the season with the exception of the zipper head Derek that got thrown out (chink could of cleaned house with all the boons!!!!) its all mentally retarded white folk. I think Mike Tyson’s homosexual son is on the show too. It is quite funny as the guy is literally an overweight very very very homo negro.

Faggot Son of Mike Tyson

Big Brother’ Season 23 had got off to a horrible joke of a start with all of the 16 contestants entering the house and prepping themselves up for the next stage, with all the niggers pissing and shitting on the beds to mark their territory like the animals they are. Previously, we had reported they would be divided into groups of four and each of these groups will be assigned a captain. The leads will get access to individual video clips of the housemates that will help them decide the best picks for their teams. A contestant who seems captain material among this new lot is Derek Tyson, son of former heavy weight boxer Mike Tyson. More about him in a bit. With so much faggot shit going on last season with that homo Kevin shooting his dick goo all over the furniture and sitting around in his shit stained tighty whitey ginch eating his fag cum in a bowl cereal. Derek Tyson was neutered before the show to ensure that he was not humping and cumming all over the furniture like that homo fruit cake Kevin did in Big Brother All Stars.

This season the show only casted one hot chick and the negro females especially that pig charcoal coon Azah bitched and voted her out. To prevent showmances and contestants fucking they figured they would cast fugos boons like Azah and Brittany here. Two Boon Boner Killers. But the Jew producers forgot nigger bucks will fuck anything!!!!!!!!!! So this is how you have it. Niggers didn’t just stop at ruining a great show like Bachelor. No they have no spread into Big Brother. All I am saying have you ever had a nigger move into your neighborhood? They multiply, crime skyrockets, ugliness follows, so does foul odor, it goes to shit, whites all leave, they whine and eventually follow. Next invention society makes lets just flat out not tell niggers about it. They cant figure shit out on their own.

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Big Brother 23: Producers Trying To Make Niggers Appear to Be Sexy (Which They Are All Ugly We All Know That). Meet Azah Awasum. A Sore For The Eye Balls.

This Is What TV Tries To Make You “Think” Is Sexy. Fucking Gross???

Azah Awasum is 3 things! The shittiest, the blackest, and the ugliest player to ever play the game of big brother. She is even more annoying and ugly than that older nigger bitch Tiffany with blonde ugly dreads. Seriously people this is what the media is trying to convince people is sexy? LOL?? She or it looks like a fucking burnt match stick.

The nigger alliance (That the other players will be called racist if they call it out) has the highest probability of making it to the end of the game than any other remaining in the game. They also are the most likely to abandon their children, not pay rent, contract HIV, and murder their loved ones However, it might be in jeopardy following arrest warrants from a Will Smith Concert in the hood last summer. Following Special Olympian Britni D’Angelo winning the Power of Veto, Head of Household Chief Chink executed his backdoor plan by placing his biggest competition threat, Christian , on the block. Because Christian is white and like all immigrants they use the white man to help them and throw them under the bus. Society is like that.

Azah Awasum (30)

Azah’s Home Boy T Money.

Hometown: Baltimore city of fucking niggers
Current City: Baltimore
Current Occupation: NAACAP Appointed bullshit position.

Three words to describe you: Black, black, and Blacker.

What are you most excited about living inside the Big Brother house? To dig through white contestants purses when they are not looking.

What is your strategy for winning the game? Screaming racism at everything to get my way. I am playing the game with rich black culture of lying, stealing, and cheating.

Favorite Activities: I love smoking crack and selling my body with my home dog T Money! It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I am also an avid shoplifter (hit a Walmart in all 50 states).

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? Definitely being without chicken and not having my crack pipe beside me. I’m lucky to have most of my home boys safe in jail in the area with other proud strong black men. I’m going to miss them and my 17 kids!

In the 1990’s Azah was a power ranger but was let go by the producers for smoking crack on set and breaking into cars in the parking lot. According to Azah Awasum’s arrest report, her name means “likes it up the ass,” which should serve her well in the “Big Brother” house. While she is openly gay, Azah is adamantly against doing anything romantic as she knows she is an ugly fucking nigger — Although she may be stinky and raunchy, she still knows that at the end of the day, she is playing for chicken?! Its all about the fucking chicken? and watermelons?. “I’m hoping my Aunt Jemima appearance will cause the guests to let their guards down with me,” she said. “I want every Houseguest to feel like they have me in their pocket.” As for her strategy? She puts it quite simply: “Spot the white players early and scream racism for no reason and then one by one the Jewish producers will have no choice but to make all contestants BLACK AND GAY! Play for MYSELF, and all blacks as we are owed.” Azah seems to have been on parole since a young child In a May post on Instagram, she shared a pic of her holding a flag reading “More WELFARE NOW FOOLS” “Respect” “MCHAMMER”.

Kevin Diarrhea Splatters Davids Cum In Bayleigh and Da’Vonne’s Cereal

We all know there is wild action packed adventures on and off the camera in the Big Bother All Star House. But one thing if you look really closely on the hidden cameras is the antics of Fag Fan Favorite Kevin. Kevin prances around the house like the fucking fudgepacking faggot he is fluttering like a fairy in the wind of a gust of Oprah’s farts. If you have been watching lots of Big Brother one can’t notice the smile and bulge Kevin gets when he sees his chocolate butter cup David. The two shower together, wrestle around together, play wiener swords in the yard, and bum darts in the basement. The passion is getting ultra hot. Cody of the house use to watch from a hole he drilled to jerk off to it. When asked why he stopped jerking off to Kevin and David’s anal love marathons Cody explained “Two main reasons I ran out of lube and those guys ass hack like hamster. They are ass hack masters of the Universe” So Kevin also makes niggers feel like people. So in the morning he goes to the kitchen when the jigaboo sows Bayliegh and D’Vonne or Nigger 1 and 2 are putting their weaves on and covering up their natural foul nigger stench. Kevin crawls on the table, spreads his as cheeks, and lets his cheeks ripple drops of Davids cum on their fruit loops along with some shit nuggets that fall in there. Then the niggers eat it and Kevin laughs. This is sick behavior and it needs to stop. #Boycottbigbrother

Big Brother 8 Canada Goes Full Blown Libtard Jew To Please Pussy Audience

The Jewish Producers Used This Hippie as A pawn To Appear to Not Be Racist

To say the first two weeks of Big Brother Canada Season 8 have been really fucking stupid is so true. It started with an unprecedented self-eviction suicide of Nico, then live eviction audiences were banned due to the Jewish invented coronavirus outbreak, and now producers have removed one house guest for typical nigger behavior and another to appear to not be racist. Host Nappy Headed Ho — presenting from her government funded home amidst the Jews disease to get their bank — announces at the top of the show that tonight’s episode will be a little different. Fried chicken lover Jamar Lee and skid row target KKKyle Rozendal have been ejected from the house for separate incidents. Therefore, the live eviction between the native hooker who claims to be Asian and one of the few doable chicks on the show is cancelled, and the game will effectively reset.

The Cast Of Big Brother Canada Grilling Minh Ly On why she over charges some residence for blow jobs

This chaos encapsulates the world right now, and in this episode, the real world comes crashing into the reality-TV world. It’s a reminder that despite the frivolity of this faggot game with its showmances, goofy competitions, and stupid costumes, these are faggots who are pussies and living in an isolated environment cut off from the outside world. Until tonight, the 14 remaining allstars were perhaps the only Canadians unaware of the events going on in their country and across the globe.

Big Dyke

Later on in the game Carol makes a remark about police coming after Jamar. The inappropriate comment catches Jamar off-guard, but he laughs it off in the moment. Blackie McBlack, however, thinks Jamar should have said something. This is when the Jews believe they can capitalize on racism to some how make niggers think they are real people. But the plan won’t work as although Carol is white she is a flaming fat fucking dyke. So that fucks up the plan of pinpointing the Jews enemy any white straight male.

Kicked Out Of The Big Brother House For Stealing

So the producers make Carol later take Jamar aside on camera and apologizes for her comments, to ease the burden on the faggot community to unite with the nigger community. Carol was explaining that she never meant what she said maliciously. It’s an enlightening conversation as Jamar opens up about being stereotyped in his everyday life because of he is a nigger and how he looks like a fucking ape. Carol listens, Jamar accepts her watermelon, and the pair hug it out and put any bad blood behind them. And Jamar like all niggers still thinks of fucking the fat dyke.

The Native Min Ly who claims to be Asian although she looks like she is fresh off the fucking reservation called a house meeting and bitched about staying.

The exact details of what happened next are unclear, as the footage isn’t shown in the episode. However, The Nappy Headed Ho Host explains that Jamar’s nigger conduct following Minh-Ly’s tense house meeting “breached the house rules and probably his probabtion.” While KKKyle’s removal happened later and was made to cover the shows ass to not look racist. They will blame him for racism in some way or form when they feel like it.

In a joint statement, Jews and brainwashed employees of the show said, “In on case we removed the nigger as it was violent and had HIV and Ebola. We just scape goated Kyle to make the show real like in real society how white people suffer for no reason for the stupid acts of niggers.

“The decision made by production took in to account things that were and were not shown on the live feeds. We are committed to presenting an experience that reflects the values of Jewish Interests. So viewers will not see the real actions of the violent nigger savage and how the program framed the white guy to stop niggers from bitching.”

On a serious note that nigger and grease ball were 2 of the most entertaining on the show.

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Hira The Paki Motor Boats Blackie McBlacks Ass Cheeks After She Takes A Big Shit and Sticks His Turban Bun In Her Wet Asshole

Big Brother Canada 8

Big Brother Canada Season 8

Big Brother Canada Season 8 is a hilarious show which features losers who are Jerry Springer show rejects. The host of the show is a nappy headed ho named Arisa Cox who has no skill or talent what so ever and only has the job due to “Canada’s Give Minorities Jobs Program”. The show is basically made to promote minority shit skins and faggots as idols in Canadian society.

The first show had a competition which was meant to make women feel like real people by making them appear stronger than men. It was a waste of time. Some woman who claims to be a corona virus chink hooker named Ming Ly who looks like she is off the native reservation won. This was Canadaian Jews ways of tricking women in the country to think they are some how more powerful then men.

Then they had some brain competition which you know is fake as they are all idiots. Then that left 2 losers to evict. One guy named Nico who looks like a Mexican Jewish Homosexual was on of the ones left along with this ugly wigger chick with a big fucking nose Susanne. Nico freaked out after smoking too much meth ran into the bathroom and slit his wrists committing suicide. Some say it was because he knew he would be evicted. Others say it is because he was caught with another contestant “Jamar’s” dick in his ass. RIP Nico.

The shows cast is full of mainly minorities and liberal douche bags. They have a grease ball sexually confused guy with a shitty 80’s metal hair cut, a turban topped paki, a ugly hippie chick with a bull ring in her nose, a fat lesbian rat snake butch, and lots of ugly niggers. So you could imagine the smell in the house is just fucking rank. Don’t miss any more episodes or if you live in Canada look outside it is the way your joke country is going.

Dragon’s Den

Useless Colombian Hooker

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