Lance Bass Grabs A Fucking Turkey Baster And Rams It Up David Spade’s Fucking Crusty Asshole on Wednesdays!

Things really have went to fucking shit since the Jews came for their arch enemy Harrison. The dose of gay niggerness has reached levels unmeasurable even by the depths of John Legend’ canyon sized fuck pit of an asshole. Lance Bass gets Costco to ship him industrial sized vats of petroleum jelly so he can run around the beach ramming sticks, rocks, birds, anything possible up his horny two way street faggot asshole. He buys so fucking much they give him the whole fucking day of Wednesday for shipping. So the very few people who admit to watching this crap are quite upset at the total gayingning ??of America. He goes up to Canada? in October to ram ?Turkeys in peoples assholes this way he gets TWO FUCKING ??THANKSGIVINGS. Gross faggot.?

Lance Loves Mens Wieners in His Face
Lane’s Favorite Dildo.

The Jews got holohoax respirations from Chris Harrisson’s exit from The Bachelor franchise where he served as a host for over 19 years, the dating reality show is all set to go through a major change. While it was confirmed earlier that the franchise will have faggot celebrity guest hosts, the Bachelor social media handles recently released the first look of their hosts for Bachelor in Paradise. Including David Spade, the franchise also announced three other homosexuals who have come on board.

On Thursday, July 29, the dating series shared exciting photos on its official Pornhub account with photos of David Spade, Lance Bass, Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone were seen on the show’s set at a crack den in Compton. The caption introducing the new guest hosts read, “KKK down with Bernie Sanders! Welcome our gods and leaders to #BachelorInParadise!” While not mentioned in the post, Bachelor fans are already familiar with another member from the franchise who will be reprising his role is Dog The Nigger Hunter, who will be the resident nigger control officer on the show and will also be master of farmers slave auctions..

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Connor From Bachelor In Paradise Grabs Straws and Rams Them Up Stray Cats Assholes and Sucks The Shit Out Like He Is Drinking A Fucking Milk Shake

For the gay couple of ‘Bachelor in Paradise‘, things are starting to heat up in the groin area. With the dildos in the ladies’ hands this week, the guys are now sleeping with each other?‍? to get off. Unfortunately, romance in paradise isn’t as simple as it seems. The women are definitely hating the fact that none of the fucking niggers? on the island seem to know what a bar of soap is. I guess they fucking stink that bad! ?. And some couples seemed to be stealing drugs from others.  When that nigger Riley showed up out of Federal Max Prison, most of the women were holding their purses extra tight, especially that stinky sweaty she boon ape Tahzjuan. But Riley had eyes for non nigger pussy in Maurissa and took her out to a field to rape her. Maurissa, who was already Connor’s bitch, agreed to the date for $20 bare back (no anal). Connor didn’t seem to worry, he just wanted to make sure his bitch made him his mother fucking money ?. Riley and Maurissa hit the crack pipe instantly and even ended up spending the night in jail. Connor was all ready to curb stomp Riley (Like American History X) if he didn’t get his money and respect. But it looks like Riley is acting like Connor needs child support or has a job application as his black ass is running.

“What the fuck, Maurissa tell Connor you’re not into him!! that nigger has aids dawg… #BachelorInParadise” stated super fan Bob Faget. “My asshole hair crusties break for Connor this is so painful #BachelorInParadise” added another. “Connor has a hard time reading women it seems like… he doesn’t know when a woman is not interested any longer. Just like with Katie and Maurissa that a fucking cum sucking faggot dick guzzler with cheese#BachelorInParadise” pointed out Bill Cosby.

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Bachelor In Paradise Season 7

The 7th season of the hit joke of a fucking show Bachelor in Paradise will premiere in August 16, 2021 on TV. Hall of Fame GOD Chris Hitler Harrison will not reprise his role from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as host of the show, instead the show will feature a rotating roster of guest hosts, the first of whom was announced to be comedian little dork ball David Spade. They figured it would be safer as Spade does not strike fear in niggers eyes. Most niggers when they see that glare from Harrison bolt back to the cotton field quicker than MC Hammer misses child support payments. Plus the main reason for not bringing Harrison back is niggers are whinners and much like the country you life in the jews have now allowed groids to ruin tv. They try hard to make them look sexy and its fucking gross?? But they have added a goddess who is hot enough to erase all the niggers stench on the island.

Speaking of hotness, all of it will definitely break loose when Season 7’s second episode airs on Aug. 23. That’s when Season 6 winner Demi “The Muff Diver” Burnett makes a most unexpected return—and she makes it clear that she’s ready to wreak havoc! “I love causing trouble especially if cock and muff is involved. It’s actually my favorite thing to do,” she tells co-host David Spade in a new teaser for the episode. (In response, he says he’s “looking forward to the chaos., ad he tucks his boner into his sweat pants” She also admits that she’s not sure yet if she’ll be trying to romance the male contestants, the women—or both! “I am into both men and women,” she confirms. ” I’ll let you sniff my box later Dave you fucking pencil dicked dork”.

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Demi Is Back and Looser

After starring as a contestant on very openly pack me in the ass gay Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Demi Burnett soon became a fan favorite in the franchise for her slutty personality, her love of Dick and Muff, and her openness about hard core anything goes orgies. During her first stint on Bachelor in Paradise season six, Demi left the show engaged to then carpet munching girlfriend turned dildo dyke sister, Kristian. But since BiP couples rarely last, (because they are fucking sluts) Demi and Kristian called it quits and went their separate ways because long distance was too hard for them. So what’s Demi been up to in between her previous BiP run and her upcoming one? Before going for a second run in paradise, Demi was in a whole relationship with Jim From Progressive in 2020. “I’m so happy,” Demi told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m obsessed with his long skinny pencil dick and jelly bean sized testicles dangling. He’s the best rim job giver ever. I feel like such a dirty fucking slut, but his jelly bean tic tac nuts are the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t get enough of it.” Sadly, Demi and Jim ended their relationship in June, when Jim got sent to prison for jerking off at Kmart for the 1000th time.

Demi is the BEST!

This year, Demi hopped back into either reality television circuit or hard core pornography—she appeared on a joke of The Celebrity Dating Game last month, where the premise of the show consists of a celeb choosing who to date from a panel of three other celebs based on their answers to a few questions…It was fucking stupid.

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