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New Brunswick 3

“I feel safe and at home in Moncton, New Brunswick because everyone accepts me for being a flaming homo sexual as so are all the men here. It is comforting to know that homosexuals have a world capital in Moncton, New Brunswick.”- New Kids On The Block Lead Singer Lance Bass.

First thing I would like to say is dick cheese, dick cheese, dick cheese, boner forest, vaginal canyon, yeast infection volcano. The second is this bitch here on the right is Shelby. Shelby works at the website here and she just got back from Moncton new Brunswick and she slutted it up and got drunk there. She says every guy in Moncton has a rice dick like micro. Every woman she dyked out with had a vagina that reeked of old stale cheese that is stored in rosie odonells ass crack for centuries grows fucking cheese she explains. Micro dicks and vaginal cheese is Monctons new slogan. Shelby also wrote and signs a song for her new album “If you go to Moncton bring a dildo because there ain’t no wieners here” It is a cultural song said Moncton’s Mayor Peter Assfudgeman. It reflects on the struggle growing up in the hoods of Moncton with bum fungus and the war against the Eskimo jews that started over the bread wars when the Koreans fought the pakis in 1962. Charles Manson called it the greatest day since he hit puberty. So every year instead of thanksgiving people in Moncton hide eggs that are from dinosaurs and the kids dress up like Mr.T and other A team characters and beat up homosexuals in the park for charity.

Newfoundland 3

Newfoundland Nancy is a fucking whore who lives in her station wagon in and around Buchans Junction, Newfoundland. She takes in stray cats and she puts cheese whiz on her vagina and gets them to lick it off. She always goes around mooching smokes and food. She reeks of cat piss and vomit. Her car stinks so bad that when its parked the cops don’t bother her as they are too scared of the fucking piss smell of her and her car. She is rumored to fuck alot but she stinks soooo fucking bad of moldy cat urine it is unthinkable an erection could be achieved of her. She wears brown paper bags as panties and you know those fucking things are crusted with shit and old man jizz. Nancy is sick and we should try to send her to somewhere they are use to the smell like Somalia or India.

New Brunswick 2

Pauline lives in Alma, New Brunswick on a farm and fucks her step dad for meth money. She fucks him and he sends the live porntube feeds to his cousins in Kentucky and they circle jerk to their pet fucking pigs to it.You can usually find her roaming the streets of Moncton on the weekends looking to score an 8 ball for her and her hillbilly fucking frenchman step dad. He rocks a mullet and he puts it in a ponytail when Pauline puts on a strap on an anally assaults him. Fuck you Pauline and the horse you rode in on and that you fuck. Sick pig bitch. She just got out of jail after serving a 6 year stint for smashing some fat nigger bitches face in with a cast iron frying pan in a meth fight. Pauline vows to never fucking go back to jail!!! Ever!!!

Let me introduce you to a professional gold digger and all around slore of the decade contender Angela of Sussex, NB. This woman has gone through lovers, male and female, like she is on a numbers quest. She prefers they be in a relationship before she starts talking to them. She drains them of their money, finds another, and discards them for the new one. Absolutely nobody is off limits to her. She has been engaged more times than you have fingers, but always finds a reason to leave. She even slept with her daughters husband and ended their marriage. Then turned it all around on the son in law as being the bad guy.If you see her name appear on any of your significant others media whatever the form, SHUT IT DOWN ASAP. Beware of her! Slore to the tenth degree !!!

This woman Samantha is known all across Fredericton for all the wrong reasons including shitting her pants at the Bingo Hall and laughing about it , She has had sex with everyone from the half way house sometimes taking on multiple dudes at the same time , she is a dishonorable native woman (on whitey check day) who has no respect for herself or her kids . she is constantly bringing men around her 2 young daughters , she takes selfies showing off her d1ck sucking skills , she is in constant relationships changing men more than she changes her clothes . she is disgusting and the word around the block fuking her is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway . she is a baby killer and has abortions well over the time frame acceptable and then shoves it in the fathers face that she killed the baby , she is a horrible human being and deserves to rot in hell for all the men she has effected and infected . her children need to be taken away from her as she has severe drug and alcohol issues.

Tyler Pathetic Wigger With A Really Really Really Really Really Small Penis

Tyler is always trying to get drunk off of stolen household cleaning supplies. He claims he’s a crip ha ha ha ha he is a wigger faggot that even niggers laugh at. But he is scared to go to darmouth as he got the clap from some dude named T-Dogg (another wigger) and Tyler also wears a diaper and is worried about shitting himself. He calls girls sexy when they have a boyfriend/girlfriend he talks so much smack about everybody and is scared to say it to there face. His penis no word of a lie is maybe an inch if that and it is a generous 1 inch. This is not a slam or a mock it is fucking true ask the 2 fat chicks that have seen it. he has no money ever, no home, no friends, fucking flat out nothing. Wake up Tyler you are white not a shit skin use your fucking head before one of those niggers you idolize so much does it for us.

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New Brunswick 1


Nova Scotia 3

This girl has Emma over 20 body piercings . Her pussy smells like rotten tuna fish. She will fu*k you no matter what you look like. She use to hang out down by the fishing boats and fuck the old fishermen for coins just so she could run into Halifax and get her fucking fix. All she does is molly and fu*k with other people’s relationships. When I was in a relationship with her when we worked at Subway together all she did was choose drugs over me and one time I went to hang out with her, I showed up and she was in bed with another girl. Which would of been alright had she invited me or the other girl not of been her 450 pound grandma.. I highly recommend to you TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIRL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jazzi Picks Up Used Tampons From
Trash Bins To Eat Like Corn Dogs

This is Jazzi of Sydney Nova Scotia and she digs through garbage dumpsters to find used tampons to shove up her snatch or to chew on like a corndog. The blood can be the ketchup and the mustard they yellow STD? Who knows? his girl had a man and while hes was suppose to be away for work she fucks guys sometimes for money like her slore sister Rachelle, smokes crack and does pills be careful of letting your man around her she will fuck anything that is nice to her and she will not care weather he has a gf or a pregnant gf. A guy told me that shes loose as fuck thats how many guys shes fucked all used up puke!! DO NOT TRUST THIS B1TCH A55 SLORE. She wanted to be a stripper but niggers are banned from strip clubs in Nova Scotia and the blind and really elderly don’t go out much and they are the only sick ones that want to see her barf snatch.

Faggots. Its in the biggest faggot province net to Quebec so it makes sense. Most male Nova Scotians are on the down low
being a fucking queer anyway. Look at them.

Ok this girl Brooke likes to fukkkk old men an she sells her puzzy to every man she can off the street for drugs, But she’ll Deny it when you ask her she’s just mad cause she can get the good d do she does it with std infested men she has the Drds an Denys that to so men beware of the slore. You can find her in public bathrooms licking old man jizz off the floor. She gets on all fours on the cold tile and licks the gobs of old man goo off the ground. Some of these wieners that she services are in the 75-90 year old range of nut sacks. Those are really old balls. Some of the balls are sooooo old that mold and fungi grow on them. That is the way Brooke rolls. It is just the way this bitch rolls. Deal with it. Her last and from what I recall only real job was working the Cotton Candy booth at the carnival. She got fired for taking it up the ass from the bearded lady while the freak midgets watched and jerked off. The midgets are really small as most of the local Nova Scotian men are small and have very tiny dicks (It is a common trait in their heritage). She got fired. She is waiting to hear back from Tim Hortons and or Bang Bros. Either or is great for Brooke. as long as it pays for crack/cocaine.

This is fucking Lisa she liquid squirts lumpy mayonaisse out of her lose asshole and she is a fucking stinky self titled b1tch. She sleeps with peoples men and denies it but their sandwiches all have her lumpy mayo fart/shit splatter in them, when you confront her about her flaming herpes she will fucking show you pictures of it and she says shes clean but she means from drugs that she doesnt buy. She blocked me on the Stinkyslutweb site because I caught her sexting my man. She let’s anyone watch her kids so she can get out for a night and her ex is a drug addict whom isnt allowed to see them outside the court order. Lisa will best be known still for her ultimate lumpy mayo little liquid streams that she leaves in Sandwiches. Much like what all other Nova Scotians have produced for Canada.

Holly Loves To Eat And Get AIDS from Niggers in Bathrooms.

Where to begin poor this is Holly and she is the reason there is not enough food in this world. She fucking eats everything she comes in contact with. And this sloth is out there having girls nights with laurie and miss hobag and she gets so hammered she’s been caught twice giving another women’s husband oral in a bathroom stall and it got ugly when he shit out liquid. Brown fucking splatter all over the beautiful shiny white bowl. She’s known around the entire city for giving men oral in cars, bathroom stalls, dj booths behind the stages and half the men are married not to mention she is only fucking with niggers as they fuck anything even that pig Holly so I suggest you be careful them buggers all have AIDS. All just an opinion I’ve seen it first hand that’s why i refuse to speak with her anymore she has nigger breath. Its sick as her ugly pig face.

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Nova Scotia 2

Nova Scotia 1

Newfoundland 2

Sharron will sleep with anyone. She slept with her boss at a consulting business and then slept with some of the clients she also slept with young man at A&W that worked behind the counter she would invite him over when her husband was out of town while still plowing her boss. She now is getting a divorce but slept with neighbors and police officers she will do anything for sex. She isn’t after money she truly just enjoys sex and likes to seduce men and women. I fuck her at least once a week. I leave right after I blow my load on the sluts face. Why am I complaining about this you ask? She stole my last smoke. Fucking bitch. GO suck a cock get the 20 bucks and buy your own pack. Fucking you is only worth a fucking happy meal and I keep the toy. Fuck you . One of Newfoundland’s hidden Gems Sharron’s Pussy!

This stupid skag Allisa will sleep with any man who is married or taken. Then when the wives find out she pretends she’s not fucking their husbands when in all reality she never stopped in the first place. She only sleeps with married or taken men, she doesn’t have to self respect to try and get her own man! You will see her at bars stealing drinks or under tables servicing cocks. One of Newfoundland’s finest. Only 50% Inbred too.

See this nasty piece of sh1t Stacy? She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. She’s not above sucking an old man’s c0ck and fuking him to get ahead in her job. As a matter of fact she loves the smell of old wrinkly bengay sweat balls in her fucking mouth. And then she’ll fire anyone that doesn’t kiss her fat warty bum fungus a55. Or fuck it with a huge purple rubber dildo strap on. My husband was working in Northern Canada, and right after I gave birth to his brothers child I found out he was fucking this slore. They both ruined my life. Now I will ruin their’s. Now that her kids are raised she’s leaving the man who stepped up to the plate and filled in as Daddy (her first husband was lucky, he got away) and she’s on the move. If your husband/bf is even friendly with her she will pounce on them like a cat in heat. Beware –   her ego is bigger than her a55. And she will stop at nothing until other’s are as miserable as her pathetic existence.

This girl Alicia…. she got married in July of 2019. By August 2019 she was cheating on her husband that she had known since high school…. with someone else’s fiancé his name is Colt. She had ruined their engagement then made his ex look crazy by making stuff up in order to further manipulate him. She kept the affair hush for MONTHS (except for their friends group knew, which was a no brainer as they were all having orgies together in the forest) while her husband was away working his a55 off to pay for their house, cars, etc. And use to have her side pieces over to their house all the time. She paid for his booze and dates (again, her husbands money). She’s also an alcoholic and fed off of his issues and made them worse. Look tf out ladies, this ones a nasty one. Everytime I am Newfoundland and I need my dick wet and I go to Alicia’s I always make sure I pack with me what I have below.

The big bad kaitlyn. Wrap it up with this one I fucked her last year and I still pick scabs from my cock and balls from meeting this skank. I usually pick them off when I go to a buffet and keep the scabs in my pocket. Then I put them in the soup and salad at the buffet. Its funny watching people eat the std scabs. I especially laugh when I hear them crunch and or they have a pube in it and they pick it out LOL! Hpv Drd for the past 3 years. Like going out with 18 year old when this one is 30 year of age with 10 kids under her belt already!!!!. The word around corner brook her hole is like a beef bucked super special from Arby’s. Its raunchy fucking gross. No grip. You can fine kait at the corner brook cave when her social assistant check is out and her eager mouth is waiting for dick and crack/cocaine.

Kelsey And I spend Tyson’s Money on
Blow and hookers LOL

Kelsey been screwing every guy she comes across for a long time now. Her boyfriend Tyson has no idea. The whole time when I fuck Kelsey which is usually twice a day she screams so loud and tires me the fuck out. She is a bitch and a complainer alot too. She complains about Tyson. His dick is small, he stinks, he has massive shit stains that smell like niggers in his spiderman underwear ect She will complain that other women don’t like her because she steals from them ect…. This chick needs to go on doctor fucking Phil. Last time I nailed her I tried duct taping her mouth shut so I could at least think about her friends when I orgasmed. But Kelsey gnawed threw the tape. Just like we gnaw threw Tyson’s bank account to buy coke, beer, and escorts to join us for threesomes. Its a blast but she needs her vocal chords taken out and a heavy duty pressure washer to hose down her pussy and asshole ever hour. Bitch gets used.

Newfoundland 1

Nova Scotia 2

Abby from Nova Scotia Kentville to be exact likes to smoke the crack. Crack causes a short-lived, intense high that makes Abby fuck like a wild animal and suck dick like a hoover vaccuum on full blast plugged into a nuclear reactor generator but is immediately followed by the bitch begging for more and going to any cock no matter whose to obtain the addictive drug. She uses it often eats lots of pussy and sleeps in anyones bed that has it. Crack Heads Vaginas can experience greatly increased lip suction rate, muscle spasms and convulsions. The drug can make women feel pretty, self aware and hostile and like ramming any object you can find and ram it in Abby’s orfices if you have crack/cocaine—even when they aren’t high.

This bitch Mindy took it up the ass in the bush like the patriotic trooper she is. This whore drinks moonshine every night she is constantly going in the woods. She plays her “games” at the barn she sits by herself tweaking her clitoris with her Stone Cold Steve Austin lighter and let’s the men come to her, she plays hard to get then she gives head instantly after a few drinks, pool, pot, meth, oxycotton, sour soothers, pictures of faggots, liquor food, a big gooey load, if you will give it to her she will take it. She claims to be depressed and looking for love but that’s not true at all she just wants to fuck hairy ballsacks and drink she works as a hooker everyday so she’s probably always hung over. She goes back and forth between barn to barn she dances like a slut having a sperm overdose seizure and she talks to anyone with her jizz breath that approaches her she’s slept with married 70 year old men, taken men , if they are attractive she will fuck them! She never brings it home though because she claims she cares for her “great grandmothers sex change operation” yeah what a load of cum, This whore needs her grandfathers Cumshot in the eye. She also is extremely dumb to leave her phone SD card with all her slutty selfies accessible to anyone with a fast hand.

Cindy McChunkie and her used farm equipment buck shitskin nigger have introduced Yaromouth to Black Culture HIV.  This is Cindy from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia This fat lard ass tub of a slob is a home wrecking slore. Works at but really that’s her excuse to sit home all day on POF, eating bacon grease, and pick up multiple men hoping one of them will father her 14 kids. She tend to fuck niggers for their food stamps. Niggers get more welfare than real Canadians, due to their mental disability of being a nigger. Meanwhile leaving her kids alone to drink drain cleaner, so she can go meet these men. She will suck your lollipop for a nickle and give you a tickle with genital w**ts lard fingers.Shes giving the whole community drd’s from Yarmouth to Dartmouth. Good job Cindy here is a cheese burger,

I met Nicole when I was at the Potlotek Health Centre. She was there picking up her medicine for her massive flaming itchy burning herpes that she told me she had all over her ass and vag. She smelt like cat piss and horse shit. It was kind of hot while I dreamt of the herpes with that aroma. This girl is a lazy cock hungry mutt, she lays in bed all day with her rainbow brite vibrator, MILKING her illness itches to the maxi pad, she doesn’t feed her kids, she doesn’t clean there clothes or the house. The entire house REAKS of cat and human piss, There are Cum loads all over the place. Last time I was there I jizzed all over the lampshade and coffee table. It was still a lob of goo hanging there the next week I went there. She has shit the bed on multiple occasions(Usually too drunk and high the night before to remember to wear her diaper to bed), this is a 32 year old woman, she will put on a huge show for the first 3-4 weeks making it seem like she is a perfect woman, but it all changes when u get comfortable, shes a true yeasty smelling dirt bag. Often times she goes 5 days with no shower same clothes. That is so many loads of jizz in her and all over her thats sick.

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