Bibiana Picks The Shit Crusties Out Of Bekah’s Ass Hairs And Chews Them Like Gum!

As Chris Harrison Watches And Jacks Of To It!!

Bibiana Julian besides being a shit ball chewer was a former Miami Dolphin cheerleader. But claims she hates football due to all the fucking niggers in it. Bekah (Born Boris) is an 18 year old transgendered it from Fresno, California. Bekah was one of the youngest contestants in Bachelor History at 22 of the time. I know she looks young. But Chris Harrison is very careful that all the women he Wienstein’s on the show ARE OF LEGAL AGE. Bekah is big into extreme sports like extreme strap on in the outback porcupine raping and dildo javelining.

It was one of the biggest scandals in Bachelor Nation HISTORY. It was all a sad cruel incident of Chris Harrison abusing his “White Privilege”. He went and got his ex boyfriend Blake to stash all the video tapes of him jacking off to Bekah’s shit crusties at Kenny Nigger Pickles crib in the projects. The Racist FBI swooped in and busted Kenny’s Black ass and sent him back to the clink for 5-10. He had some guns and drugs too.

Bekah who was a nanny before Bachelor is now Chris Harrison’s Nanny and a spokeswoman along with her part time lover Jordan for Double Bubble Gum. The Chocolate kind is their favorite. And Jordan loves little trannies with no tits and a dick that look like little boys.

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