Port Arthur Massacre Martin Bryant

  He basically is the Tasmanian Devil, He sure does  look like a fucking looney tune. Martin Bryant forgot to take his meds a couple days(April 28th and 29th) 1996. And it cost 35 people there lives. This occurred in Port Arthur, Australia on the island of Tasmania. Due to the Aussie government is as big as pussies as the Canadian government he got a slap on the wrist.
  That slap on the wrist being 1,035 years in prison. In all reality he should get 35 bullets to the head. Or even better yet if I was in charge I would say 35 bullets in the balls every week for 35 weeks. Then a public stoning. Or put his balls in a vice. Then everyday a family member of a victim gets one turn of the crank until he busts and bleeds out.

Martin Bryant was born May 7th, 1967 in Hobart. They say at childhood he suffered severe bullying. Well look at him no shit. This guy would never hear the end of my taunts and mocks if he lived near me.
  He was considered border line retarded with an IQ of 66. So a black genius. He got disability pension in 1983 with a psychiatrist saying “He can not read or write. All he does is garden and watch TV”.
  in 1987 when Bryant was 19 he met a 54 year old millionaire woman while he was out looking for customers for his lawn business. He moved into her filthy mansion with her and her mother. Her name was Helen Harvey and she died in a car accident in 1992. Bryant was in the car with her at the time of her death. People had said that Bryant had a tendency to jump for the steering while people were driving.
  Bryant’s father Maurice who was taking anti depressants. Bryants father was found dead in a dam with diving weights around his neck. The police called the death unnatural. Anyhow Bryant inherited $250,000 after his fathers death.
  In 1995 Bryant became a suicidal boozer. Thinking that the whole world was against him. God couldn’t of been that much against him he got that inheritance which I believe he had a part in at least one death if not both.
  With all his money Bryant travelled the world.

Right before the murders Bryant told a neighbour that he was going to do something that will make everyone remember him.

David Martin(72)- Owned the bed and breakfast Seascape. Bryant believed that the Martin’s owning the Seascape (which his father wanted to buy) caused his fathers suicide.
Sally Martin(69)- Owned the bed and breakfast Seascape. Killed her and her husband David in a guest house before travelling to the Broken Arrow Cafe with a duffel bag.
  When he arrived at the Broken Arrow Cafe he ate. When finished he set up a video camera and then killed 12 people and injured 8.
Moo Yee Ng(48)- Visiting from Malaysia killed instantly. Moo and Soo were sitting at a table next to Bryant while he was eating.
Soo Leng Chun(32)- Visiting from Malaysia killed instantly
Mick Sargent- Shot in the scalp
Kate Elizabeth Scott- Sargents girlfriend 21 years old. Shot in the back of the head and died instantly
Jason Winter- 28 year old New Zealander wine maker who was at the restaurant helping the busy staff. Threw a tray at Bryant as he pointed a gun at his wife Joanne and 15 month old son Mitchell. Winter died after a second bullet hit him in the head.
Anthony Nightingale- 44 years old fatally shot in the neck and spine while telling Bryant Don’t do this here.
Kevin Vincent Sharp- 68 years old fatally shot.
Walter Bennet(66)- Fatally shot
Raymond John Sharp(67)- Fatally shot. Kevin Sharp’s younger brother.
Gerald Broome- Struck by fragments but survived.
Gaye Fidler- Struck by fragments but survived
John Fidler- Struck by fragments but survived.
Tony Kistan(51)- Shot in the head. Died.
Sara Kistan- Survived
Andrew Mills(39)- Shot in the head. Died.
Thelma Walker-  Survived
Pamela Law- Survived
Graham Colyer- Shot in the jaw almost choked to death on his own blood.
Carolyn Laughton-  Carolyn got shot in the ear while trying to protect her daughter and survived. Sadly her daughter Sarah did not.
Sarah Laughton(15)- Daughter of Carolyn. Died while her mother protected her from the shots.
Mervyn Howard(55)- Fatally shot.
Mary Howard(57)- Fatally shot in the neck.
Robert Elliot- Shot in the arm and head. Survived.
Nicole Burgess- 17 year old working at the gift shop fatally shot in the head.
Elizabeth Howard- 26 years old fatally shot in the chest and arms.
Leslie Dennis Lever(53)- Fatally shot in the head
Coralee Lever-
Peter Nash(32)- Fatally shot and killed.
Carolyn Nash-
Vera Jary-
Ron Jary(71)- Shot through the neck and died
Pauline Masters(49)- Fatally shot.
Gwen Neander(67)- Shot fatally in the head while trying to escape.
Peter Crosswell- Shot under the ass.
Dennis Olson – An American tourist shot in the chest and survived.
Royce Thompson(59)- Shot and then rolled under a bus for safety. Died of his wounds later on.
Winfred Apline(58)- Fatally shot in the side.
Janet Quin(50)- Bryant shot and killed her after she escaped his first attempt and she was lying on the ground.
Neville Quin- Shot in the neck and left paralysed. Janet’s husband.
Gordon Francis- Shot and survived but ended up dying later on due to massive amounts of medical operations.
  After that shit show he drove down the road aways honking his horn and waving as he drove. Then seen a woman walking with her 2 children(Nanette 36, Madeline 3, And Allanah Mikac 6). Bryant slowed down and actually offered them help to escape. He fired 2 shots killing the woman and the child she was holding. He made Nanette get on her knees before he shot her in the temple.Then he chased the other child who was running and went and shot and killed her.
  He then stole a BMW by killing all 4 occupants inside. Mary Rose Nixon(60), Russell James Pollard(72), Helene Salzmann(50), and Robert Salzmann(57).
   Then he seen a Toyota Corolla with 2 passengers Glen Pears(35) and Zoe Hall(28) he forced Glen into the trunk. Then he killed the female Zoe Hall Braynt’s 34 victim.
  Bryant had the male Glen with him and went back to the Seascape along with the female corpse. He lit the car on fire. The police eventually showed up and tried to negotiate with Bryant. It is unknown when but Bryant killed Glen Pears. He wanted to be airlifted away in an army helicopter to an airport.
  Bryant 18 hours later set ablaze to the house and while trying to escape with burns to his ass and back he was taken to hospital. I have never quite understood why they would take him to the hospital. Fuck his human rights beat his burnt ass and throw him in the cell to suffer. Then lash him a few times for fun while hosing him off with vinegar and salt water.

If I was the investigator and seen this Kurt Cobain looking  retared hippie laughing I would grab his girl hair and smash his head on that table.

Sentencing 35 life sentences which equals out to 1,035 years that’s not that long. He lives in the Risdon prison in Hobart, Tasmania. For the first 8 months of his prison sentence he was on suicide watch. Suicide watch is another joke. He is a bill to society now and too harmful to release let him die. Bryant tried to commit suicide in 2007 with a razor blade to the throat. He didn’t try hard enough.


Risdon Prison Seems to be a well organised happy place.

 Recreation and there does not appear to be any black people at the prison. Must have a KFC.

Take your kids to a playground near the prison. Must be the sex offender unit to the right there.

That kitchen is almost nicer than mine. Oh the punishment here. They probably have a fucking maid too to clean it up.
No bars. Open the window and fuck off. Just promise to come back and commit only a few crimes.

Elmer Crawford

Elmer Crawford
  Being away from home for almost the last 2 months working 16 hour days has not given me much time to write on the blog lately. On my way home last night I decided to stop in at the pub and have a quick pint. I got to talking with this guy from Australia and we started talking about TV shows we like Forensic Files, Solved, Wicked Attraction and then John List came up. Now living in Canada even though I am familiar with American crimes and guys who are on the run for killing their families IE Bradford Bishop, William Fisher, and the captured John List. Buddy there asked me if I ever heard of an Australian man by the name of Elmer Crawford. I told him no and he told me to google him and I did. It made me realise how ignorant I have been and focused on mainly stories from the US and Canada. I imagine a lot of ID junkies in Canada and the US have not either. So I decided to scour the net to find out what I can about him. There is a lot and if this piece of shit is still alive he needs to be brought to justice.
Loch Ard Gorge
Port Campbell, Australia

The Crime: On July 2nd, 1970 a car with 4 bodies inside was discovered at the bottom of a cliff a at Loch Ard Gorge which is located at Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia. The bodies inside were those of 4 of the 5 members of the Crawford family. Mother Terese (who was pregnant) and the children Kathryn 13, James 8, and Karen 6. It was later determined that they were murdered by their father Elmer. The way of the murder was cruel and sick. Elmer who was not an electrician but had some general knowledge due to his job at a raceway.
  It is determined that Elmer had murdered his family in their home by beating them with a hammer and electrocuting his wife with alligator clips. His goal was to make it look like a murder suicide so he could claim insurance money he would receive if his whole family died.  He basically wanted it to look like his wife went nuts and beat the children and drove off the cliff.
  Initially it is believed that Elmer Crawford wanted the car to crash into the water so the bodies wouldn’t be found and it would be easier to collect the insurance money. He could of just said his wife ran off at first and then collected the new wills they both wrote up. But when he pushed the family’s FE Holden vehicle off the cliff late at night it didn’t quite make it. instead it was sitting at a ledge overlooking the sea. That put a damper in his plans and instead of cleaning up the evidence and going with his story, he had to bail.
  When the police realised the vehicle was registered to Elmer they actually went to his house the next day. The police not knowing the vehicle had bodies inside left after no one answered the door.
Crawford’s Whereabouts and Sightings: In 2010 detectives thought they had located Elmer Crawford. A man who passed away in San Angelo, Texas was found with multiple fake Ids resembled Crawford. But after a DNA test was given it was proved not to be him.
  I find this one a little bull shit but you never know. In 1994 a former associate of Crawford’s claimed to have seen him in Perth, Australia. The associate claimed that Crawford did not recognise him and told him that he was there on Vacation from New Zealand. I think it is fake because would this associate not at least put in the effort to find out where he was staying and or where in New Zealand he lived.

Crawford age enhanced.

My Thoughts: I agree with this one post I read one blogger write the sack of shit is either dead or will never be caught. I look at how List got caught and gives you a glimmer of hope but this is the oldest one out there. I don’t think Bishop will be caught either. I do how ever believe if he is alive Robert Fisher will be caught.

  • Elmer Crawford had been stealing supplies from his work, The Victoria Racing Club for years up to $3,000 worth
  • If Crawford was alive today he would be 83 years old.

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