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This Albanian whore of a woman Renata is a prowler and likes to keep as many men as possible in her net so they can be used to take care of whatever she needs. She has perfected the victim persona and makes men feel like they need to rescue her, but its all a deceitful and cunning front. She has ruined many men and their families because she has no morals or conscience for other people. She’s a user and manipulator through and through so here is your warning. Google her long and extensive rap sheet from Athens to Budapest. She loves to hook up with married men and milk them emotionally and financially. She has so many drug, legal, financial and personal issues, she burns every man out which keeps her on the hunt to lure the next man in. If you want to avoid pure misery, steer clear of this man eater! Her merchandise isn’t worth it by a long shot!

If anyone wants a free piece of a55 you can find this whore bag Anjola bartending at any of the dive bars in Tirana. She wasn’t even divorced from her husband before she started fuking my now ex husband. She is nasty as fuk. As long as they have a d1ck she will ride it. Guess you got to be a slore to make a living since you have nothing else to offer. Keep whoring around, it’s all you’re good at! Oh and all the guys who are sleeping with her are saying how nasty she is and how she stinks, what a nice rep! At 31 you would think she would have a better job but nah keeping it classy working the bar at night then riding d1cks after. 

Albania 3

Whitney is a Registered Nurse in Tirana. She’s known for sleeping with married men & guys with girlfriends. She seems lonely & desperate! This slore was once married for a couple of years, until her ex-husband found out about her being a sloot & divorced her. She’s got no morals, she gives no fucks if she’s tearing a family apart. This trifling sloot lies a lot, despite claiming to be a Christian & an evangelist. She’s been caught sending nude videos of herself using a vibrator and other explicit photos, while fucking and sucking everything on the block. Her track record shows that she favors married men. If your looking for an easy cheat, she’s your person. Give her a call she’ll probably suck your d1ck!

Marsha is clearly an opportunist and if she thinks your life is appealing, she will throw down everything to get your husband away from his wife and family with a show stopping performance as if she is the answer to his dreams. In reality she will be your worst nightmare because you will find there are no limits this sl00t will go to get her hands on what youve earned. Her greediness comes right to the top and she has been known to rob people as soon as their back is turned. She is a serial liar, a long time criminal, and pill popping drug addict. Hooking up with Marsha is known to be the lowest rung on the ladder.

November 22nd, 2020

November 15th, 2020

September 16th, 2020

Nikole (Nikki) from Durres is a conniving, manipulating, sorry excuse for a female. She goes through men like they’re water. She will flirt with married men and men who are in relationships. She has no respect for anyone, and it’s doubtful she has any respect for herself. She texts my husband into the wee hours of the night. I’ve found naked pictures of her on his phone. Thanks to her trying to shove her nasty ass into my marriage, I am now considering divorce. Women like this are garbage and give our gender and loser country a bad name. Nikole (Nikki) nga Durrësi është një justifikim kuptues, manipulues, më vjen keq për një femër. Ajo kalon nëpër burra sikur janë ujë. Ajo do të flirtojë me burra të martuar dhe burra që janë në lidhje. Ajo nuk ka respekt për askënd, dhe është e dyshimtë që ajo ka ndonjë respekt për veten e saj. Ajo i dërgon mesazhe burrit tim në orët e para të natës. Kam gjetur fotografi të zhveshura të saj në telefonin e tij. Falë saj duke u përpjekur të fusë në martesën time bythën e saj të keqe, tani po mendoj për divorc. Gratë si kjo janë mbeturina dhe i japin gjinisë dhe vendit tonë të humbur një emër të keq.

Albania 2

May 20th, 2020

This nasty piece of crap is Ajola of Durres. She proceeded to have an affair with a married man, and yes she knew he was married. Because she trained with his wife how to suck cock with her father in her barn! She also failed to mention her STDs she had and passed them to numerous villages. Luckily the wife didn’t live long enough to find out as she was ate by a bear or an eagle or the bullet that was meant for some other bitch. Look out for her, she knows no bounds and has a pussy that looks like a clogged toilet. She leads men on and then goes to the wife of that married man and sticks a rusty pitchfork up their fucking pussy and yells HEIL HITLER!!! She is a real skank and the only reason men keep her around is because they already have the STD now.

This bitch Besjana knows this man Igor has girl and still doesn’t care. She suck on his lenght of testicles and shaft in mouth. Who gives a man head without camera to make porn for American negro to dream of white woman. For we take his welfare monies..Besjna act often with trait of gypsie jew. PURE EVIL And she has the audacity to believe he’s going to leave his girl for her… Please help me laugh at this bitch qe ben seks me kuaj. Just filth like food of pig in barn her slop from vagina brownish black like mud and negro. You gross Besjana gros gross gross. I hope you get contaminanted with Jew disease of being jew

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I almost forgot Albania existed until about 5 minutes ago when an Albanian meth head jacked me for crack on the subway in New York City. No offense, it’s just a really small country surrounded by more interesting countries. And no one has ever said, “Gee, I really wish we’d visited Albania this time.” I though of Albania too last year when I got a blow job from an Albanian hooker. Or maybe she was from Andorra? I can’t remember rotten teeth so I am guessing Albania. 

The country touts a fairly dramatic Adriatic coastline, gorgeous mountains that look like your Grandma’s floppy tits and a bunch of cool old castles what match your grandpas testicles. But the most interesting thing about Albania is that, totally randomly, it has some of the best escort service in Europe. Who knew?

Those bags are full of shit covered bloody condoms from Albanians fucking cattle
This guy is waiting for the cars to pass so he can pull his pants down and fuck this bull.

So basically what below is telling us is that Albanians are like Persians if they came from Wal mart.

So again Albanians are little dicked greasy perverts that wear too much welfare cologne. They sell shitty drugs to middle school aged little white girls. Much like Jews Albanians can blend into certain surroundings often fooling locals. 
  Most Albanians worship their Idol Vanilla Ice and dress like their god of worship. Some worship an eagle often making sexual jesters towards it. It is considered offensive to the countries bird population.
  In some cases their is a nigger in the mix of Albanians. Since Albanians are too stupid and lazy to ever wear cotton let alone invent it. It is assumed the nigger is in Albania as it got lost from its Nigerian Flock on its way to Germany for free welfare.
   Most Albanians although considered white share a similar trait to non white people like Pakis, Chinks, and Niggers as they don’t want to live in their own country and go wreck white people nations like the UK, Canada, and Donald Trump’s Country. It is like Albanians always wanted to be something they are not. Like looking across the sea at Italy and seeing a real country and then being Albanian and looking in the mirror and realizing you are a useless failure.
Albania Fast Facts
October 26th- Butt Fuck Your Brother Day  So what you took over the drug trade in a country full of pussies the UK. You best be getting that drug money out from Grandmas basement.
The Albanians rented themselves a nigger for their gangster photo. Now thats fucking bad ass.

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