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Taiwan 4

This chick Kimee will have sex with literally any guy that has a dick, doesn’t matter if the guy is 60+ years. She is having secret sex with an older guy that is a cop in Tainan City ((he’s married and has children)) and then screwing her boyfriends which change all the time, she lays more pipe than any fucking plumber.… then she screwed my fiancé in my bed, and she was supposedly my “best friend”. She often jets off to Australia and the US to fuck when she gets sick of the locals. She is a race track HOMEWRECKER… she has slept with so many peoples husbands it’s disgusting I could go on and on but y’all got the point! All she cares about is herself. She thinks its ok to mess around & act like she’s the innocent one.

Indonesia 7

September 11th, 2020

Putri was cheating on her husband with her boss American Ryan Jones at the Casino. She said she was exchanging sexual favors, nude pictures, and masterbation videos with him for promotions and raises. Ryan lives in Jakarta and New York City he is a big wheeler and he isn’t even a fucking Kike. She said she blew him in his office at least once a day under his desk while he was making business calls. She would then take it in the ass in the Casino pool right before it was open to the public. Then they were meeting up on his yacht and private jet. This was going on for 3 years after her husband’s mother died and he was in a bad state of depression. This woman is a slore and deserves to burn in hell. Instead of standing by her man she looked to be a POS’s sex slave. Plus her poor husband is just a farmer and they were living in a shack. Wouldn’t he of clued in? Her muff is so loose from all the dudes and other foreign objects it must be a crater now. Bitch.

Danika was very aware that he was married . She has ruined my family and my marriage. She has no standards or morals. She will go after married men when she is is supposed to be a role model for her daughter whose father is some Australian Tourist who gave the dumb bitch a fake name. Danika the Cum Dumpster. Its sad. She is classless and desperate. She thought she would end up with my husband, poor thing she will never have my life or my husband. Ladies beware she will go after your husband , boyfriend and has no problem with ruining a family. Look out Batam this little slut is also known to head up to Singapore when ever her whore ass has some drugs and money.


AUGUST 3RD, 2019

Honduras is second to only El Salvador in 2020 for the highest murder rate in the world. Fucking spics.

Could you guys please pick up Milton. Milton needs to go home. He sort of started some fires that he wasn’t suppose to. I think the Jews meant to send him to Australia and he ended up in the US by mistake.

Minneapolis Problems 2

Pam Sprays Somali Niggers
With Her Liquid Shit

Pamela, Best friend in your face right up to the day they declare divorce. She wanted my sisters life, copied her hair style, makeup, dildos. Went shopping with her, hung out every day telling my sister how wonderful of a friend she was. All the while she was texting her husband secretly. Both couples went on vacation together while these two people plotted their deception, smiling lovingly in their spouses faces. Two families, four children, 16 years of marriage thrown away because a gold digger wants a pilot. Pamela just got out of the clink too. She got arrested for inventing a shit spray gun. In 2013 Pam went into a walmart with this shit gun (A hose attached to her anus like a pressure gun). She ran into the walmart store after she ate mass amounts of chilli and started blasting Somali niggers with her liquid shit from the gun. Running around with one hand on the nossel of the hose to spray the niggers. And the other one fist pumping and yelling “USA, USA, USA, USA). She served 6 months and munched lots of dyke pussy in the clink. Fuck you pam you bitch!!

Huge Hillary Clinton Supporter. Jamie hates Niggers and Faggots just like Hillary.

Jamie fucks all her co workers in St. Paul and gives them herpes. So, been engaged for 7 years, been together 9 years. I brought 2 kids into this relationship who are now 13 and 10. This worthless, seriously criminal records show she’s worthless slut decides not ONCE but TWICE to send pictures and sweet nothings to my fiance, HER COWORKER. She knows about me and the kids. She claims shes not a homewrecker, end of the day shes still a SLORE Jamie grabs her old maxi pads and tampons and throws them in a blender. She then makes diet shakes for fat nigger sows in the Metro Minneapolis area. She is a low life. She also yells at Somalians calling them stinky fucking niggers. She is a massive Hillary Clinton supporter and shares Hillarys hatred of faggots and niggers.

$235.15 of change from her young childrens piggy bank allowance money Carolyn fit up her slut ass. Look how proud that smile is.

Where to start? This is Carolyn one day a bunch of dudes went to her house when her husband was at work. She grabbed all the change from her kids piggy banks. Then she got drunk rammed all the change up her ass and all the dudes had to guess how much. The person closest to the right amount with out going over (like the price is right) got to go first. I won it was $235.15 lots of fucking pennies some were still in there when I stuck my dick in her. No matter how much change is in there it is more valueable than her cum rag disposable wench ass. Her and her husband have been on and off for years. She refuses to leave him for good because she doesn’t like to work and she needs him to pay bills and beer and crack for all the dudes that nail her horny ass nightly and daily. So while her husband is on the road bus tours of dudes stop by its good times. Like one time we used the slip and slide as a jizz a slide for her must of been half the dudes in the country draining their field snakes in her backyard. Poor Billy and Suzie if they ever want to use it again.

Sucks great cock but is very racist and hates all the niggers in Minnesota because they are ugly and smell like her poo she claims.

This girl Ashley hangs around bars in South Minneapolis gets just blitzed out of her fucking apple tree. She grabs long boards with nails in them and chases Somali’s down the street yelling “FUCK YOU OMAR, HOW DARE YOU!!!!! YOU ARE RUINING MY CHILDHOOD!” She learned from Greta that much like pollution with the air niggers pollute the habitat she lives in. She knows that Jew Media will lure you into a false sense of security “they are just like us”. When she is drunk she also Has no sense of morality and definitely no respect for other women with the games she plays. She has no remorse, zero. Not only does she have zero compassion for fellow women, she will be quick about beating and attacking the men she becomes involved with. This a warning to men and women alike, this no typical girl next door.

Husband Would Rather Fuck Kristin Above than His Walrus Sized Jumbo Pig Wife.

Kristin has been caught snapping, messaging, dating, calling my friends husband. Why??? At first we gave her the benefit of the doubt… (Maybe she didn’t know….) NAH, When you send a message asking someone if they can talk in the middle of the night and Siri tells you to call and you get an angry wife on the other line wouldn’t you defend yourself? Not this gem… She called my friends husband, got the angry wife and hung up…. Husband has been caught at her apartment…. Kristin has received messages from angry wife asking her to stay out of their 7 year relationship…she responds with only threats of police action.. (For What?.. No one threatened you we were just hoping you would spread the truth) Please tell me women out there? Since when do we start raising our children to not have any respect for ourselves? Since when is it ok to interfere in another persons marriage? Since when is it ok to make yourself available for married men?? This is not acceptable to me… Maybe someone will see this, that knows Kristin….Maybe you will be able to explain to her the morals she is obviously lacking

If this did happen I bet it was majorly exaggerated. Also if no money was involved would the person of said a word? I highly doubt it. Everyones looking for a quick buck. Probably that native guys sister in washington that the public got mad at the MAGA kid.

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Hong Kong

Cut off a mans balls and wore them as Testicle Ear Rings.

This dirty slut is Pui Walk, famous for sucking dick. I grabbed her and we went hiking right up the hill at Tai Mo Shan Park. She was wearing testicle ear rings she cut off a mans balls way back. She said he went limp on her. She swallowed I bought her a diet coke and ditched her. She is well-known for sleeping with all her friends husbands in the bitches bed and farting cum bubbles in the bitches toothpaste tubes. She will then threatening them for money for abortions and more crack or heroin. She is also extremely active on the white nazi sites and has spread the truth about the Jewish media to many brain washed chink. She outright demands 10,000 HKD to swallow a load if you haven’t had ice cream with in 24 hours of ejaculating. Has unprotective sex and is also notorious for stealing stuff from her girlfriends homes. Growing up as a flat chested Chink, Poo had to figure out if she wanted to be a news reporter or a fucking whore. Most people love her choice.

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Florida 3

This hoe Deanna runs around Highland Park, Florida blowing dudes and spreading her legs for crack to smoke. She has been after my sons father for 5 years often snorting blow off his balls and he claims that they are just friends. He knows what a good lay she is so uses her for an ego boost every time I’m “too mean”. Deanna apparently has absolutely no morals or self esteem she steals shit from womens purses at the doctors when she gets her herpes cream. Her herpes are so bad I have heard they are airborn like SARS. She takes pictures of her moldy stained diapers and sends taken men the photos with the hash tag #ratemyshitstain. She’s a disgusting excuse for a female. She works at Molly’s which is a pub that caters to gay up scale faggots and she steals from them too.

Erika was aware we are married and aggressively pursued my fat loser husband anyway. She saw my husband as a guy to smoke crack with. My husband started fucking the piss out of this spic bitch on our daughters blow up pool in the backyard so the old elderly neighbors we had could watch from their rooftops and check if their viagra worked. She used her vibrator and situated herself on top of a fire hydrant so most people could see the sun sparkle of her beaner ass. The damage she did to our toy pool is irreparable it cost us 10 bucks at fucking walmart. My youngest is especially hurt, he wants to fuck a chick like Erika too when he grows up and he is only 13.

Pakis and niggers spy on her in the woods with binoculars and whack off when she sleeps.

This manipulative whore Stephanie has called me a stinky paki for the last time. Since I started working at 7-11 and move to America she be so mean to me. Can’t hold her tongue for 2 seconds…laughing at my turban calling me a terrorist and say I stink like shit and rape goats with my small paki dick. Glad all American people like you make me feel so welcome here.. And what a great role model for her young daughter who also comes in the store and yells “thank you come again” and calls me “Apu the smelly bum paki” She is only 4 gosh. How you gonna explain to your daughter when she ask why daddy left you? Are you going to tell her the truth that some savage wild nigger killed him who should of been deported?. Beware brown fellas and Obamas sons we are the future of America. Look at how well we all build Africa. America is our next beautiful home we will replace this bitch. I would love to have a woman that looked like her but being a stinky shit skin there is no hope. Ahmed Bin-dur-Sheeploo 7-11 Sales Associate Proffesional

I Lube My Dick With Shoe Polish When I Have Anal Sex With Sara

I had this bitch Sara bent over her husbands desk in their Ocala mansion. Lubing my dick with her faggot husbands shoe polish and then he walked in with a butcher knife and chased me around the office. I threw a fucking lamp at his faggot head as I ran out the back and he was still chasing me with the knife. He tripped and I pushed him into the pool. He got up I pissed on Sara’s face took a quick shit on the staircase and ran out the door with a garbage bag around my waist. I left my clothes there I only had 5 bucks on me and a stolen wallet. Oh its always a blast for me and Sara’s mouth when I go to the Ocala area. I just have to double check her faggot husbands schedule next time. Lol.

The kid has to be a niglet as no sane white man would fuck this whale pig below. All I can say is MOO

Florida 2

Rachel Wade

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