Albania 3

Whitney is a Registered Nurse in Tirana. She’s known for sleeping with married men & guys with girlfriends. She seems lonely & desperate! This slore was once married for a couple of years, until her ex-husband found out about her being a sloot & divorced her. She’s got no morals, she gives no fucks if she’s tearing a family apart. This trifling sloot lies a lot, despite claiming to be a Christian & an evangelist. She’s been caught sending nude videos of herself using a vibrator and other explicit photos, while fucking and sucking everything on the block. Her track record shows that she favors married men. If your looking for an easy cheat, she’s your person. Give her a call she’ll probably suck your d1ck!

Marsha is clearly an opportunist and if she thinks your life is appealing, she will throw down everything to get your husband away from his wife and family with a show stopping performance as if she is the answer to his dreams. In reality she will be your worst nightmare because you will find there are no limits this sl00t will go to get her hands on what youve earned. Her greediness comes right to the top and she has been known to rob people as soon as their back is turned. She is a serial liar, a long time criminal, and pill popping drug addict. Hooking up with Marsha is known to be the lowest rung on the ladder.

November 22nd, 2020

November 15th, 2020

September 16th, 2020

Nikole (Nikki) from Durres is a conniving, manipulating, sorry excuse for a female. She goes through men like they’re water. She will flirt with married men and men who are in relationships. She has no respect for anyone, and it’s doubtful she has any respect for herself. She texts my husband into the wee hours of the night. I’ve found naked pictures of her on his phone. Thanks to her trying to shove her nasty ass into my marriage, I am now considering divorce. Women like this are garbage and give our gender and loser country a bad name. Nikole (Nikki) nga Durrësi është një justifikim kuptues, manipulues, më vjen keq për një femër. Ajo kalon nëpër burra sikur janë ujë. Ajo do të flirtojë me burra të martuar dhe burra që janë në lidhje. Ajo nuk ka respekt për askënd, dhe është e dyshimtë që ajo ka ndonjë respekt për veten e saj. Ajo i dërgon mesazhe burrit tim në orët e para të natës. Kam gjetur fotografi të zhveshura të saj në telefonin e tij. Falë saj duke u përpjekur të fusë në martesën time bythën e saj të keqe, tani po mendoj për divorc. Gratë si kjo janë mbeturina dhe i japin gjinisë dhe vendit tonë të humbur një emër të keq.

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