Big Ed Sucks The Diarrhea Out Of Stray Cats Assholes With A Straw When He Is High As Fuck On Meth

Ed Needs To Check His White Privilege, Get Quadruaple Vaxxed with All His Boosters, Donate To Climate Change. Then He Can Keep Sucking The Poop Out Of Cats Rectums As Long As He Shows His Vaxx Passport. But No ID to Vote As Many Times As He Wants For Democrat.

Fucking Big Ed just won’t quit. He went to his local dealer and bought some grade A meth. Instead of building model airplanes or chewing on and licking his mother’s piss stained depend diapers to get high like he normally does he found a new hobby. A hobby so sick I thought Only Will Smith still practiced this rich African tradition. One so sick and vile that even most Africans would be insulted today by it. It comes from the Upukoko Tribe relatives of Barak Obamas and Don Lemons. He runs around the streets usually in jogging pants. Some times pants less with his shit stained teenage mutant ninja turtle under wear and a fag bag around his waist full of straws .When He sees a cat he grabs it by its hind legs rams the straw as far up its fucking asshole that he can then sucks and sucks. The brown goo fills his mouth as he jerks off. The poor cat, although often times alive often passes out from weakness. Just for a fix. This isn’t the first time we here have reported about Ed and his cat adventures and it probably will not be the last. The SPCA has been warned and Ed has been on the run ever since.

Other Adventures Of Big Ed

Big Ed Butt Fucks The Homeless Every Tuesday In The Park

Big Ed Butt Fucks The Homeless Every Tuesday In The Park,🎵 Often Times It Happens Just Shortly After Dark,🎵 He’s Attracted To The Odor The Repel From Their Skin,🎵 Often Time Ed Blows Them With Their Jizz He Gets High That A Win!, 🎵

Big Ed met Kaory through his gay lover Armando and after texting back and forth, he traveled to Mexico to meet her in person. Ed was hopeful that Kaory would be the trans gender thingy for him, given that at 38, Her box had by rammed by as many poles as Ed’s ass. Their first date was certainly memorable after they had to run for cover when shots were fired at the restaurant they were dining in, as Carl Winslow and The MS 13’s had a hit out for Big Ed due to their rival male on male gay bath house chain wars which plague Mexico and Central America today. Big Ed and Carl Winslow’s war and control of the greedy Americans Gay Bath House needs is disgusting. They exploit Mexico.

Big Ed Need To Be Stopped. His Greedy Gay Man on Man No Condoms Allowed Fudge Pack Bar War is a Global Pandemic.

During last week’s episode, Ed punched that bitch Kaory for leaving the toilet seat up. When she got back up he rammed a broken plunger handle up her asshole. Their relationship was going nowhere and she told him she wished he wasn’t so short and would stop raping homeless people in the parks on tuesdays. “I thought it was nice that Ed opened his asshole up to certain homeless people on tuesdays. Just not all of them, but I think that Ed needs to used in Pakistani Circus for pakis to have sex with when their camels asshole get sore,” she told cameras. “And this way the Jewish led American bath house wars will not affect the great people and nation of Mexico.”

Ed, meanwhile, was caught masturbating to animal porn by Kaory’s brother and had to suck him off so he would not tell his sister. “I’m trying to understand, if I stick my finger in my cats ass and he like it does it make him gay” he told cameras. “So I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m into your little fucking kittie bum hole, I like you, I think you’re into me, lets purr together and eat some meow mix.'” On Friday’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Ed said he and Kaory hadn’t talked about raising taxes and sending more niggers to live in areas to get more people to move. Hence casuing more home less. Then there is way more home less assholes for Big Ed to rape in the park on Tuesdays.

Before the 90 Days Sneak Peek: Ximena Is ‘Super Nervous’ to Tell Mike She Was Born A Man

“It’s going to be a hard blow for him because he’s excited to be with a real woman for once” Ximena says in Orton’s sneak peek at 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. After finally spending a night with boyfriend Mike, Ximena has a major bombshell to share with him.   In El Beaner exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Ximena is talking to sister Wendy about Mike’s impotency, who traveled to her native Colombia to see a vagina for the first time.  “Do you want him to propose to you?” Wendy asks, to which Ximena says, “If Mike proposes to me, of course.”  However, Ximena has a secret that she hasn’t yet told Mike.  “Does Mike know that you use to have the largest penis in the whole porn industry?” her sister asks before Ximena shakes her head no. “I know that Mike wants a real woman, but I can’t hide the left over fore skin from my old king sized dong” the mom of two then tells the cameras. “I suffered a lot with the men and women I slept with in the industry”  Ximena adds, “So I decided to hack that large hog of a cock off with a meat cleaver.”

“What do you think he’ll say?” Wendy asks.  “I can’t imagine that. It’s going to be a hard blow for him because he would of really loved my rock hard shaft in his ass. That does hurt me a lot,” Ximena admits. 

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That Shitskin African Coon Usman Got Him Self An Elderly American Bag Lady Hoe

With the return of that fucking pathetic show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days comes several new couples, including franchise nigger Usman Umar and his new bitch, Kimberley Menzies. The Before the 90 Days season 5 cast has fans laughing, and though Usman is a familiar cotton picker, Kim looks like the crusty homeless bag lady who pisses her pants and lives under a bridge and gives out blowjobs for bottles of scope. There’s a lot to know about Usman’s new “Bag lady” and the mother of some negros child from San Diego should prepare herself for almost no good attention coming her way very soon. Viewers will remember that fucking nigger Usman, aka “Sojaboy” from Before the 90 Days season 4 when he was fucking that ugly fucking hippo Lisa Hamme. However, the two had an explosive relationship when Usman couldn’t pick fucking cotton quick enough. Usman was accused of smoking crack and breaking into farmers barns and ass fucking cows, pigs, and sheep and filming it for niggers in Nigeria to jerk off to for profit. Lisa and Usman divorced earlier this year. Now, Usman has moved on to a new relationship with a just as ugly and even stupider American Kim.

According to Caeser Mack, Kim first contacted Usman because she was a fan of Curious George books and baboons with HIV. But after a while, Kim and Usman decided to pursue a beastiality relationship. Usman was wary of 50-year-old Kim’s dried up vagina because of the similarities with his ex-wife Lisa’s crusted yeast infected snapper, so he invited that fucking hag to visit him in Tanzania (On her fucking dime of course), where he will be living while filming a new music video with a Walmart keyboard and some glow lights. The couple’s first meeting is sure to be funny as fuck as Kim smells like rotten garbage and Usman has a sick old lady fetish In the niggers defense even an old crusty white woman is better than any black woman. Ouch.

Jenny Still Moldy & Yeasty and Staying In Paki Land

90 Day Fiancé: Jenny Earns Praise & Prayers from stinky Pakis For Being A slut In India while filming 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way cast member Jenny Slatten is being praised for spreading her asshole for elderly paki males in India. Popular 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way old bat yeast infection Jenny Slatten has been called a skank bag for her act of pleasing pakis sexually in India, where she has been staying with Sumit Singh. At 63, Jenny has an old moldy cooch that no American man would ever met so she went for pakis or niggers, after she found stupid paki on Facebook nearly a decade ago. Since they first met in person in 2013, Sumit has been struggling to get an erection over Jenny’s fucking crusty box. Amidst 90 Day Fiancé fans thinking that it is Sumit who’s the biggest reason for their wedding not happening yet, Jenny, who might be joining ISIS, is keeping busy by carrying out attacks of terror by taking a big shit in the toilet at Burger King, not flushing and leaving used tampons in public washrooms. With Jenny’s vagina stinking up the country as bad as the fucking hindus that refuse to bath, things appear to be getting interesting While fans still suspect that Sumit, is a fucking homosexual goat raping paki, it could be that she is still managing to stay in India by opening up a 7-11 and spreading the name of Slurpees. Although how Jenny has managed to stick around in India is a mystery that 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way will hopefully solve, she’s already started hand making turbans as sex gifts.

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Brandon and Julia Hate Living At The Faggot Farm

Every reality show has a villain, and an unlikely figure emerged early on as 90 Day Fiancé’s most talked-about character. Brandon’s slut mom, Betty the cock gobbler, has become one of the leading faces Brandon blasts his dick goo on of Season 8 simply because fans can’t stand her yeast infected ways. Brandon and Drug addicted adult entertainer Julia are a young couple testing their sexuality in America. Julia just moved to Brandon’s family faggot farm from Russia where she worked as a prostitute. Now, Julia is required to suck off Brandon’s dad nightly, something she definitely didn’t sign up for with his wrinkly dick and ben-gay stinking depend diapers. If the lifestyle shift wasn’t enough to stress Julia about her new routine in America, she’s moved in with Brandon’s perverted parents who steal her drugs. They have their own set of rules, including the engaged couple is not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom: ever (Julia has to sleep with Brandons dad and Brandon gives his 3 inch man meat to his mother nightly). Julia was given a second room in the house to turn tricks in, which fans quickly commented on all the used bloody shit covered condoms, vomit, feces, and used needles around the fucking room. The separate bedrooms haven’t stopped Brandon from fucking her either, he just drilled a hole through the wall and bangs her while she sucks off customers for drug money. And generally people think Betty sure does know how to handle a cock and is over-involved in her son’s life, and Brandon doesn’t seem ready to break from the family mold, either. It’s left Julia in an odd position, adjusting to life in an American partnership without the stability of a close, unsupervised relationship.

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Big Ed and Colt: Battle Of The Faggots

90 Day: The Single Life’s tell-all has been one of the most entertaining tell-alls in 90 Day Fiancé history, and a large part of that is due to the faggotness between two of the fucking franchises’ most polarizing fucking figures. Big Ed “No Fucking Neck” Brown, a man whom with in seconds of meeting him you already know you found the guy that breaks in to Toys R Us at Night and fucks the Care Bears Dolls. You know the one the San Diego Police have been looking for? Got to be big Ed But there is sadly no evidence. It isnt a crime or illegal to assume it would be him. In the other faggot corner eating his mothers yeast infection baked cookies you have Colt Johnson who is 40 and lives with and has bare back anal sex with his own mother (Presumably) . They tore into each others assholes back stage so long they had to turn the fire hose on them during the reunion show! There was a sense that there was no love lost between the two throughout the night as they took jab after jab at each other about who got to cum first when they fuck. We recently got a chance to speak to both so called men about their gay pathetic lives and how things got so frisky between the two during the tell-all. Big Ed told me that things were rough between the two before the results of his super herpes diagnosis and that they didn’t improve when a certain someone joined the special. Debbie “Mold Muff Crust” Johnson joined the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all and went to flame Big Ed for shitting on her couch and leaving her after he fucked her and diareahed in her white bed spread.

Colt Johnson mainly antagonized Big Ed over the collapse of his relationship with Liz, as he felt that Ed took no responsibility for having erectile dysfunction. Ed, meanwhile, criticized Johnson’s relationship with Vanessa Guerra and how is mother has a bloody yeast infection that makes him want to vomit. Ed shared a bit more about why he doesn’t think the two will last and gave his overall thoughts on Colt post-tell-all: “Colt will be crawling back to me with out his bitch and get on his knees and then beg to fell the power of the Big Edster’s large cock and balls in his ass hole before Christmas, I guarantee!”

News broke after our interview that Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra actually eloped and are currently married so she could stay in the country. So far, it seems like the two are happy together, which is a long time coming for Colt, considering this one likes to watch him pound his wrinkly old moms ass. 90 Day Fiancé viewers first met Colt when he proposed to his now ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Limas before she had nice tits, and again to a horse named Jess. Vanessa was mentioned by both women to be a major factor in their eventual split, which was what Big Ed was referring to.

When we spoke to Colt Johnson about his argument about Big Ed Brown, he didn’t have a ton to say. We asked the 90 Day: The Single Life star if he may have laid into Big Ed too hard and got the following response “You guys got any crack?”. When we told Colt we had no drugs on his he laughed and said “It’d be a lot cooler if you did”. Then strutted out the door in his suit.

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