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Arizona 4

July 28th, 2020

Holy makes a living sucking off old faggots at bus stops. When she is not doing that she is usually fucking high on meth. She use to be in a sexual relationship with Benjamin when they owned a cotton plantation together. She left Benji when she found out his sick four eyed zit face was fucking the nigger sows and wenches in the field. Now she is a crackwhore and a mess and running around Gila Bend living lord knows where? She is known human smuggler with ties to Mexican Faggot drug cartels and Jewish nigger farmers like Jerry Springer. She still gets nigger sows for Ben to achieve his sick perversion of fucking niggers. Her mouth is closed in all the photos she takes as if it isn’t full of cum (which it often is) Her fucking teeth are rotted and sharp like razor blades. She probably has rabies when she gives gummers it gets on your dick.. Stay away from Holly!

Since Niggers Are Considered To Be Too Stupid To hunt. The
Arizona Government Encourages Mexican Hunting. For
The Stupid Trailer Trash Rednecks When They Get
bored Of Fucking Their Sisters.

Arizona is also known for being the main destination for fucking beaner border hoppers, also known as “Mexicans”. Being right next to the border, they cleverly plot out a suicidal mission to cross the FUCKING HOT desert in DAY TIME to get jobs at the local Walmart and be a successful part of society. By doing so, they piss off the trailer trash class of remaining whites for taking their jobs. With this suicide mission to the land of the free, the State of Arizona and the liberals band together to welcome these parasites with various water stations to encourage friends and family to come along for the Pilgrimage. And people wonder why the numbers are increasing! Come winter, Arizona is plagued by Canadians, all unwanted transients delicately called “snowbirds” by local businesses catering to them. All “snowbirds” drive far too slow and drunk and most Canadians serve a bit of a purpose as they mistake Mexicans for bugs and just run over them, often killing them.. Most, to put it bluntly, are paler than the whitest cracker could possibly ever be. If actually local, that is. Actual direct sunlight never hits Canada; the sun never rises fully into the sky, and it shows in a Canuck’s pale face and limbs. This year, in order to prevent charges of racism, Arizona is also going to round us up some folks who look way too pale, too, and “check your papers”. Presence of a fake tan can result in additional felony charges. Look out, snow whitey.

This chick Jenna is married to some fag named Earl! Has three kids, an el camino, and wears depends diapers! Yet, she runs around on her husband with other married men! Most recently, the 63 year old cardiologist she works for at a Medical Center! Yea,! Sleeping with someone old enough to be her father!! This chick is clearly a mental case! You can just tell by her picture!! She loves being on her knees getting slapped in the face with multiple wieners. Guys piss and jizz on her as she rolls around barking like a dog singing the theme song to full house. Last time I seen Jenna in Phoenix she was downtown with some cops throwing bottles at Mexicans while they were smoking crack. Thats pretty bad ass!!!!

I would like to share my story regarding this skunk homewrecker. Her name is Jessica , she works at Taco Bell in Yuma as an illegal border jumper. This cheap hoe knowing my husband was married with kids did not give a dam and still would fuck around with my husband. She would slurp on his rod their was a fucking green card inside of it. When I confronted her over the phone she told me to go fuck my self with a pogo stick dildo. Yeah, like I was going to do that, he had pictures of her that she sent him, same skunky face from her facebook pictures so how can she tell me it was not her and she tried to blame another co-worker. Bitch is going to recognize. Bitch will recognize.

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Tucson 2

Found out my husband of 11 years was cheating on me with a new client of his from landscaping Kaylee,. little did he know his phone was connected to mine. so i found her on my whatsapp contacts. asked him he denied it. a couple days later i checked his phone, turns out he’s been talking to her on snapchat. i confronted him he lied obviously so i showed him the messages. i went bat crazy on him. i confronted her she sent him a msg on snap saying he got himself caught. i also found he sent her a 50 dollar giftcard to starbucks which she just used to buy booze. to shorten the story i was trying to contact her via msgs calls she was too scared to answer me. So I went to her fucking shitty apartment with a baseball bat and some crazy bitches I know that just got out of the clink. This Cheetah Kaylle ran like a little bitch. Shit streaks came out of her fucking cheetah bathing suit. I trashed her fucking apartment and left a big steamy shit on her coffee table. I took all her belongings to the pawn shotp. Pawned them IN MY OWN FUCKING NAME (whats this tart going to do) Bought meth and laughed at her fucking face. I am going to Bobbit my husbands penis when he gets home. Bitch.

Justin Bieber’s husband/wife Hailey is from Tucson. John Denver is also for the record not from West Virginia Roads or Denver. In fact he is from Tucson. For a city so large in population not really any famous people to boast about. Mostly just famous on America’s Most Wanted and or are illegal wetback border jumpers.

Jessie preys on married men especially those with money. She works at Vantage West Credit Union in Tucson, AZ and I have had the misfortune of working at this company with her for years.  Its a sick game of hers to try and get with rich married or committed men for the challenge. This old gold digging spinster stabs anyone she can in the back to get ahead at work. She uses people and lies and manipulates upper management to try and get her way. She has thrown me and others who she calls “friends” under the bus with lies so many times just to make herself look better. I have seen it too many times and she is now going after a married man here at work AGAIN and I think all women and men need to be warned of Jessie. She is in her mid 20’s and lives with her parents still. I know she is just trying to manipulate a man and get him trapped so she can use him. She must be so miserable with her sad little lonely life that she just tries to destroy others. STAY AWAY FROM HER. Don’t let her use you or hurt your family!

Known as DeWhore for a reason. She will even move in on her friend’s men if she is bored. She has ton of nudes on an anon porn site uploaded by people she has sent the nudes to. Her best lies are that she didn’t sleep with someone when she actually has fucked them in the past. She will entertain any man who messages her with whatever it takes to make her feel good and wanted. Her best friends talk shit about her to anyone who will listen which is kind of sad but at the same time hilarious. She had to stop dating guys in Tucson because she’s been passed around so much, and all thats left is stinky niggers and Mexicans and she can not afford drugs strong enough to make her stupid enough to go near one. Watch out for Deanna in Tucson. Whore extrodanair.

Phoenix 2

This b**ch Taylor works at the gas station that sells meth and specializes in Illegal human trafficking in Peoria. She decided to sleep with my husband while she’s also married. Knowing me and my husband are married. She has no remorse for what she’s done. She got drunk and he fucked her bent over in a field while they drank pabst 45 together. He was wasted. It was at some redneck tail gate party. She was crying on his shoulders and complaining about her husband who she said was abusive and controlling and had a small wiener. She couldn’t go find her own man so she slept with mine? We’ve been married 9 yrs and have 4 kids and I’m pregnant with baby #5 but who cares as long as she gets to fuck. She has no remorse and obviously no fu**ing self respect. My husband blacked out doesn’t even remember how he got home. 

For 8 months Autumn slept with my husband knowing he was married. She must of thought he had money not knowing we barely makes it paycheck to paycheck because he spends all the money on crack and Cheap Mexican Hookers. He told me he had to work late for valentines when in reality he was with her giving his ass fungal shit to her stinky box. And they had the nerve to take my daughter on a date. He stopped being a father to spend more time with her and she was ok with it. She works in the drug business to sleep with vulnerable users.


My husband had mentioned Ashleigh that four eyed fucking skank to me as someone who worked for a business that his did a lot of work with. Then he tells me he inadvertently got her fired and she e-mailed him saying she would ruin his life… two days later I get a message on instagram saying they had an affair. The info she had was the same a friend would have and she sent me screenshots of texts without his phone number on it so who knows if it’s real or she just changed the name. Either way she tried to wreck my home knowing we have three kids. So to get back at her I went to her house and beat her fucking blind in a wheel chair grandmother. Thats showing my power bitch!!!! Get thicker glasses you fucking horse face maybe next time you will see it coming.

Doesn’t Fell So Fresh Downstairs and Doches Her Vag in Fish Tanks

Raina the babysitter and teacher from Tucson doesn’t fell so fresh downstairs. Mainly because she douches her gross vagina in that fucking fish tank behind her all the time. She loves to have the fish nibble on her clit it makes her feel special – who confessed to being a Tindr regular – is a young dumb girl who thought it was a good idea to pursue an unavailable husband and father twice her age. The man fact she does this is she likes old saggy wrinkly balls in her face and chicken noodle soup. She was overheard pleading for him to leave his wife and children, and assuring him that the children would be better for it. Barely an adult, she has demonstrated that she is a massive crack whore who beats up Mexican kids for sport. Raina is a garden-variety low class, woman-hating, depressed and ugly homewrecker who deserves every humiliation and breakup she is destined to encounter. Karma is pronounced “ha ha ha ha ha.” Clean your box you stinky bitch.

I think if you are willingly hanging out with a nigger and the nigger commits a crime you should be charged with intent. No one can say they had no idea that the nigger had criminal intentions. They all do! Association with a nigger should be automatic aiding and abetting.

Jesus Isabal
Takes big shits in public bathroom sinks and takes pictures. Then posts the pictures on Christian dating sites and Taylor Swift Fan Pages.

This fat and ugly dude is Jesus of Tucson, right here goes by the name YUCK MOUTH because all his teeth are rotten from eating black women vagina and is disgusting to look at. If he gets rejected by a female then he’ll stalk them to see where they live and then masterbate outside their window at night in his moms dress. He’ll stalk them on social media, take their pictures to whack off to on the toilet, and make fake profiles of them on He’ll even go to the extent of finding out the phone numbers of the family members and start harassing them by playing gay porno movie sounds on their voicemailsl. He’s a psychopath that needs help. He’s a low life kid that still lives at home with mommy and his dog that he fucks nightly with ky jelly and has no friends. He’ll say that he has friends but those “friends” don’t even like him and are too busy playing space trek games with spock skywalker. As soon as he sees the person that he’s harassing or their family members he’ll run the other way. Dudes need to watch out if they get with him because he’ll do the same thing. One time Jesus broke into my grandmothers apartment stole her Monistat 7 Yeast Infection cream. He then rubbed the cream on a cigarette. Then he smoked it and he said he got really fucking high.

This ugly buck groid wants a little white girl with his KFC Mega Meal.

When niggers are around trouble always seems to follow. And Aids. And Cops. And Herpes. And Foul Body Odor.

Snakey Herpes Bitch Melynda is an ugly JEWISH troll face fucking sick.  I got one of the most worst, stupidest horny loves dildos in her asshole females you’ll ever encounter in Tucson, AZ. Her name is Melynda Marie Apalategui she will lick your jizz off the carpet and the walls while she crawls around on all four wearing a glad trash bag dress with CUM SLUT written in felt on her forehead. When she was talking to my friend Gio Calle after his sex change, she said the reason why she didn’t text him was because his 2 inch penis wouldn’t cut the mustard. She was training her new dog Thor to lick strawberry jam off her crusty pussy. Who stops texting somebody over a dog and a gushing orgasm? It’s so easy to text somebody while you or your dog are fiddling your mudflaps. She kept asking him for money to support her heroin habit, which he didn’t know about minus the track marks on her arms and pussy lips. Then come to find out that she had a foureyed fat fuck boyfriend the whole time. And then she tried to have him beat up because she didn’t want him telling anyone about her green anal warts. She is liar and a crystal meth user. Plus she is known to sleep with anyone for money.  She think she is the hot pornographic whack your load to America stuff when in fact she like a low class hooker who niggers purchase on welfare day with food stamps. Plus I heard she has super herpes. Stay away from this chick. She is pregnant now I knocked that bitch up in Tucson. I told her my name was Bill Cosby.


This shameless “woman” Alma loves to hook up, flirt, and send naked pics of herself with married men and men in relationships. She has no respect for herself or any one else, as she loves to go after unavailable men that she works with at a bank corporation. She steals from the bank all the time so we can get high and smoke crack and fuck all day in luxury hotel rooms!!!! Her last project she funded with stolen money from the bank was a meth lab for this beaner brothers Paco and Sanchez. They are 2 homosexual mexican brothers who get high as fuck on meth dress up like clowns and have lots of anal sex in their yard outside the trailer. Alma watches it and eats popcorn sitting in a lawn chair and loves it!

This “lovely” homewrecker Amber is goes to ASU in Phoenix and is about as classy as they come! I am a shitty mother of one and have a wonderful husband who I have been using for 4 years now. We communicate about everything and have no issues talking about which dildo we like better. This girl has been attempting to message my husband off and on for a few months. We first tried asking her to fuck off or I would break her stupid horse fucking face in. We decided to block her number and block her on all social media accounts including all our porn sites. She then decided to create a fake number and Facebook in yet another attempt to message my husband so her horse teeth could gnaw on his ballsack. She then got her my little pony retard friends to message myself and my husband, harassing us. Leaving flaming bags of shit on our porch We had to go as far as contacting the police to get it all to stop. After a little digging I found out she does this all the time. She seems to not be able to stay away from people in a relationship. It does not matter if the guy is married, has kids, or is just dating someone, she will attempt to snake her way into the picture.

This woman Vivi approached a married man, befriending him knowing he was married with two children and a baby on the way. Her history from mutual friends have confirmed he is not the only and has messed around with unavailable men before. When the truth came out, the teen daughter reached out calling her a homewrecker, and this woman’s response was “haha that’s right, I’m that b” she has not only destroyed a marriage, but a relationship between a father and his kids. She has no morals, no respect for marriage or herself. She is an avid patron at bars in the Phoenix area getting gang fucked by dudes nightly for coke. Her fake fucking tits and horse teeth drenched in piss all the time. She reeks like a cats asshole after it pisses and shit. Vivi has an arrest warrant too for bad exposure after getting caught getting butt hacked by some old dude in the park. Watch out for Vivi she is a tramp that has ass radiation puss which shoots out her asshole and can cause the plague. Dirty bitch.

This woman Maleni is married with 4 kids but wants a green card and a husband with a real job and one who doesn’t mow lawns or pick lettuce, and while she was in jail on 1st degree murder charges(For apparently killing a faggot) she was sending hard core lesbian muff diving jail house porno videos to my then boyfriend (now ex- husband) even after being told we were engaged and expecting our first child. I must admit I masterbated to a lot of the dildo scenes that she made as they were fantastic. It is nice in the part that a stupid immigrant who can’t even read or shower can be so skilled at eating out vagina.

Beaners fucking hate niggers. Look at those guacamole bowl hair cuts on those spics lol.

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She keeps trying to be with someone who is married. This four eyed eyebrow painting bitch Noelle is using the fact that they are good friends to make the husband feel like he has to choose. She invites him to do double dates then says never mind don’t bring your wife I can’t stand her (they’ve never met), continues to try to have something with him and cause problems with them she doesn’t care has been trying for years as soon as she finds herself feeling bored/single . They were caught having something before being married not that the marriage has been able to get through everything she’s back single and trying to break things up. Plus she leaves used tampons on park benches where old people sit to feed duck. Bitch.

Fucks the Garbage Man Cliff At The Dump

Marcia from Nogales cheats while her husband (a fireman) is at work.. She rams the whole fucking beer bottle up her snatch. If you show up at her with a house with a 6 pack when her husband goes to work, that is 6 bottles she fuks her self with. Bring 12 same thing. Bring a keg…. God you will be there for a week watching her maneuver that keg up her orfices while dudes hoot and holler. Throw money at her, jerk off, and video tape it for teenage boys to watch for jerk off to. She Loves married men, goes as far as denying affairs to wives and befriending affair partners family… Has no respect for herself! Do Not Trust Her! She is so sleezy she goes to the garbage dump and fucks Cliff the dump truck driver in the garbage and lets the fucking sea gulls peck her as he fends of rats from his dick and her muff as he tries to score. Garbage Crotch Marcia is a fucking bitch Flat out that simple.

Their Brothers Mow Lawns In the USA But These Bitches Don’t Shave Their Bushes.

Hello these moldy bitches are The Dirty Sanchez Twins of Yuma, Arizona. They tell everyone they are Christian Mexican virgins but the whores are fucking my Husband and I found out about it in 2016 started when they were claiming to be 18 and my husband was thirty-eight. To make matters worse my Husband just lost his job as a gay male film star after contracting HIV from a nigger who thought he was a blow up doll. You can find these sluts roaming Yuma looking for their next pole to fight over and eat the sour cream out of. Dirty Whores. Plus they are here illegally so hopefully ICE gets them. These Mexicans dont want their own stinky men so come here for ours, sick beaner hoes.

Best lay in Arizona but smokes way too much crack with homeless people in the park

I found out the man I’ve been with for 4 years, who I thought was absolutely perfect and that I could build a future with has been cheating with 2 coworkers for at least a year one is a fucking dude. They both knew about me and fucking laughed at me. Must be easier to remember?). From what I read, Shawn (my panhandling crackhead child porn watching boyfriend) insinuates that he loves this one. He would tell me he’d be home at 5 or 6 but message her that he was off early and they’d go meet, fuck in my car or at my house I got from the settlement from Bill Cosby. Shawn and I had broken up a million times, any one of those he could’ve said, “I’m seeing someone else and I’m done.” I told him when we first started dating to be open and honest if he wanted to sleep with someone else. I kept trying to make it work when we would get back together. It hurt that he would always be meeting with his “work buddies” and never invite me. Now I know why. Good luck to them, I hope their future together is garbage like they are. And the mold from her vagina causes asbestos to their new cardboard box home.

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Arizona 2

Alexis Chews on Urinal Mints From Mens Bathrooms In Sleezy Biker Bars

Alexis was one of my hos in Winslow. Bitch didn’t pay up and stole me drugs. Last I seen her she was all pissed up drunk with a Navajo native guy named Butch Kone. Must be broke as fuck I heard she was skanking her ass out for nickles in some dive bar. So broke she sneaks into the mens washroom to steal the urinal mints (You know those things you aim to piss on) She uses those chews on them like a peppermint patty. I guess the toxins get you just fucked up like huffing gas or smoking meth. Alexis also has this yellow fungus crust that grows on her snatch and the rim of her asshole. Its fucking sick. The shit crust is so hard on her ass that the shit shards are like chunks of glass so it cuts the cheeks and makes it bleed. Adds extra flow to her seldom periods. She is pregnant all the time. If her dad or brothers are out of jail or out on bond.

Jennifer Once worked as a Tampon Consultant for Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and John Legend.

Jennifer hangs around casinos and safe injection sites trying to get men to give her money, a ride, drugs or anything because she is a homeless hag and she steals from the Solomon food bank. She likes to tell a sob story just to make people feel sorry for her when in reality she is nothing but a floozy working the casino. Her pussy stinks like faggot cum and guacamole She will steal your maxi pads used or new to use or to sniff and save for later. She use to hang them on her fridge at her motel room until she got evicted for raping a dog. Now she wears maxi pads and tampons as ear rings like a fucking drag queen whore. She is a good manipulator but only when it comes to blind fools or crack addicts. She only ever puts make up on her ugly mug when she thinks she can trap a dude. What’s worse is this whore has 5 kids that she got taken away by the state cause she is too busy spreading her legs or getting high to actually raise her babies. She likes to call herself whatever name is on the pizza deliver order which when you look at her picture is a sad and pathetic attempt to boost her own non existent ego. She is trash and a thief. If she comes to your house better lock up your valuables and nail your sh1t down. 

Korynne’s Ass Cheeks Are Perma-Cemented Together with her crust rock hard shit. She never wipes her ass. Shes an Outlaw.

This is Korynne and She destroyed a marriage and there were kids involved!! Not only that but she was friends with the wife!!! She hops from one relationship to the next. If she wouldn’t have messed with the husband the couple would have worked it out! Korynne doesn’t just stop there she goes to pet stores and rapes all the puppies with a strap on dildo she borrowed from some homeless nigger that she always smokes crack with. Korynne shits wherever she feels like it poos on the streets every fucking where. Never wipes her ass too Permanent Shit Crust as hard as cement glue these girls ass cheeks together. The poo that she lays out oozes out like playdough in those push machines. Its really fucking gross and smelly. No wonder there are never flies at the dump they are always circling Korynnes asshole and moldy pussy.

Stole Money From That Crazy Nigger J-Fresh

Kristin was a pig to begin with and then she fucked a nigger now she is a methhead and has AIDS. No body wants her she is considered trash but so is any chick that fucks niggers. Would you be friends or associate with someone who fucks a dog? or a child? Of course not they are filth.  This Tweaking bitch Kristin Garcia stole presents from my homie’s 1 year old niglet and $2,000 he jacked from some white bitch at the liquor store. J-Fresh be trippin’ mad word. I can’t wait till karma bites her in the ass. She’s a dirty fat chick that tweaks in front of her child. She should be ashamed of her self. I wonder what her family is gonna think. If anyone has any information drop a line to all the niggers in cell block 6. The thugs want to all rape this whales folds before they get their money back. Remember after all even the fattest sickest ugliest fucking white woman is better than any woman with a drop of Nigger DNA to those niggers.

Amy you fucking 2 face slore that fuked everyone and they dude she a home recker that has dnt have lupis she a convoleing lair she fuking my baby daddy I was three months prego and she ,made me lose my baby this girl is all bad new she puts up a front and looki for a hand out .. she trys to run ur shit u pay for and tell u what to do she bald head scally wage … sh1t she should sell her a55 instead of handing it oout how she do what ur man around her or shell take ur man like she did mine on sight all I can say keep my name oiut ur mouth I really don’t know what all that mean shit about Amy that was blurbbed there. But Amy was born Mark and has a penis. This creature hides in canyons in Arizona and attacks tourists. It jumps out like the meth head it is spreads its hairy ass cheeks and sprays tourists with diarreah splatter spray. It is a skunk marking its territory. Be aware of Amy or Mark or whatever it goes by. It is always high on meth and is very unpredictable. Hence the stupid tattoos and breath of anal sewage.

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If that wall was built and strong this could of been prevented you know.

The Tucson Trucker Dyke to all the guys in Tucson, AZ, please watch out for Jacynda Monique Apalategui,. She has downs syndrom and has had anal wart[removed]s twice and has slept with almost every blind guy in Tucson and infected 45 guys I know of. When she was at Sunnyside High School, she slept with all her fucking teachers. She is also bisexual and fucks her own sister Melynda while their dad butt humps their grandfather while they watch Scooby Doo together. And man she is ditch pig trucker puke fucking ugly with big troll nose. She likes to take old men’s money and lives off their old age pension. She wants to find a homeless man (can picker) to live in Paradise Valley, AZ. She is a racist and hates blacks with a passion. She likes to call black people the Nigger Shitskinned Spook vermin and was once fired from a pornographic Video for using racial slurs because even as ugly as she is wont fuck an animal nigger. She has a criminal record for crack and is a known thief. Plus she loves showing off her library card, LMAO!! She will steal from you. She will burglarized your house and take shit from there and blame niggers. My man Jose Pedro Gonzales the Third was attacked by her because he is a spic Nigger. Typical Tucson trash who’s mother is an Ethiopian and whore herself. So please, it would be in the best interests to stay away from her genital burning warts.

 Mr Dennis Karle who goes to Phoenix Walmarts with his neighbor’s dog and fucks it in the music section is a danger to the general population of Aguila and all of AZ. This big stupid Baboon Closet Faggot Negroid Neglects his kid but worships his neighbor’s dog and once was arrested for attacking the paying john fucking his overweight mother and a couple of his own brothers with an axe he stole from Homo Depot back in 2009. Does crack and listens to the spice girls while jerking off and sits on his fat ass playing pokemon video games, eating filibertos and watches WWE, jerry springer and maury povich. Beats his girlfriends fathers dicks to climax and is a deadbeat to his kids. Got kicked out by his girlfriend in Mesa low income crack nigger housing now he is back in Aguila so watch out!

Krista Murphy is a baby machine who shits out nuggets of corn for fun. She meets random dudes when she is high on crack, without any prior knowledge of the man, an sleeps with them on the first night so the dude can drain his load in or on her. She has 7 kids with 7 different baby-daddys which all she treats like a meal tickets so she can buy more crack and birth control for her dog. Her latest monthly visit to the abortion clinic(where they know her by name) was with a guy she only knew for less than 24 hours, the dude was her great uncle Charlie. LADYS BEWARE..THIS HOME WRECKER WILL SLEEP WITH ANYONE WHO IS FLIPPING HER BILL including the Fed Ex dude..She also puts men in jail after she puts them through the ringer and cant take anymore from them and leave them drug addicted and a mess. The bitch licks others piss off the toilet seat and takes a picture for her mom. Then she fingers her asshole with a toothbrush and shoves the tube of toothpaste up her stinky bum hole for fun.

Craig Pritchert and Nova Guthrie

  Craig Pritchert and Nova Guthrie were two armed bank robbers. They robbed banks across the western United States from 1997-2000. The heists took place in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. They got at least 12 banks that authorities know about.
  Craig and Nova were not your typical bank robbers. Craig use to be a college baseball star and Nova was a biology major.
  Pritchard started robbing banks before he met Nova. After college he realized why get a fucking a job and just robbed banks instead. But he eventually got caught in Arizona and served 5 years in the can for it. While in jail instead of bettering and rehabilitating himself for when he got out. He just studied hard at stealing from banks.
  When he got released he met Nova and they started robbing banks together. They studied the banks while before they did their jobs too. Always hitting it at opening or closing time. Nova always stayed outside of the bank with a police scanner and would notify Craig if the pigs were around. With their earnings from the banks they went on trips to ski resorts and other holidays. So these weren’t crack heads robbing the local Kwik E mart by no means. After figuring out that they were wanted they fucked off and had only been seen once at a hockey game in Nova Scotia.

Captured- A South African tourist while vacationing in the states seen a wanted poster of Craig and Nova. He told authorities that the 2 were living in Cape Town. Nova was a night club manager and Craig spent most of his time trading stocks on the Internet. They were flown back to the states and sentenced to jail. Nova got 10 years and has since been released and started work as a yoga teacher in Redmond, Washington. Craig got 22 and a half years and is still in jail.


Robert Fisher

What Fisher may look like today

Robert William Fisher. A man who is just the same and in the likes of William Bradford Bishop and John List. Fisher killed his wife and 2 children on April 10th, 2001 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
When his family went to bed Robert first shot his wife Mary in the head and then slit her throat. He then went and slit the throats of both his children. He then disconnected the house’s furnace gas line and then used a candle to make an explosion. There was also  more gas found in the bedrooms. He then left and hasn’t been seen since.
Everyone thought he was a loving father and had a good marriage but that was farther from the truth. He was apparently very controlling and Robert and Mary argued often. Robert had an affair a year earlier and contracted an STD from a woman at a rub and tug (Massage Parlour). He was kicked out of the house for awhile for that one. Can’t really blame the wife. Mary had also told friends that she was thinking about divorcing Robert.. Robert didn’t believe in divorce because of the children and Robert’s own parents divorced. Robert how ever does believe in fucking around on your wife and murder though.

Mary Fisher- 38 year old wife of Robert. Mary and Robert met in high school and had been married for 16 years.
Britney Fisher- 12 year old daughter of Robert
Bobby Fisher 10 year old son of Robert.

There has been some speculation that Robert had committed suicide after the murders. But many people including the police believe he is well and alive somewhere.

Robert Fisher a navy veteran was born April 13th, 1961in Brooklyn, New York and is an avid outdoorsman. He worked as a respiratory therapist. He chews tobacco and has a gold crown on his upper left canine tooth. He also has surgical scars on his lower back Fisher is on the FBI’s ten most wanted list and is believed to still be on the run. There have been 100s of leads but nothing concrete on this piece of shits whereabouts.

Sightings and believed sightings- In 2004 a man resembling a strong appearance to Fisher was arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia. After getting fingerprinted it was found out not to be him. In 2014 police raided a house in Commerce City, Colorado where Fisher was believed to be hiding in. Turns out it was a hoax.


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