April 4th, 2021

March 27th, 2021

AUSTIN (KKKBeaner) — A group of border jumping beaners were arrested Thursday in connection with the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl, according to the arrest affidavit and jail records. The arrest affidavit says the case originated as a runaway child report from Austin. The victim was reported to the Austin Police Department on Feb. 9. They say multiple people contacted them saying the victim was taken from the Austin Country Flea Market by some of Joe Biden’s friends. Additionally they said the victim was drugged and raped in a separate location. One of the witnesses who works in the construction industry said they overheard coworkers discussing how they drugged and sexually assaulted the victim and it was their right becaue of Biden and Obama. The witness provided police and ICE with names of the suspects, Noe Lezcano, 28, Jose Luis Talavera, 30, and Nixon Gonzalez, 26. One other man was named but KKKBeaner has not confirmed if he has been arrested. It is believed the spics will be released to do this again to white people. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi said they can only attack white and straight people. If they commit a crime against a nigger or faggot the media will say they are white and deport them.

March 18th, 2021

This woman Selena chose to sleep with my husband even after I discovered emails between the two of them, and begged her to leave us alone. She knew I existed. She knew we had three children. She did it anyway. I knew he had a problem. He has cheated in pretty much all his relationships but of course I thought I was going to be the one he didn’t do it to, and now I’m lumped in with all the other poor women he has broken. I found out after he broke it off. ON MY BIRTHDAY NO LESS. Selena is known as one of the biggest sluts in Austin. You can find her at night clubs, and on the fucking streets looking for cock and drugs! If she is not in jail or rehab.

September 23rd, 2020


June 3rd, 2020

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica what to say about this homewrecker? She’s a thirty something whore who lives in San Angelo, Texas. She not only pursued a married man with 3 kids, she knew he was married all along! The icing on this shit cake? They both are in the army! And if you know anything about the army they do not tolerate adultery. If you’re anywhere near San Angelo, stay far away from this chick because she will try and steal your husband/boyfriend and take them away from your kids.

This woman Alexandra slept with my now husband years ago while he was dating and had kids with her own cousin. Now she knows he is married to me and she keeps sending him pics and asking him to come meet her at the bar for some good ol dirty sex like they used to do. Smh. I told him he better cut it off before I do. I’m done with HOMEWRECKERS. If you know a man is married find a single one. Also she is married with kids her damn self. Last time I tried to fight the bitch her ape like Monequa nigger friend hit me with a bottle. Ill bring a fire hose on you and your nigger friend bitch. You messed with the wrong ombre here. Alexandra works at the Subway on 11th with one of her inbred jed kids. She goes home drinks wine out of the box in her white trash trailer which happens to be located next to a bunch of nigger shacks. You come near my husband again I’ll cut your cock off, I see your adams apple, I am not stupid!.

This is Dionna she works as an escort in the Austin Texas area and offers great rates. My somewhat of a husband she is his ex’s lil sister. He spent 3 weeks in a dope motel with her, shooting up heroin, having a lot of unprotected sex, and spraying their mist blood from the needles over the hotel room walls. I have gps on his truck and have caught him at her house numerous times, I caught them picking up drugs, I caught them committing Break and Enters to supply their drug habits once they maxed out my credit cards. This last time was the last fucking straw for that piece of shit. He took our daughters with him that are 7 and 3! So done. He even took her out to eat and was with her and her kid on Easter and Mother’s Day and it’s not even his kid! (that I know of) He has a fat wife and 2 beautiful babies at home. His name is Spencer and he got tattoos that say gay 80’s sayings like “Radical’ and “Dude”. Fucker sports a mullet, wears a fag bag, and drives a stolen el camino. All while high as fuck on what ever he can obtain.

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Carl Eugene Watts

Texas 6


Danielle is a known serial dater, in the sense that she will date multiple men at the same time without telling them. I have seen her suck one dude off, take his load in her mouth, swish it around like scope and walk up to her other boyfriend and french kiss him for a selfie. She’ll lie and manipulate them in order to keep them at bay. She was once married for a few years and is now recently divorced with TWO KIDS. She’s insane and incredibly manipulative. If you see her on any dating APP, do yourself a favor and run. She will smoke all your meth and never share with you. She has robbed people on the street for money for crack. I seen her rob the purses from little old nigger ladies on welfare day so she can get a hit. Then she says its her money anyway. Which is sort of true that blacks owe her but still no need to be a fucking bitch about it.

This sorry excuse of a woman sleeps with married men and breaks up homes and families. She is a liar and a fake. Over weight and short and wears way to much makeup. Because without it she looks like a man. Her name is Ranielle she is an Odessa whore. She goes into church and masterbates to re runs of Mickey Mouse. I know she was sucking off my husband in our car in my drive way. You see Ranielle I have a real job which gets me money which I can buy a security camera. Your illegal Mexican ass works at Taco bell and spends her money on crack. Ranielle is known for showing up at peoples houses drunk and smelling of her piss (she gets drunk and high passes out and shits and pisses herself) she has done it since high school in Mexico. Her and her fucking lawnmowing lettuce picking family make me want to become a brick maker so I can speed up that wall to keep your leaching ass off. People say Mexicans are hard working? What does that trait magically go away once you cross the fucking border and get free welfare?

Hasina is from Austin and she fucks the whole city for fun. Her family moved over from Syria and wanted her to get a diaper head camel fucking husband. But once she showered and had none muslim men she now spits and shits on the Koran. She is a self hating Muslim. She still keeps up her great spirit of knowing the jew problem though. She is usually found at Outlaws Biker and stripper bar sucking cock for her school funding. She has also went To Dallas the odd Time To Get the Big D. She hangs out outside the ball park of the Texas Rangers and gets their game used baseball bats, rams them up her ass and pussy, takes pictures of them in their, sends them to dudes in Iraq to jerk off to and then uses the money to buy crack on the streets of Austin. Hasina you silly bitch next time you fuck my brother clean your muff mold. There is a liquid trail of your muff crust juice on the way to the shitter on our white carpet. And I found your shit stained panties along with your herioin needles under my step dads fucking couch you skank.

This HIV positive negro cotton picker had a house model negro wench companion while he ended up sleeping with 6 animals in the barn(cow, goat, pig, didn’t matter they are all more attractive than female black women). He has 4 niglets who are bred to pick cotton and then a daughter with Oprah Winfrey he cheated on his wife with Theo Huxtable who he never takes care of Bill Cosby anymore. Lives with a girl who had slept with while still married to some fat nigger sow, he also is so broke he jacks other niggers after they rob liquor stores on the street. He is known around Killeen, Texas for “stinking like all niggers SHIT” but he has a very small wiener. From a Facebook post from a female the only time you can feel it is when your own top but he only weighs 99lbs you have to take it easy so you don’t snap him in half(literally). He isn’t even loyal to his currently bofriend Tupac of the dead nigger storage unit. Facebook messages stated he’s even questioning his loyalty and their just dating. While having 4 niglets at the age of 24 he’s about to have another one he is for sure behind the other niggers his age at collecting legit niglet welfare checks from white people money.

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Texas 5

Quiffs on Arbys Roast Beef Sandwiches Before Customers Get them At The Drive Thru she works at.

Ladies if you are married or looking into being engaged watch you men around Houston, Galena Park, Jacinto City , Pasaenda , Deer Park, La Porte and area. If he has a ring on his finger and a wife that loves him he is in danger. Lily  is cock gobbling attention needing slore who will whisper sweet lies of perfect sex in your mans ear and then meet him all over town to preform said acts which include her shitting on a glass see through coffee table while your man jerks off below to the poo plopping out of her asshole. She has given my fiance Trichomoniasis and recorded videos of her when she had been on her period rubbing his face all over her cum filled bloody taco muffin. She asks men for money through the Cashapp and goes by $amaraqueens.Then she will use his inbox to cry on his shoulder about how everyone is so mean to her and her life sucks in hopes he will create feelings for her because he feels sorry for her? Once she is in she will never go away just like the herpes she has. She is forever. Until she gets deported again fucking spic bitch.

Biance Loves Three way anal on a beach in the rain

She is Bianca from Rio Grande City, Texas and she has sex with married men to get a job at Subway. She will pretend to be your friend, then have sex with your husband on your bed, on your sons bed, and spend the night. Smoking crack rock with your husband while she pinches a big shit loaf in your toilet and doesn’t flush it. She will lie, and manipulate situations to purposely hurt children by telling them Santa Claus is a fucking faggot. She can not be trusted around married men or in a professional setting, just ask the fucking border guards. Please beware of this thirsty girl. She will sleep with your husband for a job. The only reason she hasn’t been fucking deported is that she blows everyone in contact and she rats out the Mexican drug cartels to the cops all the time. Fuck you Bianca shit stain yeast infection with period juice eating spic gopher molester. I would smack that smirk off your face with a big purple rubber dildo dipped in ranch dressing from safeway.

A textbook definition of a whore lovely Austin’s Very Own Crusty Muff Crystal she will suck you off under the breakfast table while you have your Cheerios. Knowingly goes after taken men with no remorse. She is selfish, she has no morals, absolutely no self respect, she steals everyones blow and cuts it with her tried out yeast infection crust dust. She usually sells it to street niggers for stolen goods. She runs through so many men and gets in the middle of so many relationships, it’s incredible how she can live with herself. But she does; doesn’t get a wink of sleep as she is always fucking or whacked out on what ever illicit substance she can get her greasy slut paws on. She is proud of the fact that she is a dirty nasty slut, an ugly Ghetto hood rat whore. Straight trash and she will show you her account on Anal Slut Love Girls any day of the week.. 

Ramos The Illegal Immigrant Buck Tooth Hedgehog from Amarillo, Texas

This husband chaser is RAMOS THE BUCKTOOTH HEDGEHOG she sleeps around in her hometown of Amarillo (although she jumped the fucking border bitch) and had a full on affair with a married man an american real man who is white and can read. She knew he was married when she started an affair of sneaking around and being the last one to leave the buildings when the rest of the maids went home. Being an embarrassment to her mother Jenifer Lopez… this man was so embarrassed of this rounchy dog he only met up with her in a roach infested storage unit which he rented from David Koresh when he fled from Waco back in 47′. He desperately tried to get rid of this trash and that’s when she started threatening him with the Mexican Flu!! In desperate attempts to try to keep someone that was obviously sick from the re-re-re fried beans she finished using her tampons to soak up puke from her yeast infection drink malt shake. She was used like trash ready to get tossed out. Buuut… she didn’t get the point. Until it was exposed.  She’s SCUM! A Total mental case! Ramos it is time to Vamos you fucking hedgehog take a sand grinder to those fucking wolly mammoth teeth tusks.

Crystal in Eagle Lake Texas bites the scabs off of her fathers warty cock and chews on them like bubble gum for hours. Fucking skank bitch. We were so close, talked at least 10 times EVERYDAY about our yeast infections and periods and what guys poo smelt better! She offered to help my husband pick out my mother’s day present, I said yeah call him! We went on a vacation (both families) in july, I knew then there was something going on when my son told me that her breath smelt like his dads cock. Finally in October, 5 days before my 14 wedding anniversary, I found a homebased herpes test from this slore to my husband with a heart around it and chocolates. In The note she is talking about her shitting on a glass coffee table and him sitting below the glass jerking off to the log coming out of her ass slowly. thinking about finally seeing him again the next Friday to go shit on a coffee table in IKEA. B1tch is shady af She lives in Eagle Lake and works at Walgreens where she shits in bags of potato chips so niggers buy them on welfare day. 

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This one has tried to portray herself as a golden child but she got caught having sex with her boss. The fact is, she was supposedly a “bookkeeper” for this married guy’s business and ended up keeping more than just the books. She serviced his nutsack orally every day and all day. She lured him into her home and made him watch her shit on a plate so her dog would eat it while he jerked off to her doing it. In her warped world poo if food. She is Ashely and got fired from her first job at Bang Bros for not blowing the boss. In all fairness the boss was an AA nigger and she didnt want AIDS. She got a new boob job, hair extensions, tan, and she managed to pay for this by ripping off senior citizens in magazine scams. Fact is, she’s horny. Last time I seen Ashley last night she was fucking a fire hydrant downtown in front of a church.

Stephanie has a moldy taco crotch This person is nothing but a cheating, lying, sorry excuse of a woman. She has NO problem sleeping with a man that is married or taken when they are drunk or high. I found her tampons in my room with my husbands jizz on them. . Sending him dirty pictures of her shit filled spic fat ass all the time and telling him that her ass is wet for his tongue to lick her crap. she wasn’t happy in her marriage to Pedro and was going to file for a divorce. Call ICE if you see this illegal walking around. Spitting fucking beaners out of her crotch for money like a fucking pinata exploded. Take a shower bitch.

A Texas man has been arrested for killing a puppy.
Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested Claudio Gomez on Wednesday after a video surfaced on Facebook where he filmed himself hanging a small puppy from a tree resulting in the canine’s death

Brooms go in Chickens Assholes

This young lady is Abbi and she lives in America Illegally because she hates laws and Americans. She works at Cargil with her other sombrero folklore and she shits in the beef and rams broom sticks up chickens assholes before they get butchered. Abbi loves taken men, once she has your number the text literally poor in 2-3 by the minute depending on how many pesos she has left for pay and go minutes. She was successful in getting my husband to spend 30 minutes at her place after work and fuck her stinky sewage taco the American way, thank God I had a plunger at home to ram in my asshole when I was waiting. Alrighty folks in Bovia Texas that work at Cargil watch out for this thirsty little tramp. 

Ector Sucks A Lot Of Old Man Cock To Avoid Deportation

 This guys name is Ector he lives in a fucking trailer. He works at the bowling alley and shits in the shoes. This guy loves the Dicks slapping him in his beaner face, but has been afraid to come out of the closet because he has shitty fake illegal immigration papers. So he trolls craigslist for men who want him and play dick swords in shady latin motels. He has two kids by two different women, both of who are fat whales, who he beat up for eating his McDonald’s. His mother is Fat fucking blob who shits out beaner kids like a pinata exploded, and she works for Taco Bell. She has a lot of burritos, mostly for lawn mowing men, men she slept with for free guacamole, in the government shack she lives in. His child molesting father works at a paper mill and runs illegal immigrants across the border and hence has a lot of dirty money. But back to him. This guy likes to get his kicks from praying on the weak and pretending to be a big time drug dealer. Of course, he doesn’t pay child support, has no job, and is a dead beat dad. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but come out of the closet and stop hurting women because you are ashamed of yourself Ector.

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Diane Tilly

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