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Australian ABOS 2: Fucking Revenge On Whitey

I had some pictures of some of these creatures on here in a post I made awhile back the link is at the bottom. There are more of these things kicking around.

It be hard for even Steve Irwin to tell the gender of these here creatures matey.
This feller needs a partner for a sleep over. Throw him and a partner in a golden sleeping bag. Twix filled with gasoline.
They believe this is culture and history. They also believe if they dress up like retards and dance women get pregnant and rain falls. True facts.
Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking Whitey caused all this rage.
Lucy Knows her shit.
Abos bitching and begging whitey to build them more free shit. You know the shit whitey built for them before that they destroyed in a matter of months.
Abos like most wild animals enjoy play time.
Probably for the same reason the men are. They are ugly and stupid as fuck.
Now fucking whitey can’t get in we blocked him.

Fuel Sniffing Abos

G’day mates. Australia although plagued with a bunch of smelly muslim niggers also have these creatures called abos.

  Wonder if that ugly creature is single. I wouldn’t laugh too much as somehow society will make it a preference for women to date them. They somehow did it for niggers to an extent. They will pray on some mentally retareded liberal we are all equal bullshit. Then these creatures will be idols to American youth. The Jew will find a way. They always do.

They actually have a video on Youtube called Don’t sniff petrol from a can lol.

I am laughing my ass off here. Here is some of the lyrics ” You don’t sniff petrol from a can, you put it in the car that’s where it stays”. Why did white people give them all that recording equipment and gas to huff in the first place. I know what a liberal will say. That isn’t funny those people have problems. Well no shit they have problems they huff gas.

   There is also a commercial about sleeping on the road. The commercial advises abos not to sleep on the road. Are these creatures that stupid?

A nigger would fuck this no questions asked.

The abo has many weird behavioral traits. SNIFFING petrol for its hallucinogenic effects has become so prevalent in some Aboriginal communities in Australia that mothers are using rags soaked in the fuel to soothe their babies and send them to sleep.

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