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Ghana 3

These niggers use the soil mattresses they fuck goats and other wildlife including other niggers, as guards to protect leaks from the angry gods who put water on the. Thats nigger innovation. Beat that white people and your space travel machines.

This Nigger Bitch Sells Fridges and shit. None are stolen. God’s word. Respect to Bananas

July 25th, 2020


Mofe is my adopted sister she eats chicken and watermelon. My dad took Mofesola in when I was two years old after her mom had died of aids at the zoo. All through our childhood she mocked me and always said that my father loved her more than he loved me because he raped her more (It’s an African Thang). I was married for just over 5 years and had had just laid a batch of niglet eggs when one day after work I heard she forced herself onto my husband and later learned that she was threatening him with telling me of a drunken night of voodoo and goat rape sex while listening to Michael Jackson.

Rolling with his black ass bitch and slave niggers in the back

Ok kids put your hand up if you have AIDS!

Nigger toga party stolen shower curtains

They put a white guy on the poster lol. The only white people in Ghana are Church people.



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