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n a major breakthrough, Jaigaon police have deciphered the brutal murder case of two Bhutanese women. Two men, Yogesh Lama and Salman, who were arrested on June 15, have confessed to the crime. They used a knife (khukuri) to kill the women. The police sources in Phuentsholing also confirmed that the Jaigaon police intimated them about the outcomes. On the early hours of June 14, two Bhutanese women, 22-year-old from Lokchina, Chukha and a 26-year-old woman from Chuzergang, Sarpang were found brutally murdered at Mechia Basti, Jaigaon. Some local news outlets posted the news along with pictures that shook the Bhutanese across the nation to the core. Yogesh Lama was the one who attacked the women first. The victims were known to the suspects. The suspects, sources said, consumed N-10 capsules and one of them, Yogesh Lama, raped one of the victims. He reportedly attacked the women when they threatened to inform the police. Initially, on the same day (June 14) when the gruesome murder was discovered, Jaigaon police also had arrested two men as the prime suspects. It was alleged that one of the two men was blackmailed by the women concerning an intimate video clip with one of the victims. Jaigaon police had arrested these suspects based on the eyewitnesses that they were seen harassing the women just one day prior to the murder. <SNIP> LINK

August 8th, 2021

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Bhutan has a mandatory national dress code. Men wear traditional, knee-length dork looking garments and women must wear ankle-length dresses to not look like fucking whores. The colors give away someone’s social class and status.
Druk Yul — the local name for Bhutan — means “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” The dragon appears on the Bhutanese flag. It looks really fucking gay.
In 2010, Bhutan became the first country in the world to ban the production and sales of tobacco products. Smoking in public areas is illegal, however, tobacco can be used in private. In 1916, the first King of Bhutan called tobacco “the most filthy and noxious herb.” Violators are slapped with a harsh fine: the equivalent of over two months’ salary.

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December 23rd, 2020

September 26th, 2020

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July 19th, 2020

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