Alaska 6

September 6th, 2021

You can’t fucking drive to Nome, Alaska (or Obama would have infected it with niggers already). Instead the most common way for tourists to get to Nome is by airplane. The Nome Airport offers shitty flights from several welfare third rate air carries like Dick Cheese Airlines. Two gay pakis I met at a crack den last week were going to fly to Nome from Anchorage to butt hack Eskimos this week on Dick Cheese Airlines to be in Nome for the end of the 2021 Eskimo Bum Hacking Festival.

June 14th, 2021

Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska. 2019 estimates put the population of the city proper at 30,917, and the population of the Fairbanks North Star Borough at 96,849
Fairbanks similarly has a higher than average rate of rape and sexual assault, and in 2010 was ranked the third most dangerous U.S. city for women with 70 forcible rapes per 100,000 inhabitants. This is almost all due to the niggers imported up their for Joe Bidens army. So theres trannies too.!!!!

Watch out Fairbanks. This one is a real piece of dirt. Meth and coke junkie. Cheating slore. Cheated on her bf with 7 different guys. Entitled. Thinks shes better than you. Pregnancy faker. Claims to have lost her baby by smoking meth. Classy. Shes two faced and crys suicide for attention. She will pretend to be your friend then turn around and talk smack behind your back. Shes a useless lazy sack that cant even hold a job. Good for nothing. Will do anything for attention. A mooch. Cant support herself. Crys how her dad abused her but constantly runs back to her rich parents cause she cant take care of herself. Refuses to grow up. Drama central. I’d hold on tight to tour wallet and possession cause she will find a way to take your stuff and refuse to give it back. Sends nudes to anyone who shows interest in her. You want a dirty slore well here’s one for you! Just bad news.

May 24th, 2021

Skagway is a compact city in southeast Alaska, set along the popular cruise route the Inside Passage. It’s home to gold-rush-era buildings, now preserved as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.
The White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad runs vintage locomotives past the famously steep Chilkoot trail and offers sweeping mountain views during its climb toward Canada.
Population: 1,059 (2019)

The Unknown Bank Robber

One of the most unusual bank robberies of the 20th century happened in Skagway, Alaska. Seems that during a robbery attempt in 1902 a man walked into the bank concealing a gun and several sticks of dynamite under his coat. He told the teller he had them, and the teller ran away from the window in fear. The robber, wanting to stop the teller, tried to pull the pistol from under his coat. Unfortunately, it got caught and went off, causing the dynamite to explode. There wasn’t enough of him left to identify, so they never found out who he was! His grave in Skagway is marked the “Unknown Man”. LINK

Alaska 5

Alaska State Troopers revealed this week, that while they identified and arrested one of the fucking niggers in an April 11th armed robbery in Fairbanks, they continue their efforts to identify and take into custody his other two pavement ape bros who ratted his punk nigger ass out. On April 11th, troopers were alerted to an armed robbery and foul nigger stench that took place at a Fairbanks residence as the residence’s owner was having a poker game. The three shit skins arrived, and robbed the players at gunpoint, taking approximately $3,000 in cash. On April 22nd, troopers located and arrested 23-year-old HIV positive shit skin Antuiohn Arazo and charged him with robbery. He was remanded to the Fairbanks Cotton Picking Facility on those charges. Troopers have released imagery of Arazo’s two accomplices including an Steve Urkle looking nigger and continue to attempt to identify and locate those suspects. If you recognize any of the useless stinky fucking niggers in the images, or know their whereabouts, please call Alaska State Troopers and reference promo code #FREEALASKAOFNIGGERS. LINK

May 9th, 2021

May 4th, 2021

Watch out Fairbanks and all surrounding towns. This girl 20 year old Melissa comes on fast. She will make friends with you, become you fake bestie. She will use the things you tell her about your marriage or problems against you to get to your husband or partner. She is the most two faced person I have ever met. She inserts herself into your life, uses your kids to get what she wants. She will screw your husband anywhere. Your bed, her bed, cars, driveways etc. she will tell them no one will find out and use your kids to keep getting him back. Stay away. Don’t be her friend, she’s good at lying. She told me she hates her husband and wants a divorce but can’t do it alone. She hates her mom in-laws etc etc yet she puts on a great show to the world. She still to this day won’t admit what she did, loser. KARMA is a bitch. Hope she got her fantasy like she wanted. Watch out everyone. 

January 21st, 2021

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