Andy Cohen: I’m Not Fucking Gay!! My Boyfriend Is!

Andrew Homo Joseph Cohen (born June 2, 1968) is an American Homo and radio and television talk show host, producer and homo, and writer oh yeah he is a homo too did I mention that?. He is the host and executive producer of Jamie Foxx’s late night talk show, “Watch What Gets Rammed Up The Asshole of Andy Cohen“. Cohen also has a pop culture channel on SiriusXM Radio named Tunes to Pack Fudge To. He hosts a two-hour live show with co-host Don Lemon twice a week and they talk about mens testicles. Cohen served as an executive vice president of Development and Talent with Gay Talk Magazine until 2013, when he was fired for smoking meth and having sex with the janitor in a broom closet. He was responsible for shitting on the floor in public bathrooms, having sex with male mannequins at Macy’s, and identifying as a gender no one has heard of to stir controversy. Cohen also served as dick handler for Bill Cosby on the Set of the Cosby Show in the early 90s. He continues to serve as an executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise which is fitting as it is a show faggots would like.

Andy was born in St. Louis, Missouri to Evelyn and Bernie Sanders. He has a sister. He is Jewish which explains why the is on tv yet still sucking, and his sexuality is part of being Jew. Cohen is the first(and hopefully last) openly gay host of an American late-night talk show. In December 2018, he announced he would become a father in 2019 with the help of a surrogate. Which should be illegal but what can you do. Cohen was diagnosed with Rectal Warts on March 21, 2020. He successfully scraped them from his rectum with a rusty hook, put it grinded up on some corn flakes, and shared them with his new gay lover Anderson Cooper right before he did him up the pooper!!..


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