Senegal 6

August 26th, 2021

The fertility rate in Senegal is almost 4.5 children per woman. Young niglets comprise a large portion – 60 percent – of the Senegalese population. Additionally, Senegal has an illiteracy rate of 40 percent and a high unemployment rate of 12.7 percent, both of which provide dim outlooks for Senegalese youth. According to the Hunger Project, 22 percent of children ages five to 14 are working and not attending school. Niggers expect you to help them! Fuck that they are doing this to themselves.

August 23rd, 2021

Lesotho 5

I bet those nigger sows farts smell like urine and sour milk.
These niggers vandalize your ride then expect your ass to take it to them and get it fixed?

August 23rd, 2021

Lesotho rap is on the rise, just like AIDS, crime, and poverty its a nigger thang. Three homosexual nigger rappers hailing from across the border have been pushing their own bullshit in their mother tongue. Nig Tron, Broken Tractor and OJ AFRICAMAN are flying the Lesotho/gay pride flag high with their native punchlines. Nig Tron said he was glad that Lesotho’s homosexuals were finally able to get ass raped for under $1.95. “We’ve always had eager fag desires but it can’t be an actual industry because of how hard it is for us to grow watermelons here. “I am glad that we aren’t getting caught stealing shit from the South African industry because those niggers have more guns than us. It’s a great opportunity for not only shitty nigger rappers but for all niggers in Lesotho to finally go to a place like South Africa and rape a white bitch, which Jews encourage and pay for niggers to do to kill off the white race and dumb them down with disease and stench” said Broken Tractor. Broken Tractor, from Maseru, was in the country to shoot some punk ass nigger that stole a banana from his black ass last month and for that Broken Tractor said “Blood will spill, Blood will spill” <SNIP> LINK

Somalia 2

Garbage Bag Babes. They don’t swim in the water. They swim in the garbage to keep their nice aroma.
What great things we can learn from these great creatures. No wonder Ilhan Omar is such a fucking genius look where she grew up! Must say cool fucking life jackets niggers. What white country sent you those?
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May 10th, 2021

May 9th, 2021

Egypt 3

I bet so many Arabs fuck that camel just because it is white. Them stud muffins.

In Egypt, people can access porn sites freely. Attempts by former governments to ban them have all failed. “In the Arab-speaking world, Egypt is the main market for pornography. Independent and politically engaged media that isn’t Jewish owned is blocked, but not porn sites. It’s politically expedient to allow people this virtual experience of pleasure, to assuage the sexual frustration eating away at Egyptian society, due to their small penises” says some shit skin, . According to data from Alexa, a tool that analyses web traffic and provides global statistics, four of the largest porn streaming sites are in the top 50 most-visited sites in Egypt. But Egypt is not the only one — the same is true of France, the United States, India, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco. “Saudis are also big consumers of pornography, but it’s difficult to verify the ranking because they use encryption techniques to get around blocks, and this confuses the stats,” adds some shit skin. On porn streaming platforms, you can look for precise categories of porn by using a key word in a search bar such as “Latinos”, “lesbians”, “black”, “Arabic”, or “hijab”.  Summit ( his real name), 33 years old, always goes on porn sites in India so he doesnt have to fuck his old ugly pig of a wife Jenny. He’s spoken about how old and crusty her asshole is with his friends. LINK

Some Camel Fucking Shit skin from Egypt told me once that they used Camel Shit as fuel. I don’t know the truth on it but it was hard to believe a thing the guy said he had such foul Body Odor almost as bad as a nigger. It is common for Egyptian men to stink of BO.
Contrary to Jews Lying to make niggers feel like they are human and have contributing something to society, nigger slaves did not build the pyramids of Egypt. Niggers have never built anything!!!! You should shoot yourself in the head for being so fucking stupid to believe niggers have ever contributed a single thing to society. Instead, labor brigades drawn from peasantry built the pyramids, marshaled by the Egyptian government during the dry seasons. As they couldn’t work on the fields at the time, they worked on the pyramids instead. While building the pyramids, they received food and pay, as well as a place in the afterlife. Niggers doing work?? How fucking stupid do they think people really are ?

Suleiman Mohammed Abdul-Hamid Khater was an Egyptian☪ soldier (a member of the Central Security Forces) who on October 5, 1985 opened fire ?on a Kike✡ tourists who apparently ignored orders to move away from a military post in the Sinai, killing seven. While Hooke Noses Cried that he be harshly punished, a number of voices in the Arab?‍♂️ world expressed support for his actions, including the parliament of Kuwait. Khater was found hanged in his jail cell in January 1986, and many suspected that the Egyptian authorities staged a “suicide” as a convenient escape from their political dilemma. After his death, the Iranian government of Ayatollah Khomeini issued a stamp “In honour of the martyrdom of Sulayman Khater, Hero of Sinai”, and named a street in Tehran for him. His life Suleiman Khater was born on 1961 in the village of Ekyad (sometimes transcribed Akyad) in Al-Sharkeyya governorate, Egypt, the youngest of three boys and two girls born to a simple family. During his childhood, Suleiman witnessed the Israeli strike on Bahr el-Bakar Primary School on April 8 1970, when the Israeli✡ Air Force bombarded the school using the American Phantom airplanes and killing 30 children. Maybe these scenes were of a strong impact on Suleiman who was 9 years old back then, as said by his sister who told Al-Jazeera that Suleiman “rash out to see what’s happening and came back with a shock of what he saw”. Suleiman joined the obligatory military service as a soldier in the Central Security Forces.<SNIP> LINK

South Sudan

September 7th, 2021

May 4th, 2021

May 28th, 2020

Lets play a fun game. If that falls of your head we all get to shoot you as target practice. GO.

Since winning independence from Sudan in 2011 in a hip hop battle, things just seem to go from bad to worse for South Sudan. Like all the homies have been trippin’ mad dawg. Like many of Africa’s poorest countries, South Sudan niggers face brain development issues compounded by an extraordinarily high population growth rate. Basically in easy terms they are fucked until some liberal white idiot saves them as they are clearly to stupid to do it on their own. Hence why they are the 3rd worst country to live in the planet.


These guys make dope beats in Sudan with a Kmart bought/stolen boom box cassette player circa 1984!

ALLLLLLAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!????? Abbas al-Baqer Abbas – A gunman opened fire at Muslim worshippers in Sudan who were performing their night prayers, killing 20 and wounding dozens before being shot dead by police. The attacker, Abbas al-Baqer Abbas — identified as a member of an Islamic militant group Takfir wal Hijra — walked onto the mosque grounds in the village of Garaffa and began firing an automatic rifle through a window at the worshippers, said Khartoum police General Osman Gaafar. Police spokesman General Osman Yakoub Ali told reporters that four police units rushed to the al-Sunna al-Mohammediyya Mosque and shot the gunman after he refused to surrender. Twenty worshippers were killed and 33 others wounded, including a policeman. Garaffa is a village outside Omdurman, the twin city of the capital Khartoum. LINK

May 1st, 2021

A girl has been raped at knifepoint by 20 men on a busy street in Sudan after they surrounded the car she was in and dragged her out, sparking widespread anger and an online movement. The violent attack took place in broad daylight on a busy street in the city of Khartoum on New Year’s Eve, but was only recently reported by local media, sparking widespread social media protest but little reaction from officials. The girl, whose exact age was not given, was dragged out of the car by 20 men who had been rampaging along Nile Street which has many of the city’s most important buildings and runs alongside the River Nile. These are the same kind of “people” and cultural believes the Jews want to move in to your backyard, on YOUR dime too!!!! LINK

January 27th, 2021

December 25th, 2020


December 5th, 2020

Namibia: Man named after Adolf Hitler wins local election

September 23rd, 2020

January 9th, 2020

Why don’t they just call it what it is. The failure is due to niggers. Niggers teaching niggers? That is like the blind leading the blind. Who possibly thought this was a smart idea. As dumb as an idea as it is I doubt a nigger thought of it.

I wouldn’t even trust the nigger below to be in charge of 2 other niggers to sweep a small parking lot. Bad example they would probably just break into the cars anyway.

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