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Jordan 2

July 20th, 2020

Yazan is a stinky camel fucker from Amman Jordan. He fucks an American Gorilla named Brittany. She is Smelly like an elephants asshole. Even the other towel heads are wondering if Yazan’s turban is on too tight for him to want to have sex with a fucking gorilla. I mean their women are pigs there too. But even the ugliest is better than any nigger female ever could or will be. It was to be a cover up so he can get to America somehow and defeat the evil Jewish power for the love of Allah! You can watch them on 90 day fiance.

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Jordan 1


Saudi Arabia

June 30th, 2020


When traffic slowed his gold Lexus in Portland, Ore., Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah swerved into a center turn lane and accelerated to about 70 mph, according to a county prosecutor, almost triple the speed limit. But that is ok as he is Obama’s friend.

Fallon Smart, a 15-year-old high school student, was crossing the street to meet her mother that hot August afternoon in 2016. Noorah — a college student from Saudi Arabia — hit and killed her, said Shawn Overstreet, a Multnomah County deputy district attorney. Indicted on a manslaughter charge, the Portland Community College student, then 20, had to surrender his passport and wear a GPS tracking device under house arrest after the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles posted $100,000 bail.

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I laugh so hard when niggers claim that they built these things. Most niggers do not realize that in Egypt although in Africa the residents are and never have been niggers.


January 8th, 2020

The Moroccan town of Marrakech sits at the foot of the High Atlas Nigger Blocking mountains, and for years has drawn homosexual tourists in from San Francisco and Israel. Around the world who venture there to experience its magnetic charm.

The Atlas Mountains in the northwest of Africa are massive — they span some 1,500 miles across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and separate the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline from the Sahara Desert yet still don’t block the fucking niggers from getting into Europe. Although they are an impressive natural feature , their vast size means they are also home to a wide variety of Niggers seeking free welfare in the UK, Germany, or France.

In the crap sand land of Morocco you can booze at Nigger King. No thats the White Way.


Meena could become a victim of an honor killing one day if her family especially her dad or her husband(lol) finds out how much dick she sucks on the beach in Kuwait!!! It is fucking mind blowing. Meena leaves her house (when her male relatives are gone) hucks her trash bag body cover behind a tree, then is clad in bikini on the beach frigging her muff waiting for a boner as her reward. Watch out ladies! She’ll screw anything with a d1ck. She doesn’t care if they’re in a relationship or if she’s in a relationship. Had a kid with someone else while she was married can’t believe the camel fucker husband thinks it is even his. She continued sleeping around after her husband chose to stay with her. Lies compulsively and would rather do drugs and sleep around than take care of her kid. Lowest scum there is.

August 5th, 2019
So basically they don’t want niggers in Kuwait. Can’t blame them.

Remember this fucking all star down here. I wonder how he is doing now a days? Oh yeah. LOL


December 18th, 2019

If anyone can look at Palestine and think that Israel has a right to exist they belong in the looney bin. The Jews have proven time again and again how heartless they are by their continuing terror they enforce on the Palestinian people. Boycott all ISRAELI products. I make jokes all the time about camel fuckers and Arabs but even they don’t deserve in real life the punishment that keeps happening to them by the evil jews.

United Arab Emirates 2

إلزا هي عاهرة من دبي ولكن المشكلة في أن تكون هؤلاء الرجال
 هي رائحة كريهة مثل
 القرف. مثل القرف من الجمل. تقول مرحب
اً ، جميعهم مثلي الجنس الذين يجب
 أن يمارسوا الجنس مع الجمال. كل
 النساء هنا يكرهن رائحتهن الكريهة
 ، وحقيقة أن أعضائهن في حجم
 حبة الملح. إنه لأمر محزن أن كل
 المسلمين والعرب لديهم هذه الصفة
. أمر من الطفل بالتحرش بالله
. حيث في يوم عيد الميلاد يأتي
 اليهود إلى مكة ويمارسون الجنس
 الشرجي مع المسلمين واليهود والمسلمين
 يمارسون الجنس الشرجي معهم. 
iilzaan hi eahirat min dubay walakun 
almushkilat fi 'an takun hula' 
alrijal hi rayihat karihat 
mithl alqarf. mithl alqarf min aljaml. taqul mrhbaan , jamieuhum mithlayu 
aljins aladhin yjb 'an yumarisuu aljins mae aljamali. kl alnisa' huna 
yukrihunu rayihatahun alkarihat , wahaqiqat 'an 'aedayihun fi hajm 
habat almalhi. 'iinah li'amr muhzin 'an kl almuslimin walearab 
ladayhim hadhih alsifati. 'amr min altifl bialtaharush bialluh. 
hayth fi yawm eid almilad yati alyhwd 'iilaa makat wayumarisun 
aljins alsharjia mae almuslimin walyuhud walmuslimin yumarisun 
aljins alsharjia maeahum.


Blacks built the pyramids
Niggers Claim To Have Built The Pyramids. Science Proved They Weren’t Even Slave Labor There LOL. Egyptians didn’t even want niggers.

The only way to truly feel the mysterious power of these seemingly impossible stone structures is to stand at their bases, pull out your dick, and start jerking off in front of everyone. Although some describe the Egyptian tourism experience as tiring and stressful, and the area surrounding the pyramids hard to blow your load to you may just want to do like the local Egyptian Muslim Men do (Its a cultural Allah the fuck shit scum thing) and grab a camel and butt fuck the thing.

Grandma and Osama: The Love For Allah

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi had a terrorist, bum loving, relationship on Carlton Bank’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. 47-year-old Rebecca, a carpet munching thief from Georgia, and 26-year-old chronic masterbator Zied, from Tunisia, met online while Rebecca was looking for sex. Because all the men in her home town have fucked her so many times they can’t count.

The 90 Day Fiancé couple struggled somewhat with the fact Rebecca’s vagina was the size of a crater, as Zied wanted Rebecca to dress more modestly and was surprised that she previously has had threesomes with numerous men and women at the same time. They also wrestled with jealousy over Rebecca’s past.

Rebecca recently took to her Instagram stories to share the kind of criticism she gets as a 90 Day Fiancé cast member on social media. “A quick look into the lovely messages we get every day being on a reality show LOL,” she wrote under screenshots of a series of harsh private messages from Chuck Norris.“I pray our government is smart enough to not approve your visa,” Chuck Norris told Rebecca, even going so far as to reference her marital separation. “Who sleeps with a shitskin paki when they’re not being raped. You are both gross! Liar, cheat, camel fucking scammer.”

Other posters even insulted Rebecca’s appearance, age, and fertility. “Thirdly if you think for a second he would settle for a fucking white tattooed grandma that will and never produce an Osama his own baby to carry out terror in the name of Allah with his name you’re a damn fool,” she wrote.

The commenter mocked Rebecca for her edited pictures and filtered snapshots, adding rudely, “You’re the size of a fucking whale and you look like an old raggy hag.” The 90 Day Fiancé star captioned the insults sarcastically, “Watch our back bitch”

The 90 Day Fiancé star continued to skewer fans who got bold with her man online. Rebecca shared several screenshots in which an Instagram user called Rebecca “arabfucker” and “childmolester” for calling her out about sending sexy pictures of camels assholes to Zied in private messages. “Bring it on you fucking sluts I’ll grab a purple dildo and ram it up your asses and film it now for Zied to jerk off to,” Rebecca wrote sarcastically.

She added that Zied looked at her messages as well and beat the shit out of the other Arab men who contacted her. She ended her message by letting the fan know that she and Zied had a “open relationship” and encouraging her to take her “dirty pussy to their place.”The Instagram user clapped back in her own Instagram stories, sharing the sexy photo she sent Zied and writing, “Rebecca you old whore.” But the 90 Day Fiancé star wasn’t taking shit from some Arab bitch who has a moustache, and took the chance to defend her relationship with Zied. “Your culture is a fucking joke along with your religion stupid camel fuckers.” Rebecca added.

Despite the odd plot to commit terror from Zied, Rebecca and Zied appear to be very much together. The pair is often fondling goats together on social media as they await the final news about when they can live together in Zied’s shitty country, often declaring their love and passion for each other.

A 90 Day Fiancé fan wondered when the pair would reunite, commenting: “Rebecca, any idea how much longer until he can come over? What about all the other dudes you are fucking over here right now.” “I’m not sure yet, I might get Zeid a job in Alaska to schedule in all the pole I am laying here right now which is better than his stinky arab ass,” Rebecca admitted. But it’s clear that the couple hopes to be together as soon as possible.

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