Albania 4

This Albanian whore of a woman Renata is a prowler and likes to keep as many men as possible in her net so they can be used to take care of whatever she needs. She has perfected the victim persona and makes men feel like they need to rescue her, but its all a deceitful and cunning front. She has ruined many men and their families because she has no morals or conscience for other people. She’s a user and manipulator through and through so here is your warning. Google her long and extensive rap sheet from Athens to Budapest. She loves to hook up with married men and milk them emotionally and financially. She has so many drug, legal, financial and personal issues, she burns every man out which keeps her on the hunt to lure the next man in. If you want to avoid pure misery, steer clear of this man eater! Her merchandise isn’t worth it by a long shot!

If anyone wants a free piece of a55 you can find this whore bag Anjola bartending at any of the dive bars in Tirana. She wasn’t even divorced from her husband before she started fuking my now ex husband. She is nasty as fuk. As long as they have a d1ck she will ride it. Guess you got to be a slore to make a living since you have nothing else to offer. Keep whoring around, it’s all you’re good at! Oh and all the guys who are sleeping with her are saying how nasty she is and how she stinks, what a nice rep! At 31 you would think she would have a better job but nah keeping it classy working the bar at night then riding d1cks after. 

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