Louisiana 5

These young teen apes are looking for elderly white women to rape and rob. Its the new in thing with niggers like rap music, basketball, and chicken

Officials with the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office say deputies arrested 36-year-old Jessie of Clarks on Sunday after she exposed herself, was publicly intoxicated, and shit and pissed herself outside of a church in Roanoke. Deputies responded with erections to West 3rd Street and 1st Avenue in Roanoke after a call came in about a woman who appeared to be intoxicated, was screaming, and was on her knees yanking and sucking off multiple men.. Officials say when deputies arrived, they found Jessie outside a church “with her bra pulled up and her breasts exposed covered in a large amount of white like gooey substance.” They say she was screaming profanities of how big her brothers dicks are and had an extreme odor of alcoholic beverage and semen coming from her breath. According to the arrest report, Jessie was “obviously not intoxicated” and she identified herself as an Ultra Hoover vacuum cleaner with a pickle in her asshole. Deputies say they were attempting to place their dicks in her mouth but their fat dyke nigger naacap afirmitive action cop partner arrested her. But she struggled due to the niggers foul stench, during which time a deputy’s body camera mount was broken and fell down before the money shot. She was eventually handcuffed and taken to the parish jail.

November 12th, 2020

Louisiana parent arrested after allegedly hitting school bus driver multiple times- NAPOLEONVILLE, La. (NOGROID99) – 34-year-old she-boon Laqueta Harvey is facing multiple charges after an altercation with a school bus driver. On Tuesday morning, the victim in this case tells authorities that “Harvey approached her because of a minor incident on the school bus a day earlier,” according to the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office Harvey yelled “Your white asses own us fo slavaree!! Weez want limos wit gold and sheet obama rules I love tupac watermelons”. At some point, the 34-year-old pavement ape from Napoleonville allegedly hit the school bus driver more than once. This incident reportedly happened on a school campus. Based on multiple factors including the victim’s testimony, authorities were able to get a warrant for Harvey’s arrest. Harvey is in the Assumption Parish Detention Center facing normal nigger charges and watching Oprah and screaming how the white man did this to her. Word.<SNIP> LINK

November 5th, 2020

November 3rd, 2020

October 21st, 2020

A Louisiana man brought his alleged 11-year-old rape victim to the hospital, only to lead police on a chase when doctors learned the girl was pregnant with his child. Wendell Sanchez, 34, dropped off the child at the emergency room and waited in his vehicle after she complained of stomach pains, according to police. LINK

September 20th, 2020


August 31st, 2020


Leesville Legend Danielle. She’s a dirty loose asshole home wrecker who works for Corvias Military housing and tries to fuck everything that walks in there if she hasn’t already. She married and has a children but parties to much to feed and take care of them. @that she needs to focus on her life rather than everyone else’s before her as get knocked out again. If you want other men than get a divorce instead of trying to sleep around his back back he’s impotent and stinks so what. I use to be the janitor at her office in Leesville and all she wanted to was fuck me. It got to the point I was fucking her with mop and brooms. It even went so bad I was using cleaner bottles. I know her snatch is dirty but those have poisonous chemicals in them. Danielle didn’t give a flying fuck. She yelled at the top of her lungs when there was people out side her office waiting “SHOVE THAT FUCKING DRANO BOTTLE SO FAR UP MY FUCKING ASSHOLE I BLEED, I NEED THE FEELING OF THIS DRANO UP MY DIRTY FUCKING ASSHOLE ALL THE TIME GRANDPA!” (As she was drooling like a dog on a bone). She is just nasty as you can tell. I got herpes and the clap but its not to late for you stay away.

BATON ROUGE – Police arrested a wild pavement ape accused of busting jack moves at cell phone stores to celebrate his black heritage. On orders from Martin Luther King Jr.

BRPD say Forrest Hardy jacked up a Metro PCS at gun point on Wednesday around 7 p.m. White people said he stole two cell phones, approximately $1,075, and farted rankily even by nigger standards the whole fucking time when he was in the store. 

Detectives tracked down a white person owned stolen SUV used in a previous armed robbery of a Boost Mobile that led to Hardy’s arrest on West Roosevelt Street when he was picking up a hooker which turned out to be a male cop.

When police pulled the fucking nigger over Hardy matched the description the Metro PCS clerk gave authorities which was a piece of feces that could move and grunt. 

Hardy is booked in East Baton Rouge Gorilla Zoo on a armed robbery and rape charges. 

The stench of her rotten vagina works better as a guide than Google Maps.

Betsy is a floozy that can often be seen strolling down Plank Road or Airline Highway in Baton Rouge who has been making quite a name for herself. Other than being your best chance at having sex without suave clothes or a good reputation, her name has also become synonymous with the rapid spread of drds in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan area. When she has the luxury of liesure time away from infesting mankind, she can most likely be found fiercely fighting as an activist for the advancement and popularity of competitive cum inhaling or indulging in any variation of vaginal stretching inside a shed somewhere. Her appartment, or self-proclaimed “Jizzneyland”, is rumored to be furnished by a single mattress on the floor covered with visqueen that she sprays off from time to time with a hose. It is also an almost city wide accepted fact that when her prepaid cell phone ran out of minutes about 5 months ago, she decided the arduous task of letting her chankles carry her over to the local Walmart to reload minutes was not worth having the phone. Realizing she then would not be able to text potential clients her address, she siezed the opportunity to creatively implement a new practice of directing clients to her home. The routine involves opening all the windows and front door, then simply lying on her back and opening her legs and letting the stench guide them in, which has also proven astoundingly more effective than Google Maps or Waze. If anyone is to stumble upon the realization that they have reached a shameful all time low and are in fact being lured in by the stench themselves, I can only pray that they still have the wherewithal to understand it is strongly recommended and their duty to their fellow men to at least take the procaution of jumping into a Hazmat suit before arrival. You have been warned!


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